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Hey all. Was asked to bring together all the player-made scripts and hacks, so here they are!

Scripted Hacks: You need Tampermonkey for these.

EyeWire Stats: EyeWire Stats - another TamperMonkey script
-Caveats: None.
-Purpose: Collates daily statistics on player efforts. Additionally, provides historical cube stats tracking, updated off Test Page Accuracies (https://eyewire.org/test-pages/accuracy/index.html?difficulty=2) allowing for retros to be reflected in the stats.
-Maintainer: KrzysztofKruk

Nickname Coloring Script: Nickname coloring script
-Caveats: None.
-Purpose: Hardcoded nickname coloration. Specific players request and have their names and colors added to the script, which for anyone else who has the script will show the updated colors.
-Maintainer: KrzysztofKruk

Crazyman’s Tabbed Chat: http://bit.ly/tchat-feedback
-Caveats: None
-Purpose: Initially a Tabbed Chat modification, now comprises ease-of-life modifications of various types. The spreadsheet linked above is the best place to go to understand scope. Might as well be called “EyeWire DLC Script”.

2D/3D Background Colors: https://gist.githubusercontent.com/ChrisRaven/fd9a61085595855f1ae1a1e37581b0f7/raw/ewbackgroundcolor.user.js
-Caveats: None
-Purpose: Allows for the player to change background colors of the game in 2D, 3D, and OV viewing modes.

Non-Scripted Hacks: You need to be able to insert code through the Chrome Developer Console for these.

Mystic X/Y Axis Hack: Hack Submission: Mystic Cube X & Y Axis Enable
-Caveats: DON’T WATCH.
-Functions modified: window.tomni.changeSlice
-Purpose: Divides X/Y axis in Mystic cubes by 8, creating a 128x128x128 instead of a 1024x1024x128 ZFish cube.
-Maintainer: JousterL

Dupe Hack Code: Very dirty hack to spot dupes
-Caveats: DON’T REAP.
-Functions modified: window.tomni.regenSegmentationColors
-Purpose: Changes segments to White
-Maintainer: KrzysztofKruk

Scythe Vision Color Mod: New scythe map
-Caveats: The cell this is applied to will flicker between the new and old color maps.
-Objects modified: Cell.ScytheVisionColors
-Purpose: Allows the player to specify specific colors to be applied to the ScytheVision HeatMap in OV.
-Maintainer: JousterL

Mystic-To-E2198 Hack: Non-released
-Caveats: You lose the MSTY Thresholder, and the ability to release or Need Admin the cube. MSTY still plays it fine though.
-Objects modified: Sorry, buddy, you can’t see this one.
-Purpose: In certain situations (duplicates, large CB to cover all dust, etc), it is much easier to identify what’s going on when utilizing the ‘classic’ EyeWire colors, versus having the rainbow set.
-Maintainer: JousterL
-Why it is not released: Concern that changing the dataset_id on ZFish cells to temporarily be E2198 cells might have unintended backend DB consequences that the player would not have vision into.


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BTW you forgot to mention the hide top buttons and movable start playing button

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Also, the Stats script shows number of SCes (right click on the username in the top right corner) in cells, which have a least one cube SCed/unSCed during last 7 days.

In the Dupe Hack there’s a second post with hack allowing to bring back all seed segs, even after a cube was submitted with some or all of them removed.

Other than that, great idea with the summary post.

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Pasting in the 3 tampermonkey scripts we currently have for easy access:

Eyewire DLC by crazyman4865:

Eyewire Statistics by KrzysztofKruk:

Eyewire Top Buttons Hide by KrzysztofKruk:

Get tampermonkey: