Vs. Ideas


would be interesting if we could do a vs like that where we do total points of each team and not average guess the 20-30 players could give the allstar team some competition then


yeah true lol


Day vs. Night lol


And for April Fools, just do an A vs B


fanny pack vs backpack vs messenger bag xD


moss vs lichen


whitewall vs blackwall tires


Soft boiled (eggs) vs Hard boiled


How about admins vs all stars vs everyone else. And could either be the average of points, or total points. :smiley:


Sounds good Atani.

Another new idea, how about a sponsored versus event with external body.

Here's how it could work:

1) Approach an external body with clever / interesting skill set people (NASA / Google / Any large company that runs CAD or graphics software)
2) Lay down a clear challenge like 5 All Stars vs 5 Rocket Scientists in marathon event (2 separate cells?)
3) Create window to train and practice for event (many side benefits of lots of cubes completed in training)
4) Run event with live streaming / tracking / publicity (many side benefits of more people looking)
5) See who wins
6) Repeat on annual basis with same external body or a different one

Alternative event could be team versus event with a sponsored prize, approach a lot of different groups to submit 5 person team and then run event with multiple teams competing, see who wins team event, repeat on regular / annual basis.


loooooong ago (early 2013) they had done the geek games with social media teams like fb team vs google team vs youtube team lol but it was dif. than the vs's we have now.


Heart vs Brain!



Ah yes, The Awkward Yeti, one of my most favorite webcomics


Orville vs Wilbur Wright


Encarta vs wikipedia :joy:

I bet half the playership's never heard of encarta :sweat_smile:


I'm the other half lol


ok i pinged them to see if they'd want to team up for a competition! We offered neuron naming rights for this particular special competition :slight_smile:


You...pinged The Awkward Yeti?? :astonished: Excuse me while I go fangirl out.


artificial vs live christmas trees!


this one is coming.. :slight_smile: