EyeWire Stats - another TamperMonkey script


When the cell is yellow, it means, you have already SCed at least 50 cubes, which means, that you’re qualified to get the first tier bonus, and the green ones means, that you’re at least at 100 cubes, so you’ll get the second tier bonus. So the colors are to tell you, if you have already enough cubes SCed in each cell, to qualify for a bonus. With the colors you can easily say on which cells you should work to get the bonus and which are already good for you, without looking at the numbers.
And yes, the values are based on what each user has done so far, so it specifically shows the number of your SC votes and the number of cubes still available for you (it’s different for different players).

Not sure about the categories, I will have to think about it.
The 24h column is useful to see, if there was some activity in a given cell recently or maybe the cell need some working on it.
The columns’ names shortening wouldn’t help much, because there still have to be some space between the numbers. Otherwise, everything would become totally unreadable. Maybe only the “Eyewirers” one could be a little narrower.


Ok, I’m worried that the colors might cause people to stop after 50 or 100 SCs, but I’m not too worried.

I’m bringing the column shortening up, partially because it looks a little like an issue, but also we might add new columns in the future. If the numbers start looking like they’re blurring, a thin, barely noticeable line can be added between them. It looks like the columns spread out naturally through some autospacing, so it didn’t seem like there would be an unreadability issue with the shortening of the names. Now that I know, I’ll keep it in mind.


I wouldn’t worry about leaving cells after some thresholds. I’d say, that it works like that: most scythes in about half the cases SC a little over 100 cubes and then take a break, so other scythes can earn their bonuses and in the other half they SC as much cubes as they want. The colors were already used in the 1.x line of the SC History addon for quite some time and there weren’t any problems with that. I might add an option to turn the colors off, if you don’t like them.

As for the widths of the columns - if there will be some new columns, I will shorten the names. For now, everything seems to fit nice (at least for me).


I think it would be a good idea to have an option to turn the colors off, as I feel I’d turn it on just to check my progress and then turn it off to scythe as much as I want (I fit in the 2nd category). If you can add that in, it’d be awesome. Everything else makes sense.


Ok, added the option in v. 2.1 :slight_smile:


Hey @KrzysztofKruk ! Sice adds as always ! Command tab is already gone :yum:

By the way i have another demand :laughing:
When i reap in forts, of course i do not SC mines. So when i refresh the “cubes addon” to see cubes in needing of SC, of course i see mines too.
So could it be possible to add an option to not see mines ? And add this switch option to a shortcut ? It could be really usefull when there’s a ton of corners SC to do.

Thanks for the answer !


That should be doable. I’ll see, what I can do :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I can’t find any way to find all cubes’ ids reaped by a given player, so I won’t be able to filter them out :frowning:


Ahh that’s not a big deal :wink: perhaps anyday you’ll find it by chance !
Another request (yeah i know :no_mouth: ) :
Could it be possible to add a drawer which could work in OV/cube ?? Because as it now, with implementation ok log shortcuts, it could be really cool to be able to mark things (just a pencil, an erase all, and color selection)

i already tried a lot of chrome extensions, that allows to draw on the webpage, but ths Eyewire screenshot isn’t able to take them.

Think this should be more difficult ahah :yum:


But there already is such thing in the original SL. Just click the Annotate Link over the Notes field and you can draw, erase or label whatever you want.


Nah, i mean just being in the cube or in OV. cause clicking on any SL auto log button take auto screen too.
So it could just allow to fastdraw and clic !


oh, ok. I got it. Not sure, if it will help to save much time vs. the original SL tool and annotating an image is a rather rare thing, if I’m not mistaken.
Addons for drawing on screen won’t work, because the SL works that way, that it doesn’t save, what’s on screen, but detects, if you’re in ov or in cube. In the first case it saves the content of the 3D canvas and in the second - content of the 3D and the 2D canvas (and adds some additional info, like cube id or player’s name).
I’ll think about adding some tools for drawing, but can’t promise, that I’ll do them.


Thanks for the infos !
It save time, because it’s long loading SL, and then long too to open the annotating screen (my bandwith is a bit lag)
As it could be with a in cube drawer, it would really save time.
But as you made me remember, i think EW team want to implement an auto-screenshot when reaping. So let’s see


btw. afaik, we can SC our own cubes in fort, just not immediately after reaping them. Give them at least a couple of hours and then you can SC them, if you want. At least, it’s how I remember the rules.


I was thinking about how. It would be hard. It’s easy to sc-info and find all the cube id’s, but one would have to manually look at the inspect panel to see all the usernames and what they’ve done. If the inspect panel does it though, maybe there is a way?


that would be for the chat right? It would be cool if when the note popped up, the picture is half of the screen and the note is half of the screen. Then people can annotate and comment at the same time.


there’s a way for it to take just a screenshot (like a print screen) of whatever is seen in the moment and overlay the extra info you talk about?


Probably there is a way, but I’m not sure if changing the format of the screenshots added to the SL is a good idea in case, there are or there will be some kind of automatic processing. I’d like to keep it as consistent as possible.

Inspect panel gets the usernames one cube at a time, so I’d have to do hundreds or even thousands of requests every couple of seconds to get the info. It would kill the EW server instantly. There just isn’t any API call to gather all the reaps done by a user (unlike SCs, where there is such call).

As for the simultaneous editing of an image, it would require so much work, that it simply isn’t worth it.


That is correct, it’s arguably preferable to SC others’ cubes but if you want to check your own that’s okay, just wait till the branch is fully grown etc.


What I mentioned was a stepping stone, like a hint on how to get there. I found where to get the usernames and if it’s reaped/scythed…two databases: 1) eyewire.org/1.0/cell/11/heatmap/scythe to see what the status is on a cell. 2) https://eyewire.org/1.0/task?dataset=1&cell=533&min_weight=3 for usernames (the last person seems like the reaper/completer). How about that?

For everything else, it’s not worth reinventing the wheel or putting in more effort than something’s worth :smile:


Nice find with the second link :slight_smile: I wouldn’t say, that the last person is a reaper, because cubes are usually blocked at wt = 4 (unless there’s no weight cap - then then weight of a cube might even be over 10), so there’s a possiblity, that a cube was reaped then normal played by at least one person (some players have weight of 0.1, so there might be many of them before reaching wt 4).
However, in forts, there are (usually) no normal players, so most of the cubes are usually only reaped (actually, scythed, only admins can reap, but it seems, that these terms are a little bit fuzzy, lol) by one person. So, while the results might be not 100% reliable, I think, I will now be able to filter out most of the cubes. Thanks :slight_smile: