EyeWire Stats - another TamperMonkey script


Hmm, try hard refresh EW (Ctrl + F5) to download the new CSS stylesheet.
The Timestamp column is set to 170px width.
For me it looks like this:


did, stays as in my pic


Ok, I’ve just pushed a new version of the SC History. Not sure, if it helps, but you might wanna try to update the script, refersh EW and check, if it works.


Looks great. Bet that’ll save me lots of time. Not a fan of writing stuff out all the time


Yeah, me neither. I’ve been checking the glia cells for the last few days and the shortcuts saved me literally hours of time :smiley:


:smile: Ok, sorry to interrupt with the bar you’re making, but I look at it and it’s pretty confusing. It would be really cool if there’s a list and ppl just check yes and no for the prewriting, or a list of choices. Example (Ppl click all that apply, so at least one in total of all the lines):
Missing: branch, nub, dust
Extra (w/ mergers): AI, player, test extension
Specific Mergers: fused, wrong seed
Status: good, watch
Extra note: Black spill, duplicate, need admin, stashed, other (write in)

From those options, a note would be made, just like you have it. So instead of buttons with letters, there’s options from the labeled list. What do you think?


I think, for such situations, there’s the actual Scouts’ Log. The current 8 buttons are just shortcuts for the most common situations. With a dropdown and checkboxes it wouldn’t differ much from the SL itself. I wanted the shortcuts to be one-clickers: click, reap, move on.
Maybe, in the future, I’ll add some checkboxes in the SL to click appropriate options, instead of writing them by hand, but I’ll leave the shortcuts as they are.


Ok, I forgot to say that I meant for these to be one click symbols to create a note. I agree, this idea’s for the future. It’s good that is here for reference when the future comes into fruition. Just for reference though, this is what I was thinking (the previous message’s the legend) (a.k.a. this was done in paint, so it’s rudimentary):


@hawaiisunfun thanks for the idea, but since HQ is currently working on the new SL, I think, I won’t change anything until the new design.

SC History v. 1.3

When you click on the change cell button to show all available cells, all cells’ names, which you have on the SC History list, will now be coloured lightgreen:

In the image above Relic 13.5 and Relic 13.11 are highlighted in lightgreen. This means, that when I right-click on my username to show the SC History list, those two cells will be there.

I’ve added this feature, so we’ll know, in which cells we still haven’t SCed anything (the SC History list doesn’t give this possibility).

for Mystics: To show the green cells, you have to have the Eyewire world active. If your world was set to Mystic, then change it to Eyewire, close the cell list an reopen it (using the change cell button).


This is good to know, to see what the new design looks like to see if it needs adjusting.

Very cool, the light green and mystic ideas.


I was thinking about it, and thought that maybe the green for not being SC’d yet might not be as valuable as having a color to show which cells need SCing (at least to me). Maybe we can have both though. I’d say blue (pink, purple, or some other color) would be for cells that I still need to SC. I guess the coloring would look different to different players, as some would SC more than others. Or, we can have a universal coloring scheme, where cells that have no SCs for anyone will not have color, whereas ones that still need SCs would. That wouldn’t be as helpful as the personalized one, as I might go in to SC only to find out there are no cubes for me. What do you think?


Having a colour to show where sc is needed sounds like a great idea @hawaiisunfun but think perhaps to follow the current colours the best would be to mark cells with all cubes double sc in purple or some other colour based on the individual scythe map colours, and leave the rest of the cell in white or green. I am guessing this would be easier and need less requests to the server than a individual marking based on available cubes for individual scythes to complete, even if this would be of even more value.

Also @kk great idea to colour code the cell list but, think it might be a bug for the green colour because i get all/most of the cells i am working on green without doing any sc. Not sure if it is when there is need to reap it changes or if it is just playing that do it.


The highlighting basically works the way, that it checks for all cells’ names in the “change cell” list and it any of the cells is also on the “SC History” list, it will be highlighted green, so if you have highlighted at least one cube in a given cell, it will be highlighted here. Even, if the cube was nuked or unSCed by someone else or it was part of a merger. Only if you removed a cell from the “SC History” list, it shouldn’t show on the list. So, there’s possibility, that you just reap and SC a cube in each of the cells and that’s why all are highlighted.

@hawaiisunfun and @annkri
I can agree, that the highlights are a useful thing and also agree, that it can be improved.
However, I’m thinking about something else:
What if I merge both cell list and SC history list? I would add additional column in the change list popup and that column would show # of SCed cubes and # of cubes still available to SC for the given player. I could also implement the 2 stages highlight here - yellow for cells’ names, which have at least 50 SCed cubes and green for the cells with at least 100 SCs (as it is now in the SC History panel).
I’m not sure, if I will be able to detect the moment, when the world is changed from Mystic to Eyewire and back, but I’ll try to find something (I’ve already tried, but without any success). However, if it was possible, I think, that the merging would be even better then the current solution, because it would be easier to find and all the info would be in the same place.
If I decide to do it that way, I will also have to check, if the numbers should be displayed each and everytime the cell list is displayed or add there a button and display the numbers only after clicking it. The second solution would be easier to implement and would cause less additional requests to the EW server, but I will have to test and see, how fast each of the solutions work.


Merging the lists sounds out like a good idea.

For the highlighting part i did probably reap cubes in the cells but i am 100% sure i have not sc any cubes in the cells unless there is some old merger in them and sounds weird it should be mergers i have sc in most of the active cells


Sound like very good idea :slight_smile:


SC History v. 2.0

I was able to detect switching between worlds (using MutationObserver) so, as I said, I moved everything into the cell list. The SC History panel will no longer be available after right-clicking on the username, because now it’s no longer needed. The cell list popup should now look like that:

After opening the popup, the “SCed” and “to SC” columns will be empty for a second or so, because the information is gathered on-the-fly, but the columns should start filling soon after. The “SCed” column shows number of completes in each cell. The “to SC” shows number of cubes still available for completion for a given player in each cell.
The cells’ names’ colours are the same, as they were in the SC History panel - gray means, that we won’t have any bonus for that cell, yellow - bonus for at least 50 SCed cells, green - bonus for at least 100 SCed cells.


EWDLC (KK) v. 1.5

ADDED an option to hide the Commands tab (refresh to apply the setting)
CHANGED --strike-- to ~~strike~~ for markup for strikethrough style (the former was causing too much accidental strikethroughs)


Thank you! (says a – user)


@annkri yes, good idea. Less on the system, the better.

@KrzysztofKruk I’m not sure where the SC history is, but I like the idea of showing the #'s as columns, especially when clicking ‘change cell’. I don’t think the highlights need to go so far as separating by number of cubes SC’d so far. More valuable is how many is left. So if it’s the opposite, like 100 left is green and 50 left is yellow, yes, that would work (then I can focus on working on them). Unless we’re talking about what each individual user sees based on what they worked on, then it’s fine as-is.


You know that left column that says ‘worlds’ and ‘goto cell id’? It would be awesome to also have the categories there too. My suggestion would look like this:
Categories <- underlined
Scouts/scythes needed
… <- rest of categories
That way, people who just want to open up ew to and work in one category for a long time can without being bombarded.

I’m being nit-picky here, but maybe we can shorten the column names. playable -> play/left/cubes, Eyewirers -> users/EWers, SCed -> SCs, to SC -> SC is good. The left side can be much smaller too to create space for the ever-increasing right side columns. I’m wondering if the 24hrs is needed, but it probably is. Outside of that, it’s coming together well!