Help! What is this?


or this 


Hi superneurons and welcome at Eyewire :)

I am not a hundred percent sure, what exactly caused the confusion, so maybe some tips for future tracing:

- If the AI is not messing up, you can assume that your whole neuron looks pretty much smooth - no hard edges as labeled in the picture with #1

- At some point a path has to end, of course. However, compared to the total amount of cubes in a cell this is a rather small amount. That explains #2 in the image - dead ends are possible, but not that common. If you get such an ending (especially with a hard edge), be suspicious and double check wink

- Not sure what went wrong with #3. I guess you simply clicked accidently somewhere while trying to submit. That happens from time to time... But for completeness: Pieces within a cube should always be connected with each other :-P

And there are also some awesome tutorial videos made by rprentki:

I hope that'll help you understand what went wrong :-)

Happy tracing!


Hello, I found this large cylindrical object I really got curious about in a cube I was working on. I temporarily selected it to be seen in 3D view. Anyone got any ideas what this is?


Hey 1206549, that would be a blood vessel.


doesn't look like a normal connection...


Hey Rinda, that looks ok to me actually.


I need help with this:


sorry to bother-help received


How do I bypass the tutorial?


Hi Elliott,

You need to complete the tutorial in order to play the game.  There are two levels of tutorial - if you've completed the first level you can play on any active cell that is not a Starburst.  If you're stuck in the second level (which is the Starburst Challenge tutorial), you can click "Overview" which will return you to the main screen.  You can then "Start Playing" on that cell - just make sure it isn't labeled as a Starburst or else you'll go back to the second tutorial challenge.



Hi. Is it possible for a cell to simply peter out? The one I have stops before it crosses the cube and when I fill in other parts to see what's going on it looks like it's been crowded out by other cells. Can that be right or am I missing something? Thanks.


Sorry, ignore me - have found the walkthroughs now . . .


Hi Kate, 

To answer your question yes it's possible, but usually a cell will continue across the cube.

cube 366258

what the heck is this?

if i am correct, the orange (given) and the pink (mine) connect in the plane shown in the picture. in that case, what are the "arms" doing? they seem to be embracing or someting :-O

Hey wlindboe,

You are indeed correct. It's what we call the self-touch, or the good touch. It's probably just wrapping around another cell branch. Looks like two pairs of grappling arms. Anyway, good call!


"self touch", "good touch", eh? are those technical terms?  :-D  is this is what the nuns warned me about in grammar school?

in the pink section, the arms are connected to a seed  (is that what you call them?) which goes nowhere.  i didn't find any other branches and i've lost that cube due to having to reboot.

is this an oddity or a known type of structure?  in the latter case, can you tell me where to find out about it?  it reminds me of fixing a wire nut to the ends of live wires to protect them from touching other wires or careless human fingers.  it's really cool, whatever it is.


No religion in the world of neuroscience! haha What we have here is an autapse (the pink part), which is a synapse from a neuron onto itself. I also think they are pretty awesome. Here's the wiki, though there isn't much on it:

I went through the cube and can confirm that no children, or branches extend from that autapse. As for loosing the cube, next time you run into a oddity or a section you are unsure about, I'd recommend either tracing it to the best of your ability and submit, or skip over the cube.


Hello, I'm pretty new at this.  Just wondering if this looks ok.


that looks like a floating seed (deep blue segs) and axons (light blue segs in the background)