EyeWire Stats - another TamperMonkey script


I guess we can get us a little closer (although it won’t be a guarantee that the person just played a cube vs actually scything it). The promotions sheet shows who’s a scythe and who isn’t. However, if a cube’s scythed, you almost know who it is, because it’s not someone who isn’t a scythe. There can always be a person who just played a cube that is a scythe, but this is really close.


I think, that since lately the Start Playing button has been removed from forts, there aren’t many cases, when a cube is normal played in fort. Well, there are some near the root cube, but those are from determining the level of a cell by players and they usually have only wt 1 or 2, so still need to be scythed. So, I think, we can safely assume, that the last player on the response from https://eyewire.org/1.0/task?dataset=1&cell=533&min_weight=3 is the person who scythed that cube.
There might be some problems with old mergers coming back to forts, but those can be usually seen easily in ov, so this shouldn’t also be a problem.
I will go with just the data from the given link and we’ll some, it some further changes are need. Thanks for the help :slight_smile:


Cubes v. 1.6
ADDED the option to hide own reaps in forts

If the option is turned on, only cubes reaped by someone else will be shown in the scInfo tab. It doesn’t matter, if you were the last scythe in the cube or not (actually, even if you only normal played a cube (in fort), it won’t be shown to you to sc in the tab).

To change the setting, go to the Settings menu, Cubes section and turn on/off the “Hide my reaps in forts” option. If the option is turned on, the tab’s text will change to blue:

You can also change the setting by right-clicking on the tab (it would change the setting and reload the tab to show appropriate cubes).


That is really, reaaaaly nice ! :heart_eyes:

hey, another idea ! ahah
Would it be possible for the activity tracker to change color to pink when a cube is SC ? I would help a lot when i play a few cubes, then click on each one by one to verify and reap if necessary. Cause i can’t easily remember one i already clicked on.


I use this feature a lot, especially the scInfo and debug tabs. The main and LowWt tabs don’t really help me that much. Instead, maybe a personal stats for the cube would be nice, like how many SCs and cubes I’ve already done. A duplicates tab would be helpful too! Plus, instead of the LowWtSC tab, one where it shows cubes with 0 votes, but 3 players would be ideal, as those need votes stat to get them out of the game, as 1 SC will stop others from playing the cube. I could seriously start on those 1st, as that’s what I look for in the scInfo tab, but my computer freezes going between the cubes and this feature would prevent that.


@Kfay now that you keep suggesting ideas, I caught the ‘bug’ lol. It would be so nice to show when a person was last on in a person’s profile.
@KrzysztofKruk if you need help finding out how to make something possible, like with finding databases and stuff on the internet to make some of this stuff a reality, just let me know :sunglasses:


lowWt is useful in forts for searching for those corner cubes, which aren’t scythed yet, or for some branches, which aren’t finished, but it’s hard to find them in ov.
The main tab already shows duplicates, as well, as flagged cubes and scythe frozen ones, so separate tab for duplicates is unnecessary.
iirc, the scInfo tab already shows the cubs with 0 votes first, then with 1 vote (but I’m not sure here, will have to check).
Number of SCs in the current cell you can check by hovering over the scInfo tab (the title, not the squares). It will show number of SCed cubes and number of cubes to SC at the moment, when you last clicked that tab), so the only missing part currently is number of cubes played in the cell. Will check, if it’s possible to add the info somewhere.

As for SCed cubes in the Accuracy History (that’s the name of my script, the official one is called Activity Tracker), I will check, if it’s doable (I guess, it is) and add an option to highlight those bars.


That makes sense now, very cool! When I use the scinfo tab, it doesn’t seem to show 0 votes first, although I bet it’s possible to order them that way. Right now, the order is the cube #. That most likely means that the low wt/o vote cubes will more likely end up last than first, but not always. Maybe the main tab would be a good place for that :slight_smile:


(moved my edits to a separate post for clarification)

EDIT: to display the date, when a person was last seen online, that person would have to have a script installed. I guess, the best one for this purpose would the newest one - Extended Profile. However, currently only 9 people have the script installed and 6 of them were admin. Probably, they don’t use it anymore. The 7th person is me and there are only 2 other players with the script. So, for now, it doesn’t make much sense to add the functionality. However, if there will be more players with the script, I’ll gladly add the functionality, because it sounds useful.

EDIT2: Thanks for the clarification. I’ll try to sort the cubes by wt and maybe add some separator between categories (maybe an option for that too).

EDIT3: yeah, main tab sounds like the best place for the number of cubes played.


as to EDIT2: HQ wishes we scythe-complete branches, starting from near CB and going outwards. Guess it would not be possible to sort the cubes as that? I use your great application only, when there are not many cubes left to be completed, to get the corner cubes. (lol, and sometimes, when i need some sc-s to reach a threshold quickly…).


Yes, unfortunately, it’s (probably) not possible to sort the cubes by branches, at least not in a linear way, because the branches, well, branch, lol.
And yeah, I use the Cubes script for finding the cubes with missing votes too. Especially those, which were scythed and still miss one vote, but it’s not visible in ov (at least, when a cell is not a fort).
But still, sorting the cubes to SC by weight might be a good idea just for the sake of order.


ok, thought that… thanks for thinking about :slight_smile:

i am not sure, sort by weight really helpful. Sort by already sc-d once perhaps better, then these cubes are getting out for normal playing, perhaps speeds everything.


oh, you’re right, I was going to write “sort by number of votes”. My mistake :slight_smile:


Glad we’re all the same page. By # of votes! That database is one of the ones I linked, so it wouldn’t be hard is what I’m supposing


Cubes v. 1.7
Cubes in scInfo tab are now sorted by number of SC votes ascending.
I didn’t add any separators between the groups (0 votes, 1 vote, etc.) to leave it as compact as it was. If you want to do the 0 votes’ cubes first, the just start from the beginning and if you start to see cubes with 1 vote, it means, that you’ve already done the former.
Small warning here - some cubes might have one or even two votring players in the Inspection Panel, while they still be displayed in the part, where 0 cubes are. This is normal, because of the nuking rule (when a cube is nuked, it seems, that the name of a player remains in the Inspection Panel).

I was trying to add the number of players, but as a result, I will have to remove the filter to not show our own cubes in forts. The reason is, that this request https://eyewire.org/1.0/task?dataset=1&cell=533&min_weight=3 returns only first 1000 results (and it used to return only first 100).
And the filtering is removed in v. 1.7.1


If you want to have a separation between vote 0 + and vote 1 cubes, i guess it would be possible to have different colour shades on the cubes without this taking more space.


Thanks @annkri :slight_smile: Simple, yet great solution.
In v. 1.7.2 cubes with no votes are displayed in complete1 color (color, the cubes have after getting 1 vote), 1 vote = complete2 (color of cubes after two votes), clicked = complete3 (admin complete color).


Accuracy History v. 1.4
ADDED an option to highlight completed cubes, which were previously played or scythed by the player (and are visible in the last 60 cubes). The option is turned off by default.

However, there are a few caveats:

  • after changing the state of the option, you need to refresh the page,
  • uncompleting a cube doesn’t remove the complete color from the bar,
  • uncompleting a cube, which wasn’t highlighted, will highlight the bar,
  • completing a cube with 2 votes already added will highlight the bar,
  • completing a cube, which was admin completed, will highlight the bar,
  • turning off the option will not hide highlights - you need to play/scythe next 60 cubes, to move those already highlighted out,
  • completing/uncompleting a cube will not add a new bar, it works only for those bars, which are already added (so, if you only SCed a cube, but didn’t played/scythed it recently, it won’t show anywhere).


Woohooo ! He did it ! Ahah man i love it ! :heart_eyes::vulcan_salute:

Some little issues but hey, what’ else ?! :kissing_heart:


maybe I didn’t change a setting or something, but it seems that the sc-info still goes by cube id and not by vote #