EyeWire Stats - another TamperMonkey script


Could we also get a option to have low-wt cubes sc by yourself either in the main tab or in the sc tab with a different colour. could be distracting in the fort since we are allowed to skip reaping some corner cubes, but in the other cells it would hopefully not be many cubes and would be easier to see if it is on the pages we are using, instead of needing to look for it if we already think we might have sc some low weight cubes.


Custom Highlight v. 1.4

Actually, didn’t add, remove or fix anything. It was “only” a change under the hood. I rewrote the script to use localStorage instead of IndexedDB since some users had problems with it.
If you have some VERY important highlighted cude and you absolutely need to keep them with the new script, let me know and I’ll write some tool to migrate the selections. Otherwise, old selections just won’t be visible in the new version of the script.
This new version has a limitation - you can’t have more than about 500 000 cubes highlighted at the same time (size of the localStorage doesn’t allow for more). If you, somehow, reach that limit, you’ll have to remove some selections (e.g. via the dashboard available after clicking on the H button in the Inspection Panel).

I’ve changed big part of the code, so if something doesn’t work as it used to, just let me know (here or on chat).

@annkri It won’t be possible in the main tab (actually, possible, but problematic), since the tab refreshes every time, the Scythe Heatmap is refreshed and adding there low-wt-sc cubes would cause many unnecessary requests to the EW server. However, adding it to the sc-info tab should be possible.

v. 1.4.1
FIXED problem that when highlighting relatives the cube itself wasn’t highlighted