Help! What is this?


Hi E_Gravity,

Thanks for reporting! You’re correct to be suspicious of the extra yellow segment - it certainly doesn’t belong.

Review mode is showing how your trace compared against other traces submitted by other Eyewirers. Please remember review mode isn’t always the final answer. In this case, the first player probably accidentally added that yellow piece. Since we are a consensus based system, the third player who played after you (you were the second player) agreed with your trace and did not add the yellow piece. As a result, the cube’s consensus no longer shows that yellow piece. Your accuracy should reflect this update as well.

You can check that past 60 cubes that you played by looking at your activity tracker in the upper right next to your username. Cubes that you trailblaze or have a weight of 2 may change accuracy as other players play the cube. Your review mode for a cube will update too!



Thanks! I checked back a few minutes after posting and the path was gone, but it hadn’t been reaped. This really clears things up for me. :slight_smile:


There appears to be an issue with the seed in cube #351862, which lead the trailblazer to color a large piece which may not actually be attached. The piece of the seed seems to be separated from the rest of the seed.


Hi E_Gravity,

Thanks for reporting! Yes, bad seeds can happen. In these cases, we ask folks to try their best to trace around the bad seed part (which you did). I’ve removed the incorrect yellow piece so the cube should be good now. If you find another questionable cube, feel free to post the cube ID in chat as scouts, scythes, mentors and admins can provide more timely feedback there too :slight_smile:



missing segment


Hi chairflyer2013,
I’m sorry, but could you please tell me the cube ID? I can’t find it in your screenshot.
Thank you!


Sorry Sorek,

I’ve moved on to more cubes. I still have the screen grab, but not the ID3 Unless there is a way to get my history of cubes done, (if so-please let me know),

I think I was only asking why there was a disconnect inn the left vertical branch. I couldn’t find any area on the 2D that would connect to it.

I’ll remember to include the ID # in next messages,

Thanks anyway,

John Krull


Hi chairflyer2013,

No worries! These things happen. If you have a question about a cube that you’ve already played, you can access your last 60 cubes using the activity tracker in the upper right hand side of the screen next to your username. Hovering over each little “bar” will show you the cube ID, your accuracy and other info too. If you click a “bar”, you will jump to the review mode for that cube. More information about the activity tracker and review mode can be found here:

In regards to this cube, we could surmise that there may be a very thin connection or a “black spill” (dye-darkened area) causing the “gap”.



Hey Sorek,

I M back with another cube for you to figure out

Please notice the black area between the 2 parts that it says I’ve missed.

I also would not have noticed where the upper continuation to this neuron was, until I hit "review. There IS some blue t the upper portion, but honestly don’t know where they came from.

Thanks again, Sorek,



Hi @chairflyer2013,

I removed the picture you included with your post because it seems to be a picture of an evil cube with the solution shown. The evils are intended to be an extra difficult challenge for players, so we don’t really want the solution shown before they are over. :slight_smile: If you still have questions about that specific cube, please email and they can help you. :slight_smile: