EyeWire Stats - another TamperMonkey script


Hi all,

I want to introduce you yet another EyeWire TamperMonkey script. Some of you already new this, others maybe not. However, nobody has seen a new feature.
Until now, the script was showing some stats about the game, like in the screenshot below:

I’ve recently added another thing visible in this screenshot in the top right corner:

It shows last 10 played cubes as vertical bars. Each bar represents accuracy of a cube (if it was normally played). Those bars are green, yellow, red or something in between (with height proportional to the accuracy, so if there’s no bar, it means that the accu was around 0%). If the cube was trailblazed, it’s shown in gray, and the reaped cubes are shown as blue bars. To the right of the series is the accuracy for the last played cube. Under the accuracy, is the weight of the cube after our playing. Warning: the weight might be incorrect, because it updates on the server after a couple of seconds to a couple of minutes, so I’m adding +1 manually after each normal play and +3 after reap. However, sometimes the weight is updated quicker and after manual addition, it’s displayed as higher than it is. But usually everything is good.
1 red cube = wt1
2 orange cubes = wt2
3 yellow cubes = wt3
4 green cubes = wt4 or more.

When mouse cursor is hovered over any bar, a popup is displayed. It shows additional info about each cube.

Left click on a bar jumps right to the cell (warning: it jumps even during play/inspect without any warning).
Right click on a bar jumps to the cube in a new tab/window (thanks @crazyman4865 for the code, lol).

The most important thing (at least, for me), is that the bars are shown even after refreshing the page, logging out and in or closing and reopening the browser (it’s stored in localStorage). It gives the ability to quick return to the place where we were playing before e.g. browser crash (without the need for opening the History and waiting for the entries, hoping that MSTY did nothing wrong, lol). It also allows to go back to the cell we were playing, when we’ve changed a cell for a moment, etc.

Here the installation link (it, of course, requires TamperMonkey)::


It’s still an alpha/beta version, so something/everything might work wrong xD
It should also work for normal players (e.g. not Scouts, Scythes, Mystics, etc.)

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This is interesting, Krzysztof. One question about the countries: what data does your script use for determining someone’s country? Does it go by the flag they’ve selected or does it go by their IP?

Edit: Actually, just at a glance, I can tell it’s the selected flag rather than the IP. So bear in mind that these statistics probably don’t account for people using EU flags, Antarctica flags, no flag, or a flag that’s different than where they really are. :wink: But it’s still a cool script!


omg that was the new feature for the script?!?!?! Amazing! :smiley:



Yes, it’s using flags selected by users, so the stats are not very accurate, but it’s something :wink:
All people without flag or with EU flag are in the Others category.


he has EU flags in “other” i think.


This is amazing!! Love the Stats panel and accuract %, hurrah!


aaaw europe isn’t just ‘other’ :frowning: (for us in uk it’s political as well)


rotfl, although I agree that if a union like USA can have indi flag perhaps EU should as well, but then should we concede that all other EU nations don’t? :stuck_out_tongue: The conundrum! :stuck_out_tongue:


This script is all I wanted. Acc for each cube, going back to cubes in one click, being able to share their numbers without writing them down - absulutly great!
Idk if it is possible, but it would be nice if the bars were to update whenever other players solve those cubes and change the acc I got on them- especially tbs.

Edit: Is this open source?


Thanks :slight_smile:

The code is open source (like any other JS code :wink: ).
As for the updating thing - yes, it’s possible and I’m going to do it in the future (not sure, when exactly, though). I’m thinking about something like refresh the bars’ states every minute or so (to not bring a heavy load for the servers).
I’m also working on some small fixes.


but this only shows 10 latest cubes, correct? so cube 11 removes 1, 12, removes 2, etc?

so updating it would only have value for as long as they are in there?


Unfortunately, yes. I could add more bars, but don’t think, it would be very useful. I know, however, it would take more space in the menu, which is already a little bit crowded.
EDIT: However, if you, or anyone else have any idea, to present more cubes in a readable manner and not taking much space, I could definitely do it. (maybe instead of the vertical bars a matrix 10x3 or something?)


