EyeWire Stats - another TamperMonkey script


just @KrzysztofKruk thanks a lot for all your hard work ! You do so much and i can't enough follow all your posts :laughing:
Remember i (and we for sure) really enjoy your work and couldn't play anymore without !

Thanks :smirk:


I fully agree with these words, thanks @Kruk :slight_smile:


reporting an issue with hightlights :

If i hightlight a cube/branch with "color 1" then i select "color 2" (or 3) i can't uncolor/recolor cubes/branch i colored previously with "color 1". I need to reselect "color 1" to uncolor the cube/branch and then i can select "color 2 or 3" and color it again.

Hope you understand.


did you try the uncolour all from gear cog?
did you try unhighlighting it as part of kids from higher up in the branch?



It's "by design", so when you change a color, you don't mess with the highlights made by one of the other colors. This way you can e.g. highlight some cubes with one color, then highlight e.g. whole branch with other color then unhighlight the branch and the cubes selected with the first color will be still highlighted.
As Nik said, there's an option in the Settings to change this behaviour. If you turn that option on, unhighlighting will remove highlights made with all colors, not only the current one.
And just a quick remainer: you can quickly change current color by using "T" key from keyboard.


Ah yes ! right and thank both for your answers :slight_smile: that's totally make sense now !


lol I just had an idea about a feature, not sure I "like" it myself and could see it causing, maybe, stress to people but It'd be interesting to see how it'd work in "real life" (not only in my head lol), and maybe it could be the next step in activity tracker, so here it is:

You press start playing, you load a cube and you have a % somewhere in screen with some notifications, the % loads up as you fill stuff in the seed/cube and the notifications tell you why that % is # you're seeing. So, "I" add a dust seg in cube and the % goes to 40% from 0% with a notification "ah good but there's more to find!", that tells me that there's more to find (or at least previous person(s) have added more), then i add some more dust and it jumps to 99.9% with a notification "Yay! looks like you have found everything the others before you did, maybe there's more to find?" (ok not such large msgs but you get the point lol), so that's good I've found as much as the other(s) before me.

Then I add a nice big bouton and it jumps to 50%, oh no! theyve missed it. So when I no longer can find anything to add I can either submit (if im not a scythe or I just prefer to reap from review) or escape go to inspect and retrace and reap from there.

"Real Time cube's accuracy predictor" could be the next big "update" to activity tracker telling you real time what the % in cube is based on previous ppl and I could see ppl going "ive added something big and it tells me i'll get 50%, can someone please watch me?" Or the antipodal version: "I cant find anything more to add and it's telling me I am going to get 40% can someone please check/watch me?" but I can also see why it could be stressful to ppl (so option in gear cog to enable/disable yay! lol)

but I have no idea how feasible/doable it is to begin with lol either for player script or for official ew dev. lol


Interesting idea :slight_smile: Not sure, if doable and how will people react, but I will investigate.


I can see it beeing useful in a training kind of setting but i think a feature like that would be to confussing unless you only have it on wt 3+ cubes. Mostly the wt 3 cubes are complete so you would not get a lot of "you have only found 40% this big merger segments are missing". But i can absolutely see this as a kind of added training while we wait on the new tutorial. On the other hand it could also be a sleeping pillow look i have got 100% no need to look for more.


i was thinking it for wt1+ with tbs giving a msg "cant display accuracy, no consensus in cube."

and yeah ive thought abt that (the not look for more after seeing 100%) but it would be "redemable when after activity tracker shows less than 100% they ask in chat and ppl go "did you look for more that others may have missed?" llol then in future cubes they look for more.


Think it would be an good idea if the game itself was based on an already done and good consensus. but as it is, imo it will be more confusing than anything else, for new players at least.


I would like to make a new feature suggestion :

  • The first would be possibility to underline words in chat. Like yesterday, i wanted to underline words so i CAPS them, and most peoples feels attacked just because of this.

  • Second : like the SC history, could it be possible to have a tracker for SC <3wt cubes. Some of us SC cubes at 0.1 and 2 wt (most of the time because we do a lot a bit too fast) and it could be nice if a tracker could help us to identify them all.

Edit ------------------------
First : Could a color picker be possible for vanilla highlight (parent and child) ? Because most of the time the highlight is quite the same as the basecolor and it's just unplayable. I would Reallllly like to have one hightlight color.

Thanks for your reading !


That wouldn't be a bad feature. I was thinking about adding it as an additional option turned off by default. BUT, as for now, I wasn't able to find sizes of segments. And without the sizes, I can't say, how much percent is in, because we might have 2 segments about the same size, and when one segment will be missing, that'll be about 50%, but when we'll have one huge segment and one dust, then not additing the dust would give, let's say 99%. However, if I don't know the sizes, for both cases I would have to write: 50% missing.
If I'll find the sizes, I'll get back to this suggestion.

