EyeWire Stats - another TamperMonkey script


At least we’re on the same page for what we want to see - as the whole reason for creating the log at the end was to prevent that exact reason (and I feel I brought that issue up, which is why you created it?). So the path of least resistance is to create an option for people to be able to delete their unwanted scouts log entries if that’s ok and possible. I believe it’ll solve other issues all-in-one. @hwaaim I think I might’ve put it in there already, but I could check and add it in if I don’t see it.


Indeed, deleting own entries would be probably the best solution. Sometimes happens, that I reap and right after clicking the reap button (or one of the quick reaps) I see a part, which should be added too and I have to rereap and create another entry just for that missing piece.


Lol, that’s really good and how it should be. One entry per change, really good :). It’s just the other way, two entries for one change, in which the delete is great! Glad we figured that out, I feel I can rest now :sunglasses: @KrzysztofKruk


@KrzysztofKruk remember we were talking a long time ago about adding extra columns and highlighting the rows? I think I might’ve simplified it. I would say to just highlight the cells that have cubes left to complete (in the ‘scouts and scythes needed’ section), so people avoid the ones that have no cubes left. That was cool.


Sure, I remember.
I can add coloring to those cells, which still have some cubes left. The info is already there (in the last column), but I guess, I can make it more visible. But, if you’re saying to highlight instead of showing the numbers, then it won’t be the same, because knowing the numbers makes the difference.
I think, I’ll add coloring to the numbers in the last column - “to SC”, because I’d like to add the new option without removing the old one (color SCed cells) and if I’d add the new coloring to the cells’ names, it would overlap - e.g., if a cell has already at least 50 votes and still has some more cubes to SC, then it wouldn’t be clear, if it should be colored yellow/green or the new color.

Added the option in the v. 2.1.1 It’s turned ON by default.


Very cool, seems like you have it covered. From my end, my last column is eyewirers, which is probably why I was confused before lol. I like the idea of adding coloring only to the last column’s numbers instead of the names. That works for me.

I just remembered we were talking about the dilemma of not having space to add in more columns. I think I just figured out a solution: make the pop up wider.