Vs. Ideas


Our team interface currently gets a littel wonky with >3 teams, but once it gets modified we def want to do this one


I added a blip to the bottom of this blog noting that this versus was your idea :slight_smile: http://blog.eyewire.org/comets-vs-asteroids-out-of-this-world/


A version of this is on the books!


I think we should do Neuron vs. Glia :smiley:


sun vs moon


elves vs dwarves
veggies vs fruits
vegans vs omnivores
tomato vs potato
men vs women
Mac vs PC
Windows vs Linux vs macOS
ogres vs trolls, lol
AC vs DC
vampires vs zombies vs werewolves
Han Solo vs Luke Skywalker
Star Wars vs Star Trek vs The Orville :wink:
Captain America vs Captain Planet
Unicorns vs Centaurs
Horuses vs Harpies
Falcon Heavy vs Falcon Millenium
upside down vs inside out
past vs present vs future
eat to live vs live to eat
land vs sea
Tom vs Jerry
redcurrant vs blackcurrant vs white currant


the orville for life xD
and we've done boys vs girls in the past (2014) ....it didn't go so well for the boys xD


How about a bio-luminescence battle?

Fireflies vs Angler-fish


these are all so amazing!


this list!! <3


LOL That makes sense and nice drawing!


Strawberry Vs Apple
I want to go for fruits


How about a 3 vs series?

Elves vs Orcs
balrogs vs Wizards
Hobbits vs Rings


western philosophy vs eastern
jung vs freud
Kant vs plato


Silmarillion vs. Fellowship


Ahriman vs Melkor


Tom Bombadil vs. Galadriel


Galadriel for life xD


Hey dol! merry dol! ring a dong dillo!
Ring a dong! hop along! Fal lal the willow!
Tom Bom, jolly Tom, Tom Bombadillo!


Tom is master