Help! What is this?


Thanks, I'll save them to png's next time.


I think these two parts are connected, but I can't get it to be painted correctly, light blue fills either to the left or to the right of the "bridge".


another merger.


Horrible cube, spent half an hour on it... The start is a merger, I assume - and the main path was really fuzzy in the 2d-slice view... And my reward: 20 points, which means I failed really hard, right?
Don't get me wrong: Points are not that important - but I don't see any chance to improve without knowing, what I might have done wrong... Therefore I thought, I should ask here :)

What have I done? And what was I supposed to do? Thanks in advance!


Wrong type of cell in SAC#1??


@nkem pointed out that if you zoom out the view of SAC#1 you see that a second cell has been caught.


Another merger


When we skip a cube, I'd like to see the following two options:

Tell us why (link)
Just gimme a new one!

Under tell us why, we could have some multiple choice options like

Possible merger
I think I've made a mess of this one
Expert eye needed
Too big and/or gnarly

If that process could somehow tag the cube for further study, or even make a screenshot, I feel it would be most beneficial to the Eyewire endeavor. 

Pipe dream: users can spend some kind of earned points on feedback for the cubes they marked with "tell us why".


Another pipe dream: Championship Smackdown using cubes tagged and vetted as difficult.


Merger I believe 


Another choice for the Why Do You Want to Skip screen:

Too much wrong path to undo!


Another merger @grimreaper in SAC#1

Another choice for the Why Do You Want to Skip screen:

Too much wrong path to undo!

Wouldn't the "start over" button work for this issue? Or was there also too much correct path to start from beginning? :D


I find the start over button some times just moves me on to the next cube so I just dont use that.


Another Merger


Another Merger SAC1 


We really gotta find a way to streamline reportage of mergers!


I have a slide where it almost seems overexposed... I'll show you the side by side layers so you can see the difference:


Another merger  on SAC #1


they seem  dendrites of another neuron  not of  SAC