Show Off Your Eyewire Swag!


Post pics of your swag that you’ve won in competition on Eyewire! For Science! :smiley:

If you want to see previous swag winners showing off their cool Eyewire swag, check out this older post here.

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Has anyone received swag yet?


Unofficial, but this is something I have.

EDIT: Before you ask… My friend, the one printing the T-Shirt, mistook me and thought I was a scythe. I officially can’t wear the T-shirt for at least another 2 months. Tee hee!


awww that’s awesome!!


sooner or later you will be a scythe so the tshirt will ring true lol


WOW How did you got it?


One of my friends that runs a print shop made it for me before leaving the country, as a gift. I appreciate it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh did you left the Macedonia?
And Nice!


Oh, no no! My friend did. :smiley:


lol sorry! :sweat_smile:


YES!!! I finally got my swag! Thanks @Cliodhna for “donating” the mug!


woooo nice! and a huge thanks to @susi for sponsoring the swag on the last few comps.!!! :smiley:


:sob: I wanna get that too…


lol, there’s a competition coming at the end of the month, I can’t be sure it’ll have swag but if it does, do well in the events and you may win some :slight_smile:


I hope I do! :smile:


It has arrived! No stickers, though, I’m sad. :frowning2:


got my cool reaper hood swag today


Nice! Looks amazing! :smile:


Awesome! And I’m sorry, but we usually ship direct from the supplier so no stickers (random’s mug was a special case). I can however, mail you some separately in an envelope. Would you like some Eyewire logo and brain stickers, Xnopyt?