EyeWire Stats - another TamperMonkey script


ok, but I hope I clarified what I could and it clarifies for others too :slight_smile:


I’m really glad you brought up what you did, as it helped me think and see a new perspective and also lead to an idea/productivity. So please, don’t let me stop you from speaking what comes to mind :slight_smile: @KrzysztofKruk I think I figured out why the application doesn’t make it possible to go down a branch. It’s because the cubes, when regularly playing on them, do not go down a branch either. So if the game is changed to be set up to where cubes get regularly played down a branch, then the application and possibly completing when clicking on a next button would work too. However, since it would require to possibly change the game from the beginning, it seems it would be too much work to invest in just for a slightly faster method.


Exactly, it’s not possible to find all cube down the branch basing just on the cubes’ IDs. They are assigned whenever a new cube is spawned. It doesn’t even have to be in the same cell or the same dataset. So a cube number n can be in our current cell and cube n+1 might in a zfish cell or even is a very old cell if some admin or scythe is reapgrowing something there.
I could get all the descendants of a cube using the EW API (the same, which is used for highlighting children), but there is still the problem of subbranching and corner cubes. So, I could jump you to one of the children and you’ll go along that trace, but the other children would be missed. It wouldn’t be a problem, if those were entire subbranches, because it could be easily seen in ov later, but if those were some corner cubes, you would miss them even easier than going through ov cube by cube visually.
I’m not saying, that SCying from inside the cubes and automatically jumping to the children is a bad idea. It’s just it has some flaws. Some of them would be agaisnt HQ rules (checking cells by branches) and other against the will to check each and every cube along the branch.
I think, the best solution is what @susi said - check branches as good as you can and then, if the cell is nearly finished, use the Cubes addon to find all those missing corner cubes and SC them too if you want (AFAIK, HQ doesn’t require those to be SCed before declaring a cell completed).


On another topic, I was working on completes, and thought of more improvements if that’s ok.

New%20Bitmap%20Image for the tiny buttons on the right, would it be possible to go straight to annotate images, as the option’s available when clicking the reap button? I just can’t edit the image after clicking on the tiny buttons, and that’s not good.

Also, since I hear a lot that people do double work when people don’t click complete after reaping, would it be possible to add in an option for this?


For the first paragraph, that’s good to know, as I’m not familiar with that. @susi’s method sounds like the best way to go right now until better.

I read the scythe manual and it didn’t talk about subbranches. I’m assuming that people can only take one branch at a time and cannot work on multiple subbranches. So people would go from parent -> child and then go back and work on the next subbranch closest to the parent (and work down to the end) and so on. So it seems that might be possible.

However, I didn’t know corner cubes create such a large problem and know little about it, so idk how to help on that until I learn more.

I think this brainstorming’s a good start and appreciate @susi and @KrzysztofKruk for helping. I feel more knowledgeable to say the least :). Hopefully there will be a solution that doesn’t involve breaking rules nor poor form when working - or at least a warning that this could happen while using the new feature.


Not sure about the posibility to jump straight to the annotate images - didn’t investigate that part, but I will see.
As for automatic completing after reaping (I believe, this is what you’re talking about), there’s already an option called Auto Complete. If you turn it on, then clicking on any of the quick reap buttons will, at the same time, log, reap and complete the cube.


I think bringing it to annotate would be counter-productive to a ‘quick reap’ as in most of my reaps I personally don’t annotate. When I do feel the need to explain something, that’s what the regular option is for.


agree with you hwaaim.
Quick reap is great, i show things in explore-color, no need for annotate. And as you say, if more is needed, you can go into “normal” log


Hey all, we’ll discuss some of these ideas on Mon and weigh in if there is more to add from HQ.


I honestly believe that annotate images is really important. When I complete a lot and look at entries that do not have annotations, I really get confused as to where the changes occurred as well as how. That I believe causes me to make mistakes at times (rarely, but still) and not communicate well when I work on completes.


I really appreciate you taking out your time to look at this discussion and weigh in everything. My heart and soul got almost 10x bigger just now! <3


That sounds really cool, and I think I’ve possibly heard of that, but I looked at all the settings and don’t see it anywhere. I’ll keep looking because I don’t want to inconvenience you in the hunt for it (unless you want to, in which it’s fine). Thanks for letting me know about it! I also don’t see it in the search engine.


While one can create a new entry, that really should be for an update (like there was a new change in the cube). Also, it’s really difficult and time-consuming to go back to the cube I was previously in, click reap again without making further changes (in which I could make mistakes/get in trouble for not double-checking) and then annotate the image there - in which I probably forgot the changes by then.


I wrote about the Auto Complete here:

You have to have at least v. 1.12 of the Utilities for the option to be available.

What @susi is talking about is that she have turned off Log & Reap (also available in the Settings -> Utilities), so she can add the changes in the Explore color, then quick log, then dismiss the changes and normal reap (with the option turned off there won’t the new popup after reaping).


Maybe I don’t have v1.12. I wonder how to get it. That makes sense about what @susi does.

Looking back, I have questions for @susi.

How does one avoid the first paragraph? Also, how does finishing a branch faster in speeding up finishing than completing all the cubes or just completing random cubes? I’m confused on those two, as I just don’t know how that works :slight_smile:


Well, for one thing it is HQs request that we complete along branches as opposed to random cubes all over the cell. This may have gotten buried so I’m gonna leave this here. I think we can ignore the reapgrowing part of this and focus on the scythe complete for the purposes of this discussion.


Hi all. To wrap up this conversation, HQ just wants to affirm/reiterate that Scythes are expected to check branches using the overview, working from parents to children. Bouncing around branches would cause redundant reviewing and also divorce cubes from the context required for assessing consensus. In the future, it would be great to have a way to SC along a guided “track,” but that infrastructure doesn’t exist at the moment. If there are any further questions about Scythe Complete procedure, please open a new thread so that discussion in this one can remain focused on Krzysztof’s scripts.


If you SC a branch from its source, there’s high probability, that you’ll find the merger where it starts. If you’d jump to random cubes, you would, from time to time, be SCing cubes in a merger branch without knowing, that it’s a merger branch.
As for 2 scythes checking the same branch to remove it from being available to play - it has changed lately; now one SC vote is enough to block a cube. But not very long time ago it used to be better to double check a branch to block it from playing, than if one scythe would be checking one branch and the other some other branch, because in that case those 2 branches would be still available to play. Now it’s even better, if a scythe starts checking a cell from branches, that weren’t checking at all,to speed up the completion of the cell or if two scythes check two different branches. But still, checking the branches, from start to finish, seems to be the only way to be almost sure, that we aren’t checking some merger branches.


IDK if this is better directed at KK or admins, but if Scouts Log has been integrated into EW, can a limited version of SL be given to regular players, perhaps just the option to create + annotate screenshots from review?


that’s an interesting idea. like scout lite?