Gallery of amusements


more like a leg?


also if you submit this you may or may not get big points but your accuracy will plummet to the netherworld when scythes and/or admins reap all of it out and only add the correct one, which you can't know which is bc you have no "scout tools". :slight_smile:


I try to find cool things and then after i post it i do the correct tracing


Aha! I found another one! Smiley!


This guy doesn't appear to be very excited that I found him :expressionless:


This one seems happier though

And this one is shy and wants to run away

And last but not least... a sad face D:


allullullulululululululululululupppp aaaalululululuulululuuluuluuuup


A branch wrapped around a capillary (blood vein).


someone say loop de loop autapse? lol


For my first, my giant say "hi Eyewirez"


Bunch of work these days, but found the time for this pretty goose !

Hope you like :slight_smile:


Found the Troll face ! I think it will be my best one Ever !


This one is just amazing, special dedicace to @Nseraf :

The red who burn them all


lol breathes fire


Makes me think of the caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland


Oh really? It makes me think of a stick insect!:grin:


cat, I have found a cat, although maybe it's just me.


Yay kitties!!


Monkey face ftw!


Yay monkey!!! :monkey: