Gallery of amusements


I see pixels :joy:


If you tilt your head and squint, I found a x-wing fighter!


Go home AI, you're drunk!


Look like a hut on a tree :smiley:


If you look at this as if it was a 2D silhouette, it kinda resembles a scorpion! Which is ironic because of the current competition =]


What is this? My first thought is a capillary with a blood cell inside (suspected cell in green). But anatomy really isn't my thing. Although it is very interesting to look at. :slight_smile:


Looks like the Hyperloop !!

no, really, reply to your question with an autoportait :




it is indeed a capillary :slight_smile: black outter walls lol


Yes, but is the green a blood cell?


Dont think so way too big lol imagine if this is 1 blood cell it being packed in vessel along with how many others travelling at the same time lol i think at this size there'd be a blocked blood vessel lol, i'd think blood cells would be as small as organeles we sometimes see in huge boutons, i think green is just an inner part of the blood vessel which had partial border colouring from contrast dye or something similar.


Darn, i liked the idea of being able to visualize a blood cell in that kind of detail.


candycane :candy:


A smiling alien!


OMG, i found Son Goku ! his eye indeed ^^



Horse? Donkey? Zebra?


Star Wars Cube, if you squint hard enough:


neuron in love:



A turtle!


Clio I love it!


when ew decides to become a tetris emulator :stuck_out_tongue:

(yep that's a zfish cube/2D.) :slight_smile: