EyeWire Stats - another TamperMonkey script


ver. 1.3a

I have decided to release an alpha version of the next version of the script.
In this version I've added the Custom Highlight feature, however, it's still in its early development phase.
By default, it's turned off. To turn it on, you have to turn on "Custom Highlight (beta)" in settings and REFRESH the page.
After that you should see 2 additional buttons in the Toolbox (V and B). The V button is for highlighting a cube and the B is for unhighlighting. When you select a cube and click the V button, the cube should turn to a green color and after clicking the B button, it should turn back to it's original look.
Because it's an early version, for now only works clicking on the cubes. Here's what doesn't work yet:
- highlight/unhighlight parents/children,
- keyboard shortcuts,
- some sort of list showing, where the highlighted cubes are,
- removing highlights from a whole cell,
- custom highlight color (although, I'm not sure, if I'll add this one),
- there might be (and probably are) many bugs, but nothing dangerous hopefully :wink:

The purpose for the alpha version is to make the Hunt cleaning easier.
The other purpose is for you to tell me, what should be the color of the highlighted cubes, which colors would you like for the buttons, what letters (and shortcuts keys) should be assigned to them and what other features would you like to have associated with the highlighting feature.


ver 1.3a1

The only change from the previous version is, that now higlighting and unhighlighting parents and children now SHOULD work.


think perhaps if you make it update when a new day begin or first action after a new day that would be less strain on the server? if it is going to work anything like the queries twister did run to find daily high scores


ver 1.3a2

This version (hopefully) fixes a problem, that the whole highlighting disappeared after entering and leaving a cube (it came back after highlighing/unhighlighting any cube, but it shouldn't be necessary).

@annkri There are two problems with that. First, I would have to set up a server to request the data from the EW server and then send that data to all the script users. And even with the server, the data wouldn't be 100% accurate (the requesting would have to begin a couple of minutes before midnight EDT to collect all the data on time, so cubes played during and after the collecting wouldn't be counted). The second problem is, that I don't have any list of all players' names and ids and I don't see any API call to obtain such list so, at best, I would be able to collect the data only for users, which played at least once since starting the server and only for the days, they were played after the starting. That way we wouldn't be able to collect all the time best days, weeks or months (e.g. @Nseraf's last records wouldn't be on the list). So, until, there will be any API call to collect the records and just display them, I probably won't be able to do the records visible for all users with all time best values.


Oh my dear Cutom highlight ! I so dreammmed about youuuu :blush:

Thank you so much ! I really was waiting for this feature since month now, especially if i want to check cubes already SC by others but i want to have a visual on it to know what i do !


Yeah, checking double SCed cubes, checking cubes in Zfish, cleaning the cell for the Hunt or searching for something else - quite many use cases :slight_smile:


There is a bug that makes it so when the acc of a cube changes, its color doesn't. However I'm glad you got it in anyway! It's absolutely great.


Thanks for the report. I'll try to fix it soon and I'm glad, that you like it :slight_smile:


There is a bug so when i log in with a different account on same computer and browser the cubes in stats panel is still there. not really a problem for me but could be if the same goes for a computer lab in school or other places there are multiple users on same computer.

also did you do something to make the reaped cubes green not blue?


ver. 1.4

ATTEMPT to fix the problem, that colors of bars didn't change when the accuracy was changed on the server,
ADDED shortcuts for the Custom Highlight (v+v, v+up, v+down, b+b, b+up, b+down)
CHANGED default color for Custom Highlight from green to gray (suggested by @Kfay)
ADDED color selection for the Custom Highlight (available in the Settings menu)
ADDED optional submit using Spacebar (it's off by default, but there's an option for turning it on in the Settings menu) (suggested by @Kfay)
CHANGED localStorage to IndexedDB for Custom Highlight (to remove disk space limit and make the work with the code a little bit smoother)
ADDED - when higlighting/unhighlighting relatives, the cube itself is now also highlighted/unhighlighted
FIXED the problem, that cubes older than 7 days weren't removed from the SC list
CHANGED names of variables in the localStorage, so now the settings, highlights and SCs are associated with account (more than one user can play on the same browser and has his own settings, history, etc.) (suggested by @annkri)

There are still some things on my TODO list, which haven't found their way to this update, but, hopefully, they'll be also done soon.

Enjoy :slight_smile:


ver. 1.4.1
FIXED not working unhighlight


Niiiiceee! :smiley:


ver. 1.4.2

Hopefully FIXED problems with not working events (e.g. no jumping from accu bars, no popup, no more/less, not working Stats, not working SC List).


Custom hightlight is ok, but i have not option settings for custom and Space bar for submitting.
Anyway this update is really welcome !


Maybe you need to update the script and refresh EW. As far as I can tell, those options should be available.


Yep... my bad, had to reboot chrome. Spacebar, custom highlights, custom shortcuts..... :heart_eyes:


ver. 1.4.3

Hopefully FIXED non-working Submit by Spacebar. Sorry about that xD It was working during testing, then some changes were made in some other place and then I didn't test the Submit feature again xD


Oh ok, was just posting about ^^
Also Auto refresh seem not working anymore


Heh, thx for the report. I've made some script-wide changes and it affected a lot of functionality, then I've released it too fast (again) without testing everything. Hence...

ver. 1.4.4

Probably FIXED not working Auto-refresh ShowMeMe (probably = didn't even checked in browser, just changed the code xD )


perfect :wink:


if it is possible could you make it so that highlight colour is over the custom highlight so that if you have used custom highlight on several branches you can use the normal highlight to mark one of those branches?
i really appreciate the work you do to make the player experience better for us all.