EyeWire Stats - another TamperMonkey script


v. 1.3.0

ADDED /low-wt-sc, which shows all the cubes you've completed in a cell, which have wt < 3.
I was planning to name it /low-sc, but it might be confusing with /low-wt and /sc-info, so I've decided to change it to /low-wt-sc. If anyone has different propositions, I'm all ears.

CHANGED "/" to "|" for italics in the markup. Slash was used too often in contexts different than markup and it was leading to some unintended italic. Pipe (|) is used much less often, so maybe it'll suit better for the job. So, from now on, to make something italic, just do:
|some text to be italic|


This is so awesome kk!


Utilities ver. 1.8

ADDED a new option to display children's IDs while inspecting a cube.

I have to admit, it took me longer than I expected, but here it is.

The option is turned OFF by default - you have to turned it on in the Settings menu (option name's "Show children's IDs").

When the option is turned on and you inspect a cube and click the button to show children, something like this will show:

On each wall IDs of the children associated with that wall will be displayed.
Double click on an ID will jump you to the corresponding child.

I didn't do the same for parents, because there's always only one parent for each cube.

It might be useful for searching those hidden children, when a branch doesn't grow.


niiiiiice!! and i was wondering where you had seemingly disappeared the last few days, lol.
are the ids selectable? (ie double click on the id it gets selected like text and then we can copy paste?)

but thanks!


lol, I was "around" the last few days. The ids aren't selectable, because they are just textures mapped on 2d objects. Double click will jump you right to the target cube, but I think, I should be able to do the copying by e.g. right-clicking on an ID.


ah, makes sense i guess, and thanks!


EWDLC (KK) ver. 1.3.2

CHANGED the look of the "jump to cell" field to make the interface more symmetrical (as suggested by @amy).
Now it should look like this:

Utilities ver. 1.8.1

ADDED Shift+click on a child ID to copy it to clipboard (right-click is blocked by EW).


Utilities ver. 1.8.2

FIXED the children's IDs for ZFish. They were displayed, but were way to small and incorrectly positioned (due to the scale differences between both datasets).


Awesome! Great features and improvements @KrzysztofKruk


I really love the markup feature! I do suggest however to add --some text-- for strikethrough text l̶i̶k̶e̶ ̶t̶h̶i̶s̶, and can you add the syntax for the markup text in /help?


can you please give us an option in gear cog to bring back forum and blog back in top left next to stats? thanks


looks like the new HQ update on how the site looks messed some with the group tags in chat, have tried disabling script, refreshing etc and get it on top of the message line every time


try ctrl+F5 for that, also right click on name for sc-info no longer works.


yeah, also extended stats in the profile doesn't work, "Stats" button is still visible in the top menu and probably something else. Will work to fix all those issues and will check, if it's possible to add the option to bring back the links to the top bar.


Thank you in advance, can't live anymore without the sc-info :slight_smile:


haha, yw. I'll finish my ice cream and will start doing the fixes :slight_smile:


yay! Just now i am counting my sc's with noting IIIII IIIII IIIII III :slight_smile:


thank you!!! :smiley:


SC History should now work. (v.

To update any script, left-click on the TamperMonkey icon, click "Check for userscript updates" (or something similar) wait a couple of seconds, refresh EW and all scripts, which had any updates available, should be now updated.

Profile History (v. also fixed.

Statistics (v. also fixed (thanks to @Kelv).

EWDLC (KK) (v. updated - both tabs over input field and invisible user name should be fixed.

Accuracy History updated. The version is still the same here. Just hit Ctrl+F5 to reload CSS to shift the bar slightly to the left.


You are amazing sir!