EyeWire Stats - another TamperMonkey script


yw @susi and @Kfay :slight_smile:

Utilities v. 1.11.1
ADDED a switch to turn on & off the log & reap functionality.
It’s turned ON by default. The switch is in Settings -> Utilities -> Log and Reap

It looks to be working, but I have a feeling, there might be some mistakes. If so, just let me no :slight_smile:


thanks, will test tomorrow :slight_smile:


I guess if we knew where the info’s coming from, then we wouldn’t need to go through the intermediary to get it. I guess we’ll leave here for now until we can find the source :slight_smile:


As far as I can tell, the info goes from a server (lol) through the WebSocket channel, that’s associated with the chat and the client part of the EW will display that info everytime it sees it. Even if I’d block that displaying, it would still show for all the players, who don’t have the Extended Profile script. Don’t know, if there’s a way to get that information not through that channel.


hi Kruk
since yesterday, jan 31, using your genious quick-application, it takes some seconds (long time…) to go on. Has this something to do with the new log-application of ew? With now popping up window saying log has been created? Or other issues? (that small yellow bar coming up earlier was good enough for me :slight_smile:


You don’t have to wait until the notification pops up. You can continue doing whatever you want right after you’re in ov (if you’re using log & reap) or right after clicking any of the quick log buttons. It’s just an info, that the entry is saved and uploaded (screenshot is being done milliseconds after pressing any of the buttons, so modyfing the content of the screen right after clicking any of the buttons is fine).

Nothing has changed in the logging code itself, only the notification style is different:
then - yellow bar appears; now - nothing happens
then - yelow bar disappears; now - popup is displayed
so, the popup is just equivalent of the disappearing of the yellow bar.


i understand the latter (yellow bar- popup), but still it needs me around 10 seconds with a reap to come back to overview and to continue. Just wonder why this is. And this slowness started about with new log-application. Or is it only me having this slowness?


Oh, the slowness seems to be something on the EW side. Many players yesterday had the same problem and today it also seems to work quite slow, even in ZFish, where the logging part isn’t usually used. Chris was checking the problem yesterday, but it seems, that it still exists.


ah ok, thanks for info :slight_smile:


On the eyewire DLC script, I cannot find where to enter my preferences for complete colors, nor can I seem to edit the admin color in the color picker. What do I need to do to get those colors changed? Or can you help me to figure out what’s gone wrong with my tampermonkey script?


When you go to Settings -> Eyewire DLC -> Show Cell Color Picker, you should see a popup like this:

The complete colors are in the first row, or at least, they should be there. If the popup looks different to you, or doesn’t show at all, let me know.


That top row is missing for me nor do I have the scythe freeze option. This is a screenshot from my phone but it looks the same on my computer.


If you look closer, the first row is there, behind the accuracy bars. Crazyman did that whole feature before the accuracy bars were added to the game, so it was ok back then. I’m using my version of the bars, so it’s ok for me too, but now I see, that there is a situation, where it doesn’t look ok.
Since I’m now the dev of the EWDLC script, I’ll fix it soon and release the new version. However, if you want to have it fixed, you’ll have to have installed that my version (through TamperMonkey), not the built-in one.
The same is with the missing scythe freeze color in your case - I’ve added it, when it appeared in the game (after crazyman quit the game), so it’s available only in my version.

After looking into the code, I think, I’ve already fixed the issue in my version, so just turn off the built-in EWDLC and install mine through TamperMonkey. Here’s the link to the script:



Maybe there’s a way to use the ‘silence’ chat command for it. Like maybe having a fake account that creates the !online messages and then permanently silencing it. Just an idea.

Also, the new scythe gui’s cool. I just wish there was a ‘complete’ button next to the ‘reap’ button, so I don’t have to go back to the ov to complete a cube. A plus is if it just brings me to the next cube to SC instead of ov too.


/silence only silence the chat for you. Everybody else still see everything, afaik.
I will think about the complete button. However, it won’t jump you to the next cube for two reasons:

  1. it’s not always obvious which one is “the next”, because sometimes parents have more than one children, sometimes people check branches from the end to the start (for some shorter branches), etc.
  2. it’s good to check a cube both from ov and from inside before c+c-ing it.
    I’ll think about both a button for completing and an option to automatically complete a cube after quick reaping it.


Utilities v. 1.12

ADDED a new button to the quick reap set. The new button (called C) allows for Completing a cube from inside it. When you click that button, you will be jumped to the overview and the cube will be completed. If you click it, when you’re already in the ov, the cube still be completed. The color of the cube should match your 2 SC color.

ADDED an option to Auto Complete cubes. The option is turned OFF by default (tu turn it on, go to Settings -> Utilities -> Auto Complete). If the option is turned on, after each reaping the cube will be automatically completed, if possible (no 2 SC, no own SC, etc.).
The option works both with the normal and the quick reaping. So, if you turn on the option and click any of the quick reap buttons, the cube will be logged, reaped and completed with that one click. If you click the normal Reap button, you’ll see the the New Entry popup (if you didn’t turn it off in the Settings) and after clicking the Submit button, the cube will be automatically completed.

Sorry for changing the order of the quick reap buttons (again). I had to do it to, somehow, order the colors both in the horizontal and in the vertical view of the SL.


just tested your new application, awesome!!!

As to arrangement and colors: Why not give all mergers same color? (DMAS)
In horizontal view (i use) i would arrange: DMAS (red) C(purple), below NBd (yellow) W(blue). sc in this order a bit separate from stuff which is logged.
(didn’t test though how this would be in vertical)


Good idea!

I went for the different colors to make it easier to find the right button, because, when I started doing this part of the script, I did all the buttons white and it wasn’t very clear, so I started experimenting with some random values. Then, after talking with Amy, I simplified it a bit and standarized the color pallete to match the EW’s one, but didn’t think about simplifing it even more. I made A and S dark blue, because they are AI mergers, so have the color of the seed, but you’re write, they’re both mergers and will fit better with the other types of mergers. I will test it and change, if it’ll look good.
As for SC a little bit separated from the rest, I will have to fiddle a little bit with the code, because all the buttons are now placed one after the other and only the invisible rectangle around them decides, how long the rows are. I did this specific order, so both in horizontal and in vertical they look half-organized. But I should do the C button separated from the beginning and put it at the end, both in vertical and in horizontal. I’ll fix it soon.


great :slight_smile:


Utilities v. 1.12.1
REORGANIZED the quick reap buttons (as @susi suggested - looks much better :slight_smile: )
FIXED some SL buttons’ titles - after compacting and then expanding the SL, the buttons had their old values - the ones from before the last EW update