EyeWire Stats - another TamperMonkey script


There’s no setting for that. When you update the script, it should work correctly. Maybe there just aren’t any 1SC cubes or you see cubes, which were voted, then nuked or unvoted.


I looked at the cube #'s, and it was ascending. Idk how to update the script, but I’ll try


I just checked my profile. It has v1.3.3. Is it possible to access 1.4 somehow? I really would like to. Reloading didn’t help.


Click on the TamperMonkey icon, select “Check for userscript updates”, wait a few seconds, refresh EW.


I’m sorry to keep bugging about something so minor, as there are other, better features to work on, but I did all the steps in TamperMonkey to no avail. I can add-on a script (like the new version) if that might help.