EyeWire Stats - another TamperMonkey script


There’s no setting for that. When you update the script, it should work correctly. Maybe there just aren’t any 1SC cubes or you see cubes, which were voted, then nuked or unvoted.


I looked at the cube #'s, and it was ascending. Idk how to update the script, but I’ll try


I just checked my profile. It has v1.3.3. Is it possible to access 1.4 somehow? I really would like to. Reloading didn’t help.


Click on the TamperMonkey icon, select “Check for userscript updates”, wait a few seconds, refresh EW.


I’m sorry to keep bugging about something so minor, as there are other, better features to work on, but I did all the steps in TamperMonkey to no avail. I can add-on a script (like the new version) if that might help.


Custom Highlight v. 1.6

ADDED a new feature, which I called “X-Highlight”
It’s an old idea of @Kfay, which I only recently found much needed.

TL:DR; SC more than one cube at the same time.

The feature is turned off by default and can be found in the Settings menu:

When you turn it on, two additional options will show:

After turning on the option, there will also be an additional button in the Inspection Panel (the purple one under the “S” button):

From now on, you can “SC” a cube by pressing X+X shortcut from the keyboard. At this moment the cube wouldn’t be SCed yet, but it will be marked (highlighted) to be SCed later.
Because there’s no roundtrip to the server and back, you can mark cubes that way much quicker, because you don’t have to wait first for the Inspector Panel update and then another update after pressing C+C.
When you’ve selected a couple of cubes, you can click the purple button above and all the marked cubes will be SCed and unmarked, one after the other.
If you marked a cube by accident, you can unmark it by pressing Z+Z.

In the Settings menu you can selected the color of the x-highlighting (“X-Highlight Color” option).

As I said, cubes are SCed singly, so it takes some time (you can track the progress by looking at the ov and noticing the dissappearing x-highlights). Yet, it’s still much quicker than normal SCing (at least, according to my experience).

In post EyeWire Stats - another TamperMonkey script I wrote about the other additional button (the violet one) in the Inspection Panel.

If you’re using that button, the other new option - “Convert X-highlights to SCed highlighs” might be handy.

Let me show, how my workflow currently looks with all the options mentioned above. My example will be the Artifact 13.47.

The look after entering the cell:

Then I click the violet button:

And now I can see all the cubes, I can SC:

In the image above, all the golden cubes are either admin frozen, admin reaped, double SCed, single SCed by me or have wt < 3, so I can (should) SC only the cubes, which aren’t golden. It already helps much with the SCing process, but be careful here, because the look doesn’t refresh automatically, so if you’re gonna SC some branches’ ending, take a look at the Inspection Panel, because some cubes my be newly spawned (after pressing the violet button). You can refresh the “golden” view anytime just by pressing the violet button again. This view doesn’t have to be golden, ofc, it just uses the current Custom Highlight color you have selected.

Now I inspect the cubes, which are available for me and after checking a cube, I press X+X. In the picture below all the deep blue cubes are inspected and x-highlighted (the color can be chosen from the Settings menu):

When I’ve marked a couple of cubes, I can click the purple button in the Inspection Panel:

And now, the x-highlighted cubes are SCed one after the other. Also, because I have the “Convert X-highlights to SCed highlights” option turned on, the cubes are also highlighted in gold (or the color, you have set as current Custom Highlight color). So the result is like this (notice the deep blue cubes turned gold):

Every couple of cycles of x-highlighting and converting the to SCed, I click the violet button again to update the overview and the cubes, I can SC.

When I’m done with the cell, I right-click on the violet cube to remove all highlights, that are in the current cube (all the golden ones, the deep blue ones don’t diesappear until you Z+Z them or convert them to SCs).

After clicking the H button in the Inpsection Panel, there used to be the list of all highlights in all the cells. Now the list is extended by all the x-highlights done in all the cells (first are the normal ones, then the x-es).

When you’re x-highlighting cubes, the highlights are only visible by you, so other players won’t see them (until you convert them to SCs), so there might be some situations, that some other player SCed a cube before you convert your x-highlight to SC. It shouldn’t be a big problem, but just wanted to point it out.

I hope, this, quite long post, is, somehow, understandable to you all :smiley: If not, just ask. If something doesn’t work, as it should, write it here. At worst, I’ll be the only person using this feature :wink:

I suggest to do the convertion from x-highlights to SCs every dozen or a couple of dozens or so cubes, because each cube generates a separated request to the EW server and the more cubes there is to be converted at the same time, the more time it will take.


yay, finally happening! Also, I guess I’m inspired by @Kfay for suggestions. So here’s one thought: could the ‘last seen’ stat be underneath the ‘joined’ line in a person’s profile when clicked on? I know I’m able to say !online, but it’s a little too much clutter in the chat


Minor bug I’ve noticed with how the stats panel handles weeks:

Where some parts of the system handle weeks Sunday to Saturday, like so, the parts that handle the best week totals started counting from 1/1/19 to 1/7/19 leading to my best week having 100k less than expected.

Not a big deal, it’s just bookkeeping. Still figured I’d point it out.


I’ll try do to it, but not sure, if it’ll be possible without showing some notifications in the chat (for all the users, as it is now).

Thanks for the report. Yeah, the weeks are a huge problem, because there are different definitions of a week (US, ISO, Middle Eastern) also, there are different methods of determining, which week is the first of a given year. I was aiming for the US style (Sunday as the first day) and treat the week, which has the first Wednesday in a year as the first week of the year. What, now I see, is wrong, because in the US, the first week is the one, which contains the first Saturday. However, it shouldn’t be a case here.
I will do a review of the alrgorithms I used to see, where the mistake is.


@KrzysztofKruk It’s fine if people still use !online for the chat for all to see. I usually /pm myself @username if I want it private. That’s not an issue. It’s just seeing that stat in the profile looks really professional.


Yeah, I know, that I’d look nice, but I think, it’s not possible to gather the required information without typing the !online command in the chat (either manually or by an algorithm). So, what I’m trying to say is, that if I’d implement this feature, everytime, you’d click on somebody’s profile, there would be the !online message in the chat visible to everyone.


Utilities v. 1.11

Now clicking on any of the quick log buttons will also reap the cube automatically, so they can be named quick reap buttons :smiley:
The change is made because of the, soon to be published, change in the way EW will allow to log after reaping and also to make the reaping even faster (though by a very small amount).
I’ve also changed the colors of the buttons, because they very a little bit too vivid :wink:
The new scheme looks like this:

It’s more consistant with the colors of the EW and should be clearer to understand.
All the yellow buttons are for stuff that was missing: (N)ub, (B)ranch and (d)ust
Red - mergers: (D)uplicate and normal (M)erger
Dark blue - AI mergers: (A)I merger and Wrong (S)eed Merger
Teal - (W)atch/Text Extension

Both red and yellow are the colors, that are used in the Review mode for mergers and missing segments respectively.

The order of the buttons is almost the same, as it was before. Only the Watch button was moved to the first row (and the rest of the buttons shifted one place to the right), to make the colors a little bit more even.


Bravo, this is so awesome! I’m so happy to say that we will be officially releasing the Quick Reap buttons for all Scythes starting Monday!


Just remarked, it already works. Have some problems though with new adaptation “first reap-then log”, and thus also with your new script. I tended to show, what I reaped in pic using explore mode, this now is not possible anymore. To show I have to annotate pic, which is much work. I do not know, perhaps HQ doesn’t care about that info, but for scythes it’s sometimes useful to see what was the issue in detail. What you think about? Any ideas?


I’m afraid, with the new monday update, it won’t be possible anymore to mark removed things using explore mode in the pic, because log & reap will be virtually one action. So, one won’t be able to mark removed elements, make a log entry, then remove the marked elements and reap a cube. It doesn’t matter, if it’ll be done via the script or using the normal Reap button.
Probably the only solution to make such markings would be to log & reap, then reenter the cube, add the removed segs, then edit an entry and retake the image.
Alternatively, I might be able to add an option to only log (using the quick log buttons), without reaping and change the new default behaviour of the Reap button to just reap, without showing the new logging popup. So it would work exactly the same, as it is now.


i think, i would prefer the option, to only log, and do reaping as before. Perhaps ask about opinions of other scythes?


Man… thisis way too cool ! thank you for creating this ! :scream::heart_eyes:
Was not really online since a few weeks and i just took a look in forum… so i’m super happy today !

Also i like the new scheme for log shortcut !
A new suggestion by the way : option to reap and log when button is clicked, for who, like me, do scythe and log when it’s time to reap.


I think, I’ll just add the option anyway, and who will want to log & reap, they will be able, who don’t they’ll just turn off the option and everybody should be happy :smiley:

When you click on of the small buttons, it will log & reap (in the newest version of the Utilities). If you’re talking about clicking the main Reap button and logging at the same time, then it wouldn’t work, because you have to select, what you want to log - nub, dust, merger, etc, so one button to log them all is just impossible.
However, since tomorrow (probably) the EW itself will work the way, that when you click the normal Reap button, there will be automatically shown a popup to select, what you want to log.


yay! thanks Kruk!


Nanah it’s just cool ! the thing you did is just what i want !
Man you’re awesome, thank for all you do ! :star_struck::sunglasses: