Show Off Your Eyewire Swag!

Yay that’s fantastic!

Those are long hours, so I really admire that. I have a new job that’s 6 days a week. It’s only 8 hours a day, but massive work during that time. So 15 would be insurmountable for me. I also don’t have much time, only here and there too. Hope it’s going well and that you’re doing cool stuff!

Yay! My swag for Undersea Odyssey arrived! What a beautiful tote! Just fine enough for Moritz. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Yay @amy !

Thanks for the cards as to Night at the museum art contest and your words!
Nurro is such a lovely guy and also a exceptionally gifted sprayer!
Neo will be as fascinating as eyewire :slight_smile:


Yayyyy we’re so glad you like them! Nurro gave a big purr for you :slight_smile:

purr back from me and Moritz :slight_smile:

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this is more of a post for my shiny new monitor, but there’s some new swag in here also.


What a fancy swag in the Night at the museum competition! Thanks a lot! Created a rainbow Relic cell :slight_smile:

and also thanks for the stickers and funny card


I’m so glad you received your swag! Your rainbow relic cell drawing is amazing :heart_eyes:

Thanks lol :grin:

Love this neuron! Mind if we post on fb?

feel free to post :slight_smile:

memory patch to Great Galactic Voyage arrived :slight_smile:


Hooray! I really love how they look.

they look quite professional :slight_smile:

It was an ordinary day, when suddenly…

This means: Russian Post is getting better :slight_smile:
The day immediately ceased to be ordinary.
I love it! Thanks so much!


Aww yay! I’m so glad you received the space patch! I always worry about writing out the international mailing addresses correctly :slight_smile:

So this is your handwriting, Marissa. I knew it! Very smooth :wink:

aaah, great! And calendar in use :slight_smile:

Thanks for the beautiful magnet, great pic, and it sticks perfectly to my computer to be seen every day… :slight_smile: