Vs. Ideas


Something to bear in mind about the VS competitions is that it takes our illustrator(s) usually a week to complete the art for a VS. That's why we plan ahead. You are correct though that timing for spontaneous events is not as important with the auto-award!


I think you will like one of the competitions on the coming soon list :slight_smile:


Adding to this, almost all the art for versus competitions is done when the summer interns are around. Another reason we plan so far ahead is so that we have a full years worth of competitions when they start each May.

If we were to do player suggested competitions we would probably just ask whoever suggested it to pull an image or comic from the web, like random did above, with credit of course.


Thanks for the suggestions. The reason we do regularly scheduled events is so that it's easier for people to keep up with. There will definitely be some spontaneous ones though!


This made me lol


or caffeine vs decaf--it widens the scope of beverages


could be a dif vs lol i like tee vs coffee vs hot choco lol

Also somehow i think it'd be a team of 2 (decaf) vs a team of 50 (caffeine) lol :stuck_out_tongue:


ohhh how about comets vs meteors?


reptiles vs mammals vs insects vs fish


The Ancient Civ.'s battle:

Ancient Sumerians vs Ancient Egyptians Vs Ancient Greeks


spider vs mosquito vs praying mantis


American Football vs (Proper) Football (soccer) :stuck_out_tongue:


these would be so fun!!! gotta add Han Dynasty too!


Eartlings vs Martians xD


Humans vs Elves vs Extraterrestials xD


omg yes xD


Blue vs Orange


How about Dream team or All-stars team versus the world. Invite only to small 5-10 person team for the likes of Nseraf etc, versus the rest of us. Could be interesting to see what happens when we pitch the few (who nearly always top the charts) versus the many.


I like that idea but it may not be a good idea fairness wise. How vs victory works is anyone above 2500 pts avg vs team size. so in theory if allstars has 5 ppl and each make around 80000 - 120000 for the vs (not difficult lol) and the other team /rest of the world has 25-30 ppl and they range from 2500 - 60000 (roughly) with most around 2500-25000 then allstars is a defacto winner b/c:

80k+90k+120k+75k+85K/5 = 90k


2.5k+2.5k+5k+20k+30k+10k+ etc etc /25 won't make more than 10-20k

so unless HQ were to give rest of world team a good 100k handicap (lol) it'd be a very easy vic. for allstars team unless rest of world each of the 25 team members made 50-100k lol


Love these ideas!

We did veterans vs newbies once. One guess who won :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: