EyeWire Stats - another TamperMonkey script


ah lol, makes sense :slight_smile:


Profile History (the same version, just hit Ctrl+F5 to refresh)

FIXED the blurriness of the Profile window


Feel free to replace mine, I won’t be maintaining it anymore. The source code is dictated by the license terms in the root of the repo anyway, so I don’t really have any say in it.

P.S.: I don’t keep track of EyeWire anymore (and I won’t be returning in the future), I just received an email notification of the mention.


Great, thanks for all your hard work :slight_smile:
I know about the licence, but still, it’s nice, to have the approval from the author :slight_smile:


I wonder what people would think if a time/cube was added and it’s a really large # lol.


Extended Profile v. 1.0


Here we go with a new script :slight_smile:

This one changes users’ profiles a little bit. It removes the badges section (don’t worry, the badges are still in the Achievements section, as they always were) and inserts there some personal stuff.

As you can see on the picture above, there’s a place to insert your avatar, a field for a contact e-mail and a field for some notes. There is also a possibility to set up up to three organizations’ flags. The last idea comes from this @Nseraf’s post: EyeWire Stats - another TamperMonkey script

To insert an avatar, just click on the placeholder avatar (the grey figure with the EW logo on its head) and there will be an Open File dialog window, which allows you to select a picture, you want. I suggest to select a square picture (crop it on your side, if needed). Otherwise the picture will be stretched to fit the rectangular place. It will be also downsized to 96x96px.
After selecting an avatar, just click the Save button.
To delete the avatar, hover over it and click the red cross in the top-right corner, then click the Save button.

If you wan’t to add/change your contact e-mail or some notes to other users, just insert them in the appropriate fields and click the Save button.

To select some organizations’ flags, click on one of the three gray boxes and a dropdown list will appear:

Select any organization from the list by clicking on it or select “none” to leave the field blank (you can also select “none” later in the game, when you’ve already selected a flag and want to get rid of it). To close the dropdown without changing anything just click on the same gray square, you’ve clicked before.
After selecting flag(s) click the Save button.

The list, for now, is quite short and contains only a couple of well known organizations and groups of people. You’re more than welcome to post here you suggestions for other additions to the list. It can be anything, both real, historicial or fictional as long, as it doesn’t brake any laws, EW rules or doesn’t offend anyone (so, e.g. any nazi or communist symbols aren’t allowed). If you have any propositions, post them here with short name or acronym if exists (e.g. NATO, Commonwealth), full name if exists (e.g. North Atlantic Treaty Organization, The Commonwealth of Nations) and a flag. The flag should have 37 (width) x 25 (height) dimensions, preferably, in .PNG format. If you don’t know, how to crop/resize a flag, just insert the name here and I’ll try to find something fitting.

Your avatar, contact e-mail, notes and flags will be visibile to anyone with the script installed. All fields are optional. The e-mail address doesn’t have to be same, you’ve used for registering on EW.

There’s also another new thing in this script. I’ve decided to integrate the Custom Usernames’ Colors script. If you click the black nib emoji (:black_nib:️) to the right of your username, you should see something like this:

In the top-left corner there’s a preview, how your username will look in the chat. Below there are letters from username. Each one has its corresponding checkbox below. You can select the letters you want to modify, or click the “Select all” checkbox to select all letters at once. You can click the checkbox again to clear all the checkboxes.
Each letter can be modify individually or they can be changed in groups.
The color selector in the bottom-left corner allows you to select color of the selected letters.
If you wan’t to add glow to the selected letters, first check the “glow” checkbox, then select the glow color from the color selector in the bottom-right corner.
You can also add four styles: italic, bold, underline, strikethrough by selecting appropriate checkboxes. Those styles can also be added to each letter individually or to the whole username. You can join any styles, glows, etc.
If you’re happy with your selection, press the Save button and the username color selection window will close. You don’t have to click the Save button in the main window.
If you don’t want to change anything, just close the username color selection window.
I’ve tried to block any tries of impersonating any roles, you don’t have rights to, so no letter can be, e.g. yellow, if you’re not an admin. I hope, it’ll work corectly. If no, let me know.
If you have installed my previous script for the color changing, you can turn it off/remove.

Any changes will be visible to other users of the script after they refresh their game. I was thinking how to do it without refreshing, but didn’t find a way as of now.

I hope, you’ll enjoy this new addition to the game :slight_smile:

As this is the first version of the script, some or all things my work incorrectly or don’t work at all. If something doesn’t work as it should or if you aren’t sure, how something works, just let me know. Preferably here or on my contact e-mail (now visible in my profile :slight_smile: ). Otherwise I might just forgot, that there was something to be fixed, lol.


I’m starting to be very happy with the constant changes that are made to improve the UI and statistics. Keep up the great work, I love it! I’ve been waiting a long time for some of this.


This is so fantastic!! I’ve put together a folder of 100x100 icons from Eyewire art in case you want Eyewire avatars!



Very cool! I have noticed though that it may not be working properly on Firefox. The save button doesn’t respond when I try to add an image or fill in the text, and several options seem to be missing.



I have to admit, I didn’t test it on Firefox at all. I wanted to publish it ASAP to have some response, to know, what works, what doesn’t; what should be changed, added or removed.
Thanks for the report!


I tried 2-3 times to install it but every time this happens:ew3


Looks, like you downloaded the file from the link and then double-clicked it to open. It’s not the way, how the scripts should be installed.
First, you have to install the TamperMonkey addon for Chrome or Firefox, then click on the link for the script. It should redirect you to a TamperMonkey page, where should be an “Install” button. Click that button, refresh EyeWire page and the script should work.


TBH, Eyewire for Firefox seems pretty dirty overall, with the scrollbars and dropdowns and CSS, but I guess that’s a topic for another time.


Maybe ppl should just be directed to chrome for ew. Fixes can happen to make the site universal, but it takes forever to go on each browser each time to update the compatibilities lol.


Fundamentally we support/recommend Firefox alongside Chrome; sometimes Chrome is less stable than Firefox. However I agree that there can be some better aesthetics in Chrome.


I’ve made some tests with Firefox and it looks, like the script works the same way, as in Chrome.
However, the issue on the screen is because there’s a general bug in the script - when a user doesn’t have an entry in the database associated with the script, the results will look exactly as on the screen, no matter the browser. Those are the results of incremental developing and testing - I’ve first created an entry in the db for myself to have some data for tests, then added the functionality to display the data and everything worked ok. However, I didn’t test the script for a fresh account. I’ll fix it soon.


Quick question, can the colors in the Custom Colors script be exported to the database of this script, or has it already been exported?

Also yeah, I can’t add my profile entry at all since the flags need to be input, which we can’t do unless we already have an entry, which we can’t add since the flags need to be input, which we can’t do unless we already have an entry…

Edit: One more feature request, can you also add an input field for the color selection so we can just type the color we want (can be in hex code or rbg values)?


Actually, I’m considering removing the color selection, because HQ isn’t very happy with it, lol
I didn’t import any custom colors’ settings and that might be a little problematic, at least, in your case, because the new script forbids using any colors unavailable for a given player, so you won’t be able to use your yellow part. I was thinking about forbidding only the cases where all letters would have to be in the same color, but people are smart and probably, sooner or later, somebody would do its username all in yellow but one letter and that letter could be at the beginning or at the end of their nickname and could be colored dark gray/black, so we would have many unauthorized “GMs”. I want to play safe here.
And yes, I surely can add the input field for the colors (if I decide not to delete the feature).


Have you tried considering players adding colors that are JUST 1 value apart, such as their color being 254, 254, 0 instead of 255, 255, 0 for yellow?

Also, I found the root of the flags problem, the “flags” variable is not defined.


Yes, I considered that, and I used a special algorithm to detect visual differences between colors using CIELAB color space However, I’ve decided to remove that feature entirely. If one wants to have custom colors, they still can use the Custom Colors script.
The problem with the flags was deeper - this was the one, I’ve talked about in post #496 (the one with new users). I have fix for that, but it’s still on my local repository, because I’m working on rebuilding some other parts and want to push them all together to the public repo.