EyeWire Stats - another TamperMonkey script


Ah, looks great! thanks!


Here’s my response to the 2 #'s, as they’re good points and I feel I can help.

  1. I would set it up just like your cubes add-on, where it takes you to the next cube that needs votes. If people want to check the branch, they’ll just need to manually (this won’t help them), but it’ll help people like me who just go from cube to cube until the cell’s complete.
  2. While it’s good to check, most of the time it’s the most useful has been while I’m checking it, instead of after (like completing/reaping it). If I’m checking a cube in the ov when pressing complete, then it’s like I’m doing double work, because I already did it before during my run-through. I mean, there’s always the option to press escape to the ov if I really need to, so it’s not like I won’t do it. I probably will anyway to make sure the complete went through, but the complete button would really help. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s my experience :slight_smile:
    I appreciate that you’re thinking about it :slight_smile:


Also, it seems that the options for entries in the scouts’ log does not include ‘regrow cell’. I’ve been typing that in a lot and would make an excellent button! Outside of that, it looks awesome - until I find something else lol


I use your genious quick application, just would wish, the leaderboard popping up after reap would be not in center, but to the right of sceen. (Have problems with position cause it now pops up when back in overview, earlier it was inside cube). Not as important though, i will get used to it :slight_smile:

update: perhaps position is good, for giving onward. Lol, so forget :slight_smile:


hi again! I like to use the sc-button in your new adaptation, goes quicker than over cythes panel in ov. It creates a log entry though. No need for that imo. What you think?


Indeed, it shouldn’t create any log entries, I’ll try to fix it ASAP.

HQ strongly recommends to SC cubes along branches, not to jump from a random cube to a random cube.
I will think about doing the in-cube SC.
I haven’t seen any reason ever to write “regrow cell” in any of my SL entries. Maybe what you’re looking for is “missing branch”.

EDIT: (v. 1.12.2)
FIXED the problem with the C+C log entries. The error was probably also creating double entries for other quick reaps.

EDIT2: (v. 1.12.3)
ADDED an option (turned ON by default) to decide, if EW should jump to ov after completing a cube or stay in the cube. This allows to “show children” and jump to the next cube without going out of the cube. The option is in Settings -> Utilities -> Jump to OV after completing


It might be nice to see how the total number of cubes to SC is changing on cells over, say, 24 hours. I personally would be more inclined to start completing in cells that have gone some time relatively untouched.

Dunno if it would get the UI looking over crowded though

(And yeah I was noticing a lot of double logs when I used quickreaps)


That’d be cool if when a cube is reaped, it goes to the next cube along the branch. It’s incredibly difficult from the ov, as cubes overlap, if I’m even able to click on really overlapped cubes. Maybe you’re right about ‘missing branch’, I think I’ll use it next time :slight_smile:


It would be simple for simple branches, but sometimes branches branch a lot, like 6 children from one parent and in such cases you would only check one path then have to go back to the nearest node and check another path and you would probably end checking some branches many times while skipping others.
There are also cases (quite often), when one child leads to the whole rest of the branch, while the other is a dead end (usually some corner cubes) and you would have to search, where the branch continues. I’m not sure, if it’s worth the effort. I will think, if some parts of these can be done automatically, but for now, I think, that it’s just easier to check cubes the way it is now.


Hi @Kruk !

I come back to this entry.

Had problems last days while normal play: After submit, window to go on popped up over overview as shown in above pic, and coming into next cube to play, the explore-“menu” “discard-submit” is lost. Also review was not working as it should. Sent mail to HQ to ask for help (would like to forward that correspondence to you, contains many pics, if you have me your email-adress). It’s probably a TM-problem: I just deactivated “jump to ov after complete” in the settings, now all good again in normal play. While scything though, i would much prefer to get back to overview!
Do you have an idea?


Hi @susi!

I wasn’t able to recreate the problem. When I turned on Settings -> EWDLC -> Leaderboard after cube submission (I have it turned off usually) and normal played cubes, everything worked ok: after hitting the Submit button, the Leaderboard was being displayed over the finished cube and after clicking the Onward button, I was being moved to the next cube to play.
I haven’t also had any problems with quick log & reap & complete with the leaderboard turned on, or with quick complete (with “Jump to OV after completing” turned on).

If you’d send me the details to kr.kruk@gmail.com I’d appreciate it.


