All Scythes please read: new official policy about reapgrowing & Scythe Complete


Hi Scythes! The GMs are putting this note on the forum instead of the Scouts’ Log because it can have a little more longevity here. We will also be updating the Scouts & Scythes Manual to fully reflect these instructions, just to clarify official admin policy vs. “that thing an admin said one time in chat.”

After almost a year of Fort Scythe activity and several months of incentivizing Scythe Complete, HQ has become aware of one significant obstacle to both reapgrowing and SCing in an efficient, equitable manner. Namely, nobody really knows where anyone is doing either activity on a cell! Neither the chat nor the Scouts’ Log present a reliable interface for such purposes. Oops. The consequence is that Scythes can step on each other’s toes, no matter how good their intentions, by reapgrowing or claiming a branch to SC when someone else is already there. There isn’t any reason to have two Scythes doing the same exact work at the same exact time, not when they could be spread out across more branches and more cells.

So: among other things in the development pipeline, we are definitely going to build some cool ways of seeing where other Scythes are and helping you choose ideal branches to work on in whatever capacity. In the interim, though, the GMs have codified specific methods for reapgrowing and SCing, which we both hope and expect all Scythes can follow.

When reapgrowing, please:

  • Do mention in chat which cell you intend to grow, as a bare minimum precaution. If you plan to start with a specific branch, specifying it is all the better.
  • Do grow branches from start to finish.
  • Do not use the “Start Playing” button to throw you onto random branches.
  • Do periodically check the overview. Since it updates in real time, you can see if your branch is actively extending with someone else’s scythed cubes.
  • Do not stay on a branch where someone else is actively reapgrowing. Ideally, it’s first come, first serve. You may not always be able to figure out who was first, but if it’s fuzzy or you just love, love, love the branch you’re on, please respectfully negotiate who will go and who will stay.

When SCing, please:

  • Do check from parent to child, as always. Add your vote to individual cubes one-by-one, or use complete-parents to complete where you’ve already been. Use these functions repeatedly as you go. This way, the overview will show a trail of purple on “your” branch and it will signal that someone’s SCing there.
  • Do not claim a branch to SC by using the complete-children button. The purple color should only indicate a cube has already been checked and it’s definitely good.
  • Do not start SCing on a branch where you can see a gradually growing trail of purple, unless you can stick to reviewing the cubes this other Scythe has already checked.
  • Only use complete-children when the branch is fully grown/nubbed/checked/fixed and the only non-SC’d stuff left is corner cubes. Obviously those cubes need to be locked at some point, and they’ll maximize your bonus chances, but they can wait until the very, very end.

Because so many of our gameplay features are treated as experimental when we first release them, sometimes we don’t have cut-and-dry rules about them and we encourage people to just do what works for them. Then we observe what seems to be the best way to help our data/efficiency, what’s healthiest for the Eyewire community, etc.

Having thus observed how reapgrowing & Scythe Complete seem to work best for those purposes, we also have a better understanding of what challenges remain with these gameplay elements. Some of it comes down to tools HQ still need to build, e.g. what we’ve mentioned above. Some of it also comes down to recognizing that certain things we’ve allowed players to do before are not working out in the long run. No one is in trouble for what they’ve done in the past; please just note that going ahead, those practices are officially discouraged because of the effects that they have.

If you can tell a fellow Scythe is doing something that we’ve discouraged, you can remind them of this forum post and/or what it will now say in the manual. Gently, please, because someone can always miss a memo the first time.

Should you have any questions, we’re happy to answer them below or in chat. We may also create a little video to further illustrate the methods we’ve described. Meanwhile, play nice, play smart, and we’ll have the relevant gameplay improvements out as soon as we can manage! For science!

EyeWire Stats - another TamperMonkey script

Please consider sending this out via email, so no one will miss it should they be set to /silent, or not be around when the word is passed along, or be out of town, inactive, or whatever. Thanks!


two questions when we are completing in a normal cell and have completed a branch that is still growing are we not allowed to sc children so long we are careful to uncomplete all low weight cubes, this will in my option give a unresonable number of “borring” corner cubes to play?
and are we allowed to sc the whole cell in forts to get all the corner cubes when it is difficult to find the missing cubes after pressing play to make sure it is not any low weight cubes in the cell?

and when you write grow a branch from start to finish i am taking it as reap every cube as you go, not that we need to finish the branch we have started on


hi hi

I have a couple of questions, and a suggestion with this.

I prefer to sc cube by cube from child to parent on branches that are already grown out. Is this still ok to do, or do I need to start going parent to kid?

Next question: suppose that in the course of someone 2nd checking, they find a missed branch or a missed extension, who gets the rights to that extension? The original scythe or the person who discovered what was missed?

Then to clarify further on what annkri asked, once a scythe claims a branch, do they have to go cube by cube? I tend to keep the end growing, then double back and reap what I haven’t already along the branch, this is mostly due to how slow the spawner can be, and decreases downtime for me.

May I make the suggestion that we discourage players from reaping forts while on /silent? It seems that if we need to continuously communicate in chat that would hinder collaboration severely, as well as lead to unnecessary misunderstandings. There’d be no point in calling out what branch you are working/want to work, if others who are in the fort as well cannot hear you.

Cheers, and thanks for the clarification. I appreciate all y’alls efforts!

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I agree @Atani, and I would go one step further that if a function like invisible is ever implemented in eyewire (where one cannot see another player’s status msgs (promoted or unpromoted) in chat that they cannot have absolutely any idea that player is online (would bot even show them online/inactive or offline if invisible enabled?)) then it should be that anyone “invisible” not be allowed to ReapGrow. Especially if at the same time they have /silence (or not).


And a question of my own (or two).

  1. I see there’s a bpf fort, in those is it a scythe grabs a branch or a cell? Bps are -in my mind- very small thus it should probly be a scythe pics a cell and grows it out, rather than a branch in a bp which may end 2 cubes later lol.

  2. non sc parents > kids is forts only or gen non fort cells as well? b/c sc’ying kids > parents leaves out a lot of small corner cubes unsc’ed which will be a waste of time selecting and sc’ying individually. And imo (sorry if i’m ruffling feathers right now) it is a bit too strict to disallow this in non-fort cells.

thank you :slight_smile:

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invisible function ??? what is this?

I do hope this is not already in place! I have been really crowded and felt pounced upon by a lurker who seemed to wait for the second I got a new cube spawned, and reaped it before I could get to it. It felt like stalking to me, and was very creepy. If there was such a function it would be even more difficult to anticipate and evade such mean-spirited and selfish tactics.Short of a video of my screen (I haven’t learned how to do that yet) there is no way to prove this so I will refrain from specific accusations.

If we all go by the guidelines mentioned above this should cease being an issue so I was very glad to see the post above by devonjones. Thank you!!!


Seen and approved !

I’m totally agree with those new “interim rules” and waiting with impatience for the “cool-way-seeing-scythe-on-branche” ! :slight_smile:
Also, i’m pretty sure we can all manage things together like we always did to adapte ourselves with this “new gameplay” :wink:

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Just a little request - would be possible to release a Fort later in the day sometimes? - Forts are very popular and by the time us late nights log on most branches are claimed or completed! Also I find it confusing when someone has started multiple branches and jump back and forth - Don’t want to step on anyones toes! Thank you!


Noted! Always found it a bit confusing as to where to start on those, so this is really helpful.


Hey Jax!

I’m guilty of going back and forth between two neighboring branches occasionally. Usually when there isn’t anyone else in the fort, and there are plenty of inactive branches, and the spawner is running slowly. I dislike sitting around and waiting for the spawner to catch up, so it keeps me busy. I try to use common sense when I do this though, and don’t reap two branches at once if I think it will be a ghost of an issue.


Hi hi again,

Also wanted to interject that using the scythe toolbox to see who has been working on a branch and then either using the !online function or @'ing that person in chat to see if they are still active (or even online) can be very effective to see what branches are available to be reaped.



lol, but there is a dif between this (I’m ok with this lol) and say (hypothetically “someone” (No, not you. This is not a dig to you lol)) “claiming” more than 2, multiple branches at the same time, when there are others around. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Glad i meet your approval :stuck_out_tongue:

Was more trying to explain to jax why that may be occurring. Although I suppose if you have a greedy gus that has a bunch of branches they are reaping at once, anyone would be well within their rights to politely ask for one of those branches should nothing else be available.


Lol yep yep

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Also about Completing, i think all scythes should “Scythe complete” instead of directly set as “Good” when they add “dust” and think all is good. The problem here is that the cube will not being in the log list and so will be really hard to find for second vote (as it is in the manual).

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Same as Atani, i use to do this too, when i reapgrow and there’s noone around and spawner is really slow. I tried to do this carefully BUT of course anyone were welcome to ask me to stop on a branch.
Anyway now all is about new rules and will do my best to follow this new path :slight_smile:


I’m not sure this is needed in the forts, between LSW and the complete purples overpainting the reap orange. Seems like we could massively clog the log (hey I rhymed! xD ) if we started adding fort entries to it.


Imo there is no reason to reap a cube only for dust, if i remember correctly there’s no scientific value to reaping dust. Also it would completely overflow log if we sc logged dust imagine like 500 entries per day lol :stuck_out_tongue: , better to set to good imo. (In non forts, in forts we reap all cubes lol)

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