EyeWire Stats - another TamperMonkey script


Utilities v. 1.12.5
FIXED the problem with the camera icon not being fully visible when the SL was in the Compact Mode
MOVED options specific to SL to the “Scouts’ Log” section in the Settings menu.

Cubes v. 1.7.4
RENAMED the script to Cell Mission Control (after HQ’s suggestion), so the script now have more meaningful name.


I wouldn’t say scout-lite but that’s ideally a direction I’d like things to head in. Advanced players tend to want to report things, but more importantly new players want to ask questions about cubes they’ve messed up and things like that, if they can have snapshots of things it’s a lot easier to get specific. If it’s easy for new players to get help like that they’re more likely to improve.

Now if you were to, say, build a game like this from scratch (just a hypothetical), it may be a solid idea to have a 2nd log that is built for players looking for feedback on a cube that mentors could respond to. I don’t know if it makes as much sense building the same thing for Eyewire right now which is why I haven’t put anything like it on the suggestion sheet, but it’s an idea.

I have a couple more thoughts along these lines but I dunno if they’re within the scope of this thread.


like if they’re like - potential merger on #______? Then what would be the purpose of a scouts role if everyone is a scout? Not that that’s bad, as it can streamline things, but still in my head


Awesome. Usually I look at the OV when something doesn’t seem right and I’ve found some pretty big mergers and missing branches from it. But what you say seems to make finding mergers even faster yet, which yes, does make the play go faster through efficiency for sure. It’s good to hear that different perspective to look outside of my own.

PS - the new camera shot feature seems cool!


Like I said, this is more so that it’s easier for new players to get feedback on things they are seeing, for faster improvement. There’s already a screenshot tool built in, but it’s… sub-optimal for uploading and stuff. I want to improve the experience from fresh-off-the-tutorial to enfranchised player.

Scouts still get much better tools to see beyond the cube, and get a much better grip of what’s going on at the branch level & neuron level. I won’t deny that this means more advanced players will be using chat to flag things, but anyone with a decent screenshot tool is doing that anyway, I just figure everyone should have a screenshot tool.


I’ve requested a screenshot tool in general before, but where I’m confused is what it’s used for - if you don’t mind clarifying. What would advanced players have greater capabilities of compared with all players? The reason is that you bring it up a lot and I’m trying to discern what you’re saying.


I think I’ll add it as a suggestion on the google sheets, but as it goes here, it’ll be worth mentioning. It’d be cool if there’s a way to post an update to log entries - like an update section under notes, and people can write in the update (or something else). Then it’d post underneath the entry in a different color in the cube details section once finished.


I’m saying people who already ask about mergers and/or post cube #s with mergers in chat are gonna have an easier time of doing it with pics, that’s all. My main idea with the tool is still so newer players can take screenshots of their reviews and ask “Why is this wrong?” Or “Why is this a part of the cell when it doesn’t look correct to me?”


NEW SCRIPT (inspired by @twister2 :slight_smile: )

Workshop v. 1.0

TamperMonkey link:

This one took me much longer that I hoped for, but here it is.
It’s a tool to add many cells to the same overview, change their colors and take funny screenshots, lol.

After adding the script to TM and refreshing EW, you should see a new position in the top right menu (the hamburger icon), saying “Workshop”.

When you click that entry, it’ll show a screen similar to this one:

To the left there’s a list of action buttons called Control Panel. Under the panel is an Info Panel, and below it is a list of cells currently added to the workspace (saying “(empty)” at the beginning).

If you don’t have the Utilities script installed or dataset borders turned off, then, of course, the cuboid at the center of the screen won’t be visible.

To start adding cells to the workspace, click the “Add Cells” button. You should see a popup similar to this:

It might take a while to load the list (several seconds), because the list contains all currently completed cells (and some, that aren’t completed yet). The list will be updated fairly regularly (I hope so :smiley: I have to built a tool to do it at least semi-automatically).

To select a cell, click on it once. To unselect, click again. You can also add cells manually by typing their IDs in the field labeled “Manual adding”. The IDs should be separated by spaces or commas (or both). IDs of selected cells will be displayed just under the input field:

You can see, that the list contains both the cells added manually and those selected from the table.
Don’t worry about duplicates. If you type the same number many times, or type a number and select the same cell from the list, it will still be added only once to the workspace.

You can also search for cells using the search field in the top right corner. To search for a phrase, use quotes, e.g. “Sector 8” (with the quotes) will show you all the cells, which names or descriptions contain that exact phrase.

When you’re done selecting the cells, press the Add button and wait for the cells to be loaded. You can always add more cells later or remove already added cells from the workspace.
Here’s a result, I get after selecting some random cells from the Sector 8 and clicking the Add button:

You can see, that the cell list on the left is now filled. Each row corresponds to a single added cell.
The checkboxes to the far left are to show/hide cells without removing them from the workspace.
The coloured squares show the color of a given cell. When you click on the square, you’ll see a color chooser, which allows you to select any color for that cell.
Next is the ID of the cell. If you hover over the ID and wait a second, you’ll see a tooltip with the cell’s description.
Then there’s a set of three buttons:
A - makes the cell active. If clicked, the A button’s background becomes blue and you can select and inspect cubes in that cell. Only one cell can be active at any given moment.
B - blinks the cell to help you identify it.
R - removes the cell from the workspace (with a warning before removing).
You can also see, that sometimes color of the cell and color of the corresponding cube doesn’t match. It’s a bug, which I didn’t solve as of now. To fix it, just press the B button to blink the cell and after blinking it will have the correct color.

If you want to add many cells, I’d suggest to add them in parts. Otherwise it will take much time and some cells might not load fully because of a timeout.

Here’s a result of the entire Sector 8 (or a closeup of the Sector) I made with an earlier version of the script: :smiley:

Under the “Add Cells” button, there’s “New” button, which simply clears the workspace (with a warning, if something wasn’t saved).

Then you have two buttons: “Save” and “Save as”. Both allows you to save your work.The first one is for quick saves, if you have already saved your workspace. It will simply replace the previous workspace (if possible). The other one will show a popup allowing you to select name, description and target of the saving workspace:

If you decide to save it on server, there’ll be additional option to choose - rights:

If you decide to save a workspace in localStorage (default option), it will save it so the workspace will be available only on a given browser and account.
If you save a workspace as a file, additional popup will appear (the standard system popup), so you can select, where you want the file to be saved. The files are saved with “.ewc” extension. I was going for “.eww” from “EyeWire Workspace”, but the extension didn’t sound very good :wink: So I decided to choose “.ewc”, which could be expanded as “EyeWire Cells” or “EyeWire Circuit” or anything else you like :smiley:

If you want to save your workspace to the server (my server, not EW’s), you can select, if the workspace should ba available only for you - nobody else will see it; readable for everybody - everybody will see the workspace, will be able to open it and save it under their own name, but the original workspace won’t be touched - only you can change it. The third option is, that the workspace can be seen, modified and removed by everybody.

You can always open a workspace and save it in another place, if you want (e.g. open a file and save to server).

The next button is “Import from file”. It simply allows you to open any of your “.ewc” files.

After that, is the “Browse” button. It allows you to browse and open workspaces both from the localStorage and from the server:

You can select the source in the top left corner of the popup.
If you want to open a workspace, select it from the list and click the Open button in the bottom right corner.
Here you can also remove workspaces, if you have the rights to do so - you can remove you localStorage workspaces, you private workspaces, your readonly workspaces and the workspaces, which are available for everybody with full access. So, you can’t remove other people’s readonly and private workspaces (you can’t even see the latter ones).
On the screenshot above, you can see, that there’s currently only one workspace saved on the server. It’s the one I made earlier. You can also see, that only I can modify it, but all of you can see it and make copies of it (by saving as…).

The last button is “Back to Game”, which simply transfers you back to the EyeWire.

Also, the chat is hidden, while you’re in the Workshop mode, but you can still see the blinking tab title in your browser (like “scouts says…”, etc.), so you can go back to the normal mode at every moment and read the chat (none of the messages sent while you were in the Workshop mode are removed).

Sometimes it can happen, that if you refresh the page or close the browser while in the Workshop mode, some settings might be changed and you’ll have to reset them manually. I’ve tried to fix it, but am not sure, if I done everything. The settings are: “Show Player Activity Icons” and “Outline Glow Intensity”. Also, the selected Heatmap might be changed to None.

If you switch to Workshop to quick after refreshing / entering EW, the SL and Inspector Panel might stay visible. You can turn on/off Inspector Panel at any moment using the Shift Key.

Loading the list of the cells (after pressing the “Add Cells” button), might take several seconds, even half a minute. It depends mainly on the speed of your computer (probably, lol).

If you take a look in the browser’s console, you can see some errors, especially when typing something or clicking on cubes of an inactive cell. The errors are ok, I just wasn’t able to deal with them, because they come from the EW itself (EW still thinks, we’re in the normal mode), but they shouldn’t cause any problems.

If you see any problems (I guess, there are still several of them, despite my best efforts to find and fix everything), just note them here in this topic.

If you have any suggestions or ideas also add them here.

Have fun :slight_smile:


Very cool!


That’s honestly incredible KK. I cannot wait to break my CPU getting some pics from this.


wow !!!
promises a lot of joy at the expense of normal play… :wink:


Wow this is awesome KK! Amazing! Really fun playing around with. If one wanted to see all the Marathon cells, how could one go about that?

I added this to the master “how to install tampermonkey scripts” post as well!


To see all the Marathon cells, one would have to know the names of the cells and search by the names in the search field in the top right corner of the Adding popup. After finding each cell, one would have to click its name to add it to the list of the selected cells. Alternative approach would be to know IDs of each marathon cells and then paste all the IDs (separated by space, comma, or both) in the Manual adding field.
Unfortunately, as of now, there’s now way for quick finding all the marathon cells. However, it’s only ver. 1.0, so it’s possible, that such features will be available in the future.


I see progress happening :face_with_monocle::hugs::blush::heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


My current suggestion for the quickest way to find the marathon cells is to search by their names listed here: Cells Named by Players

@KK Not sure if you have access to see the “marathon” tag on those cells as that would be the simplest.


Yes, I have access to all the tags. Just didn’t include them in the cells’ table. I will probably do that in the future.


I’m having issues with the new scouts log bar. Before I reap a cube, I add an entry sometimes (as I’m used to that), but when I click ‘reap’, I’m forced to make another entry. I can’t delete the extra. Having multiple entries of the same change is confusing and unnecessary to read, how shall we fix this? My proposal’s either to remove making an entry (I would not like this), or have the option to delete entries (I really want this, as I make lots of entry mistakes, and them being still there’s confusing). I wonder if the delete function’s there though and I just haven’t seen it or something?


This is better held for the discussion sheet as it’s not something KK controls. (Leastwise I don’t think it’s something he controls)


I would probably be able to skip the popup after reaping. But, it would probably be against HQ’s rules, because they want that every reap has a log entry. I know, that you’re talking about a situation, when you’re first making an entry and then reap (and you’re forced to create another entry), but skipping the popup would allow for situations, when one just reaps, without logging anything.