I think it should be ok (I’m not admin, so we should double-check with admin first) to have the complete button just move to the next cube number and not as much along a branch (although the chronological order does tend to go along branches anyway), as your add-on is set up that way. That is how I see it for if this idea goes through. Not saying any of this to pressure, just to work out how to logistically set it up :slight_smile:.


This in combination with completing within a cube means you could be completing without looking at the OV at all, and in a fair number of cases, what’s going on in the OV informs reaps as much as what’s going on inside the cube.

Whether or not you should be completing single cubes in isolation where full branches are available, I do not think you should be completing cubes without the context of the OV altogether.


@hawaiisunfun The chronological order goes by circles, because each branch grows, more or less, at the same pace, so cubes spawning is really spreaded across the whole cell. For now, I won’t be adding the ability to jump to the next cube automatically after completing a cube. You can still use the show children button if you really want to do it that way.

Utilities v. 1.12.4
FIXED the problem, that when the Auto-complete option was turned on, every cube (either normal played or scythed) was automatically completed, which caused many cubes completed at low weight. Thanks @susi for reporting it.


I was saying that when I finish working on a cube, I only go back to the OV because it places me there just to press the complete button. I don’t actually look at the cube and overlook the OV. If I overlook the OV, it’s while I’m working on the cube, but when I’m done, I’m done. Looking at the OV’s after finishing working on the cube’s as useful as looking after playing a regular cube (to me). People can always look at the OV if they want to at the end, but for those who do not use that feature, it helps to speed their work up. Usually most (90%) of my completes are 100%, but sometimes >99%, and I’ve had a 92% and some really low, like 60% before.


imo, and as admins wish, it’s much better to scythe-complete a branch, than jump just between random cubes of whole cell.
If you for example find an error in a cube, and if this error is at corner, then cube has many childs, and one should correct in all of these. You find when staying in branch, since you know how it looks, but you might miss, when just jumping anywhere and not knowing context. Staying in a branch, you get more a feeling what is good and what not.
If you jump around, you might edit cubes which do not belong to cell, (possible merger in one of the parents). This you can only see while scyting from base near CB and going outwards.
Advantage of scythe-completing branches is also: If two scythes do the same, this branch is taken off from normal play, speeds up finishing the cell. And for a scythe wishing to do some completes and speed up this finishing, it’s easier to see whole branches which need just second sc, than seeing a multicolored cell…


I understand about the the preference to work on a branch rather than random cubes, but that’s not what I was talking about. I was saying that I don’t have that capability, both with KoK’s addon and in the OV itself, because there are cubes I cannot access underneath the overlap. If I could, I would, but I can’t without jumping around at some point in time due to my lack of capabilities. With what I was saying, I wasn’t debating between whether I work along a branch or not, but how it’s not possible, so since it’s not possible, we should at least work with what we have and continue improvements until we can do better.


do not understand that:
because there are cubes I cannot access underneath the overlap

I have no problems going quickly through a branch. Missing edge-cubes can be easily sc-d later on, when cell is almost totally sc-d, with help of Kruks application.
(i use this, and jump over cell as i said above is not good, but i do when cell is almost finished to get these edge-cubes)


I don’t want to get this any more confusing than it already is, as I would like this TamperMonkey script discussion to move forward with productivity (as I feel it’s getting off-topic or deviating and getting long - 638 responses!), so I don’t mind continuing through PM if that’s ok with you until everything’s clarified and then coming back to the discussion here :slight_smile:, which will benefits readers too :slight_smile:. Unless we should continue here, in which I’m fine with that too.

But for now, sometimes the overlap is so great, I click on the pixels to access the different cubes within the overlap, which is tricky and stressful enough, but there are still some that are way too underneath, that even that method will not help.

I’m glad KoK’s application helps, but does the application help you move down a branch? It seems you use it for last-minute cubes you didn’t click on when going down a branch, and it helps get you there. I use it for every cube. Let me know if I’m mistaken, which I can be. I guess I must’ve been misusing it then, as it might not bring me along the branch and maybe one day the application could have that feature (which would be hard to create - as KoK said he couldn’t, but one can hope), but all I’m saying is that these shortcomings should not hinder progress that will also have these shortcomings - if it doesn’t break rules or get anyone in trouble for doing so.

My solution would be to write in these warnings in this branch, so people know about them with each advancement, so issues don’t occur - if we decide to go ahead with upgrades and improvements.


We do not need to go on in that topic. I have said, what i wanted and what i understood of your entries, so no need for more from my side :).