I doubt we need more than 10 cubes, however I am speaking from a level 2’s perspective, idk about scouts and such. However, maybe let us have 3 pinned cubes on the left side of the screen? It could account for some of the reasons we would want more than 10.


Many advanced players can do 10 cubes in a couple of minutes (or even in one minute) - that’s why I though about more than this. I would hapily see 50 or 100 indicators, but have no idea, how to clearly display it.
The idea with pinning cubes is worth thinking about, thanks :slight_smile:


Yeah I knew they/we can hense why im not sure if accuracy changing every few secs would be 'displayable" for these ppl lol. Pinning cubes is something to think abt yeah.

As to how to display more than 10 cubes, why not be able to create a popup like with stats and have cubes in there? Maybe make # of cubes customisable by player(s)?


Ok, here’s what I came up with (very crude mockup in GIMP):

The idea is, that normally everything will look exactly as it is, but there will be a button/link, to click to the left of the bars. After clicking the link, a dropdown would be permanently displayed (well, until the next click on the link), showing additional 40 earlier cubes. I think, 50 cubes will be more than enough for most situations and last 10 always visible cubes should be enough too.
Tell me, what you think about it?

Also, do cubes reaped by the player should also be periodically updated?

I think, I have a solution for the eu problem too, but I’ll have to think about it a little more.


we need to be able to hide it lol otherwise that’s right on top of 2D slides lol, can you make it that if we click on 2D it hides?

But I do like it. Also, unrelated, I hadn’t thought of having only open tasks instead of the need scythe/admin/watch ones xD 1 button to rule them all and in the dragon bind them :stuck_out_tongue:

changes settings in SL lol

I’d make it 50 yeah.


I’d suggest possibly adding an option for a threshold… kind of like how we can change what we see on SL toolbar, something like “If cube val > .95 (95%) then don’t add to list”. Additionally, you could let the player specify the # of cubes to show, up to whatever the DB will allow (I think 60). Or instead of embedding it in the window, pop it out into its own window.

Just some thoughts on UI solutions.


@Nseraf: It will be hideable - click “more” to show whole set, click “less” to see only the 10 newest. I was thinking about popping it out when the cursor is over the top bars, but it will be too much popping (bars, labels, label for weights (in progress)).

Lol, yeah, I thought one day: why do I need all those buttons, when I only use three of them or so, and bam, all gone xD

@JousterL: About the threshold - cubes are displayed not only to correct your accuracy, if something was wrong. Actually, I use them more often to go back to the place, when I finished before e.g. the page crash or on the next day.
But I’m also thinking about some kind of Settings panel. If I’ll do it, I might add there options like:
-show only about threshold (with possibility to set the threshold),
-way of showing additional cubes (popup or a floating window),
-number of last cubes to show,
-maybe colors for each types of bars,
-probably something else xD


Sadly the problem with counting the EU as its own country is that it does create some dilemmas.

On the one hand, you can argue that the USA and the EU are both federated unions, but the USA has much stronger federal executive power, a federal policing system (the FBI), a completely unified military, a single national constitution, and a single currency (whereas not all EU members are in the eurozone).

On the other hand, you could still claim the two unions are similar enough to treat equally, but if we count the EU as its own country while also counting its constituent members as their own countries, then in order to treat the unions “equally” it would make just as much sense to count the US as its own country while also counting all 50 states. Which in that scenario would seem like the only fair thing to me, but I don’t know if we can make state flags on Eyewire. And some would also say that’s fair but politically fraught in its own way lol.

That said, on a personal level I totally understand why you and others have been using the EU flag lately, and since we don’t restrict people’s flag options based on their IP, we obviously aren’t too concerned with people reporting exactly where they’re playing. :wink: The dilemma I describe is really just a matter of logic…

Edit: That said…! If Krzysztof wanted to display the EU flag as its own entity separate from “other,” that’s his prerogative. But I answered your reply to him because presumably he’s so far been using the same logic as we’ve used at HQ for the monthly stats posts.