Help! What is this?


here is something similar on another cube. the branch to the right of the star is all solid dark blue. 



Personally I don't think there is anything wrong with the pictures you posted, besides the fact that they aren't fully filled up yet. :)


Out of curiosity, is this an electrical synapse?

There were a couple more neurites passing through the little protrusions on the dendrite sort of in a bundle, but for clarity I left them uncolored.

[Edit: eragon1992 wanted to know what a synapse looks like, so I am sticking up some other images I made to illustrate it, from a bunch of different angles with just the dendrite head, just the axon terminal button, and both. It's the same chemical synapse as the one in the first picture that my question is about.]


I guess these 2 giant "blobs" are cells of some kind, any thoughts?

bonus : THE SKULL


@paps Wow, this skull looks even eviler. smile


@malaclypse   I believe that big swirly thing you found is a blood vessel, cool huh?

@malaclypse  The one you marked as an electrical synapse may well be one.  They do tend to have a shape similar to that (with one neuron wrapping around another and often a little nub, much like the one you posted).  With this data set we have to identify synapses based off of their shape---there's a different staining technique where you can actually see the synaptic vesicles inside the cell, which makes identifying synapses a lot easier.

@paps  Nice skull!  Want to post that in the Gallery of Amusements on here?  And those giant blobs are parts of a cell body.  If you encounter a task that's made up of cell body make sure you don't spend too much time on it--add stuff that's around the edge of the cube, and if there are any branches coming off the curved side add that, but don't worry about adding all the tiny stuff on the interior.

@brabant the picture you posted (the sort of circle in the circle in the 2D) is pretty common.  It's not the nucleus of the cell, that circle in the circle is a result of how the dye took to that particular area (sometimes a bit of dye gets inside).  Those bits are tricky though, we'll have a tutorial video directed at those areas up soon.


@rprentki About the little circles within the cells: I'm guessing those are vesicles stained by the small amount of dye that managed to get through, right? I was going to ask about that myself, as I noticed some of them in areas that one would expect to see vesicles, such as in axon terminals and where the golgi body would be in cell bodies.

Also, are you guys planning on using a stain that stains the proteins associated with electrical synapses (or otherwise allows one to more clearly locate them - I have no idea whether or not any such stains exist) at some point?


@malaclypse, it sounds like the small circles you found are probably vesicles.  I'm not sure what out plans are for using different stains, that'd be a good question to ask Sebastian during the next google hangout though.


what is this?

Autapse and/or AI failure?



@mariomar that does look like a little merger caused by the AI.  Good find.


This seems like 2 different dendrites that got merged, the screens may not be clear, but I recorded the cube under all angles if needed :


cochlear inspired thingy : 



Even after 10 minutes 24 layers in a row had 2 quadrants, the NW & SW fail to decompress. The bottom most layer only had the NW quadrant fail. This got in the way of coloring a branch and discerning the correctness. (The cube before and after this cube decompressed correctly in Chrome on an iMac). 

A screen dump is attached of one of the layers to show the failure and a suggestion is made on the image to place a cell ID on the user interface for trouble shooting from a screen dump.

Hope this is helpful.


@paps   you're right, that is definitely a merger.  In case anyone is having trouble seeing that I've marked it below.  

You shouldn't have two separate dark blue (or whatever color you've chosen) start pieces.  Unfortunately in cases like this there isn't currently a good way for you guys to report mergers to us.  If you catch an admin in the forum (while you're still in the problematic cube) we can usually tell you which is the correct piece, but if you don't you'll just have to wing it.  The good news is that mergers like this are really easy for the GrimReaper to find and correct in the overview.


Ms. Prentki,

Is it true a cube ought not begin with two dark blue start pieces? The screen dump attached shows two dark blue start pieces at the lower left of the cube. I happened to get my highest score on this cube and by coincidence recorded a screen dump showing the two dark blue starting pieces. Is the one dark blue start piece an assumption we should go by? Perhaps and XYZ cube coordinate opposite the chat area could help locate the cube when viewing screen dumps like the one attached. 

The first attached file was a tiff and didn't show up, also, please put in a delete file button to make it easy for us to correct a mistake. The second attached file is a jpg and has a filename format of the date, the time, and the time of day EST. Hope this is helpful.

MERGER NOTE added 12/20
I ran into at least 3 mergers in about 20 plays today on the new cell, maybe you can find the cube from my logfile at about 1:26 PM EST. A second attachment below shows the example of a merger, the dark blue piece pointed to in the drawing never met up with any other of the colored pixels when finished with the cube, the filename has date and time in it: "2012 1220 1326 merge example.jpg"

The third attachment is a suggestion to place a cube ID in the unused screen area for cube identification from screen dumps, saves a lot of work hunting around for it. Any format that works with your cell/cube ID convention could be OCRed from a screen dump, even a barcode for simplicity in directing your database to the correct cell cube when troubleshooting from a gamer's screen dump.


a merger error of AI on amacrine cell?

It will be smarter if I can tell you the cube number on which I found this probable error.
Why don't you tell us on which cube we are working?



Here's another example of a merger .. confirmed  by GrimReaper. 
(You may have to open the files, I am lame at uploading images)


This is a really bad merger.  I am going to stop mapping this block for now until it is cleared. 


@marimacdonald and @jzezel you both found the same merger (albeit in different cubes).  The GrimReaper took care of that merger just now.  

@mariomar yes it'd be a good idea to have the cube number accessible to you guys.  I'll put it on our To Do list.


@jzezl You just uploaded tiffs, which are fine just not supported by the forum as images.  In the future jpeg, png, bmp etc. Would probably work better.