Nickname coloring script


Hi all,

It looks, like my nickname coloring script gained a little bit of popularity recently.
It was written for fun at the beginning, but if people want their custom colors, let it be xD

Just to clear any doubts:

  • the colors are visible only to those, who has the script installed,
  • the colors are added “by-hand” by me to the script, so if anyone wants his or her color changed, you’ll have to contact me,
  • NO ONE can have any rank color (especially, NO admin color), any unique color (like Nseraf’s) or similar to them.

If you want your name to glow, you have to pick also a second color (the text-shadow CSS property).
Colors can be either in hex format (e.g. #AB11F5), name (e.g. orange, blue) or rgb format (e.g. rgb(10, 100, 200)).
Names can also have this properties: bold, italic, underline.
Each letter can have it’s separate color and style.

Here’s the link to the script (requires TamperMonkey):

Central Hack Repository
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and official tampermonkey chrome apps store link (it’s free ofc) and safe.

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