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I haz found an alien skull


That looks sooo unnatural :o



A great heart autapse !


A sighting of the Mysterious Cell Man


fun pic: OMNI cube vs ew dig cell size comparison lol


Mr. Monkey :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Helix dendrite


The best autapseheart ever! In September marathon!





duck or wabbit?


This Way ... :wink:


That's... funny


le shrug





Such an angry cross section


It's sad because it's not the one being traced... :frowning:


I have traced down the Reaper to this one cell! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


lol we all know zfish/neo neurons are and will be larger than ew ones but I don't think anyone's had a visual comparison of how large. So image below is a screenshot from the software I made animation with and software I'm making a 30k, 50k aaaaaaaand 100k renders in (30k and 50k are ew neurons, 100k is neo neurons) :smiley: i have not decreaased or increased size of the neurons, they are as imported which means they are as exported from OMNI or whatever other software ew/princeton labs are storing and manipulating them in, which means that unless they change size after they are sized from dataset (I hope this lengthly and convoluted description makes sense lol! :stuck_out_tongue: :D)


Wow this is really cool! I just posted this to our Neo science channel asking for more exact details. It’s be cool to do one showing a BP, a mini-J cell, a wide field cell, and some mega Neo cells! We should have the other 60% of Neo phase 1 data up in just a couple weeks, which means vastly more complete cortical cells.