Vs. Ideas


Hi all!

Thought if anyone had ideas for future vs (they are booked already through 2018 :open_mouth: but they'll need more after that) you could place them here!

How about join years? Each player would join the team that was the year they joined ew. for example, i'd be team 2013. Seems like it could be fun!



so we have 2013 (it simply rocks xD) 2014 2015 2016 2017 (and 2018 depending lol)

another idea:

monochromatic vs full spectrum/multi coloured/ rainbow


Doc Savage vs. The Shadow. Pulp Nostalgia.


good idea, 2013 will win :slight_smile:


electric fans vs. air conditioner lol


EU vs USA vs Rest of world.



could do a veterans vs new players (again).


lol, just had exactly the same idea last night xD


Hehe great minds :stuck_out_tongue:


Science cat vs the penguin who wants to science!


Love these, keep em coming!


plankton vs algae

both are pretty awesome once you read up on them!


The moon vs Mars
White chocolate vs Brown chocolate
Flying vs Teleportation (as in superpowers)
Dogs vs Cats (the non meme version)
AM/PM vs 24H


bitter chocolate vs milk chocolate


Since versus are scheduled every other week, we could allocate the other weeks to player-sourced competitions. Thoughts?


I like the idea.

EDIT: I totally misread that xD

Thought you meant make player themed/named vs's every other week so hq player hq player etc.

There are two...uhm possible problems with this (correctly read)

  1. there may not be enough player ideas, although ok then hq has to name 4 comps per month instead of 2
  2. It may make vs's...boring to have them weekly than biweekly (boring is not the exact word Im looking for but can't find it now lol), think it like, if you have ice cream once a month it's a nice treat, if you can have it every day then eventually you might get bored of it lol (let alone weighting 300 kgs xD :stuck_out_tongue: )

I think biweekly is good and maybe gather enough player ideas to make 1/2 per month player made/themed/named (and know them before hand to be able to create nice illustrations for them) :slight_smile: would be also good.


Tea vs. Coffee vs. Hot Chocolate lol


I think maybe have them be more...random (not quite the word I want) than having there be a vs weekly would be better. Just like a day's notice before they happen, and they could happen at any time, ya know, spontaneous kinda. Not just be thurs-friday all the time.


We did coffee vs tea a few years ago. If memory serves, tea won. would be interesting to see how it shakes out with a 3rd team added


yeah i like that, i mean now that bonuses are automated it could be that they are randomly placed in the week bimonthly and/or +1 hr so for october (as an example) week 1 it starts at 11am edt, week 3 12pm november week 1 13pm week 3 14pm and so on and on. like that both day and night crew can have vs's that start/end during night/day hrs.