Because @crazyman4865 seems to be too busy lately, to do anything with his script, I have decided to fork his work and do my own version of the EWDLC. Basically, it is all his code with some minor additions of mine. I did it this way, because adding any feature to the chat with a separate script would be a lot of duplicating crazy's code and the scripts could conflict with themselves.
So, here's a link to my version of EWDLC:
Just add it through TamperMonkey (don't forget to turn off crazy's version) and refresh the page.
I've done some minor changes in various places of his code, so let me know, if anything, what was working before, now doesn't work.

As for now, my only significant addition to the code is to make some simple markup working.
From now on you can use some additional chars to emphasize some text. There are 3 "tags" working for now:

*some text* - will make "some text" written in bold
/some text/ - italic
_some text_ - underline

It will work for you and everybody, who has the script installed.
There's an option (turned on by default) to switch working of the markup. When the markup will be turned off, normal text with the additional chars will be visible.
You can mix all special chars, e.g:
*/_some text_/* - will be bold, italic and underlined at the same time.
*some /longer* text/ - will make the word "some" bold, "longer" - bold and italic, "text" - italic

I will think about the /low-sc option (that would be another reason, why I've forked crazy's repository).
As for the vanilla highlight color color picker - I will check that too (and that will be a third reason for forking, lol).

EDIT: And I can already say, that hiding leaderboard doesn't work for now, ech.


woooo you're great! and I understand, if/when chris finds you a way we can get back to it :slight_smile:


Yeah, maybe I'll be able to find the way myself, but who knows, lol.
In the meantime, it turned out, that hiding leaderboard was working, but I hadn't it turned on (actually, hadn't turned off), but clicking on cubes IDs (either left or right click) wasn't working, so I fixed it now and released v. 1.0.1 of EWDLC (KK).

v. 1.1.0
ADDED a new command:
It allows to remove one or more cells from the overview. The syntax is the same as in /add-cell.


v. 1.2.2

ADDED ability to select colors for cells added using /add-cell
ADDED /show-cell and /hide-cell commands

/hide-cell hides the currently visible cell and /show-cell shows the previously hidden cell.

To add cell with selected color, you first have to switch the heatmap to none (otherwise heatmaps will cover the selected colors).
The syntax is:
/add-cell cell_id[#color] [cell_id[#color]] ..., e.g.:

/add-cell 79995#00FF00 80014#FF0000

The above will add cell 79995 to the overview and the cell will be colored green. It will also add cell 80014 with color red.
You can use either uppercase or lowercase letters in the color code.

The old syntax still works, you can also mix styles, e.g.:
/add-cell 79995 80014#FF0000
The first cell will be added with a random color and the second will be red.
You can, of course add more cells at the same time.

However, my suggestion is to add one cell at a time, then zoom in and wait until the detailed overview is loaded, then add another cell, zoom in, wait, add, etc. Otherwise, the detailed mesh will be loaded only for the last added cell (this is, how EW is constructed).

I wasn't able to find a way to change the color of the main cell (the one displayed after selecting a cell from the change cell menu). This is the place, where /hide-cell command might be useful. In other words - you can add all the cells you want on any random cell and just hide the random cell.

Other limitation is, that a cell once added, can be removed (with /remove-cell cell_id), but if you try to add it again with a different color, it'll still have the same color it has when it was first added.

It took me while, to figure out, how to change those colors, because there are different mechanisms for plasticized and non-plasticized cells. In one case I had to temporary replace Cell.colors object, so the function selecting the color could draw a random color from a 1-set element. In the other - I had to temporary replace ColorUtils.rotate() function to return one color, no matter the input arguments.
Fun fact: the variable containing the color drawn for a plasticized cell is called illiad_rgb and the one for non-plasticized cells is oddysey_rgd :D.

If you have installed my version of the script, the update probably won't work for you, because I forgot to change update and download links in crazyman's version and the updater is looking for new stuff in crazyman's repository.
To make it work, just remove my script from the TamperMonkey and install it again (from the same link, given a couple of posts above).


Thank you! will this work without your ewdlc script?


Nope, selecting a color for a cell is added only in my version od EWDLC. I don't have any way to modify crazyman's version, so I could only fork (copy) his work and extend it.
If he wants, he can, obsiously, copy the code to his version, but for now, only the fork has the new features.


okey dokes! Download your scirpt it is then lol, thanks!


lol, yw.
Next thing on the list is the /low-sc proposed by Kfay (since it seems to be a relatively simple modification of the /sc-info code and /low-wt code).