Help! What is this?


Hello EyeWirers!  I’ve started this as a section where you can post screen shots of things you’ve got questions about.  If you had trouble with a particular piece post it, we’ll take a look at it, and help you figure out what to do next time. 


Originally posted by shambaug.

 I was working on a block that was part of the main body of the cell, and ran across what I think was a mistake by the AI.
Here’s the cell (couldn’t find an ID number but it being on the main body should make it easy to find):
And here’s the problem area:
Unfortunately my browser crashed as I was taking screenshots, but there’s an area several layers down where the AI fairly obviously “leaked” through to color that whole little section in.

Not sure how important this is in the grand scheme of things, but hope it helps.



You’re right that this is a merger (the AI made a mistake when it put these two pieces together). We’re working on a way for you guys to report obvious mergers to us.  

If the merger touches the edge of a cube it will cause erroneous branches to form.  We’re usually able to quickly find the bad branches and fix the problem.


Hi there!

I’ve come around this thing, it has a flat surface, and above that area the 2D view becomes black. is this normal?


Yup, that’s pretty normal.  The black part is actually the cell wall being sliced in half.  So you are seeing the top half of the cell wall.


Don’t know which of those will work - this one looks crazy thick.


Actually, now that I look at the edge of that cube, it looks like part of it was an AI error.


Ok Petels, That dark blue piece in there was your start piece, it looks like it goes from one side of the cube to another and (probably) didn’t actually have much to add.  Look at the light blue piece in the 2D, see how there are a bunch of dark lines in there?  That’s a good indication that several things that don’t go together have been put together (coloring inside the lines!)  What happened is that the dark blue piece tried to go through the light blue piece, and failed.  I assume you couldn’t see the outline of the dark blue piece once it hit the light blue?  That can happen when there was an error with the staining (when there’s not enough dye in a certain area you can’t see the outline of the cell, and the AI starts messing up).  

Something to keep in mind, these things should look fairly smooth, and it shouldn’t look like there’s a bunch of separate branches in the same cube (if they’re all connected it’s one thing, but these all reach across the cube separately). 

Keep these coming guys!


THANKS! It makes so much more sense now that I’ve ignored the top dark blue slice and everything I added because of it.



I'm running Chrome from a USB (PortableApps) and the 3D render of the cells are not appearing. Maybe the portable version doesn't include what's required, but the Show EM images in 3D works and I can move and rotate the cube, although it's empty.

Here are some screenshots of what I'm seeing:

EDIT: Just found out that if I double click to move to a slice, the shape flashes up briefly as a black, unshaded blob which appears for a tiny amount of time. It must be being rendered but not displayed properly:


This is for GrimReaper, just curious if you think this is a bad click on a strand that should be hanging in space, or if this blob is possibly connecting to something in a different cube?


@emptystorm  from what I can see it looks like your should leave it attached, but you’re right that it looks very odd.  

You do have a missing branch here.


I am on firefox and get no 3d.     double clicking does nothing…is there a way to start the tutorials over without signing up again?   I am a little slow…  


@morp1949, there isn’t yet a way to redo the tutorial without creating a new account.  Do you have Chrome on your computer?  It tends to work a bit better with the site and might fix the 3D problem.


Not sure what this marbled swirly looking thing is. It has no bearing on the J cell; I’m just curious. 

[Edit after realizing I forgot to put the image, then realizing that I don’t know how:] So… how do I stick an image on here?


For now  try  it lets you upload the image to their site and gives you a url you can insert.  You’ll want the Direct Link (email and IM) option.  To insert an image you click on the 3rd icon from the right (it’s a little picture) on tool bar above the message box.  


Here are the screens: 


is this right? I’ve never seen this before.  It seems like the nucleus of the cell or something.


here is another shot with a better slice showing the area in question.