Very dirty hack to spot dupes

WARNING: DO NOT REAP USING THE CODE. JUST USE IT TO FIND THE DUPE, THEN REFRESH THE PAGE AND THEN REMOVE THE DUPE AND REAP. Otherwise there might be some segs invisible in 3D and problematic to remove.

  1. Inspect a cube.
  2. Open Console (F12).
  3. Paste the code below and press Enter:{return tomni.segcolor};

  1. Move cursor anywhere over the 2D or 3D.

All dupe segments should change to white, e.g.:

AFAIK, there are usually no white segs in the Zfish dataset, so it should be easier to spot dupe segs that way.
If anyone wants some other color, just change values in the {a:1,r:255,g:255,b:255} object - a, is for alpha, or transparency, and r, g and b, are, accordingly, red, green and blue. Values can be from 0 to 255 for colors and from 0 to 1 for alpha.

Important: Refresh the page after using the hack.

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Also, other little hack, to add all seed segs to the cube (even, if they were removed and cube was reaped. Works also for empty cubes):

  1. Inspect cube.
  2. Open Console (F12).
  3. Paste the code below and press Enter:


  1. Move cursor anywhere over 2D or 3D.

No need to refresh after this one.


OMG! Nice!! TY! :smiley:

For the add seed segs we can reap with code in?

yep, this one works without problems :slight_smile:

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ok thank you :slight_smile:

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