EyeWire Stats - another TamperMonkey script


Could Map selector be always visible ? I mean even when a cube is selected ?


still not able to see the accuracy bars, after refreshing script


I've made another attempt to fix the issue. It's on the GitHub.

@Kfay - probably could. I'll have to check it out, if it's possible and how it will look.


there's always the 1-# shortcuts lol


great any new cube i play now show up


How easy would it be to make a gear cog option where if selected, it makes pressing mouse wheel in (by mistake or not) NOT zoom in 2D? lol ty in advance :slight_smile:


Ooo, same for the spacebar, please!


spacebar is disabled from doing that if you enable "reap by spacebar" from gear cog (not exactly what you're asking ik, but until what you ask is implemented this can work :slight_smile:


That would be worse, lol! I'd rather accidentally zoom in instead of accidentally submitting, or reaping :smile_cat:


lol well ok then.


Sorry, but I can't reproduce it.
Are you saing, that if you press the middle button (scroll) in your mouse, when cursor is over 2D, it zooms in?
I don't see such option in the Help menu (question mark icon). There's only Alt + Scroll (but not clicking it, just scrolling) to zoom in/out in 2D.
I have tested it, but on my side nothing has happened after clicking the scroll wheel.


2 small updates for Utilities (ver. 1.6.3)

1) The "Remove Duplicate Segments" button is now displayed only in cubes, where are some duplicate segs.
2) There's an option in Settings to turn off zooming 2D by Spacebar (as @Atani requested).

So now there are two options for the Spacebar: Submit using Spacebar and Turn off zooming using Spacebar. Here's how they work:
both turned off - usual EW state, pressing Spacebar zooms in/out 2D,
Submit using Spacebar on, Turn off zooming using Spacebar off - no zooming, cube is submitted after pressing the key,
'Submit using Spacebar off, Turn off zooming using Spacebar on - no zooming, no submitting,
both on - no zooming, cube is submitted after pressing the key.


Possibly fixed in Statistics 3.2.1


yeah, keep the mouse wheel pressed in and scroll as you would, for me it zooms in/out on 2d lol.If you just keep it pressed without scrolling it pans.


oh, press and scroll - yeah, now it also works for me. Will check, if something can be done with it.


yeah, sorry probably didn't word that last bit right before lol, ty!


lol, could you plz add an option in gear cog or elsewhere to move the Freeze button to the left of Highlight? I keep hitting that instead of complete xD, tyty


Accuracy History, ver. 1.2
MOVED settings to a separate section
Some internal REORGANIZATION of the code

Custom Highlight, ver. 1.3
MOVED settings to a separate section
Some internal REORGANIZATION of the code

Utilities, ver. 1.7.1
MOVED settings to a separate section
Some internal REORGANIZATION of the code
MOVED the Show Borders button to the left of the list of the icons in the bottom right corner (and now it shows only after SL is run - if one is at least a Scout. For non-promoted players it should load as soon as the other icons are loaded).
ADDED a button to show Additional Options (under the standard options in the Settings menu):


Clicking the button shows some options, which aren't very popular (usually used by only one person, lol), so the options doesn't take space in the, already crowded, Settings panel:


ADDED two options to the Additional Options panel, so now there are 4 options:
Turn off zooming using Spacebar - turns off zoom in the 2D region, when Spacebar was pressed. When only this option is enabled and Submit using Spacebar (in the main options) is disabled, the space simply does nothing (made previously for @Atani).
Go in and out of cube using "G" - allows to both inspect a cube (while in ov) and exit the inspection using a single key (made for myself)
Switch SL buttons - changes order of the Show Inspect Panel and Show Scouts' Log Window buttons in the bottom right corner (requested long time ago by @Kfay)
Move Freeze to the left of Highlight - moves the Freeze button (and the two additional buttons) fo the left of the Highlight button in the Inspection Panel (requested by @Nseraf).

ADDED blockade to the Scouts' Log New Entry popup and the MSTY's Scouts' Log popup for claming/releasing cells. Now typing anything inside those windows shouldn't make any actions in the underlying EW. I've turned off those sortcuts:
0-6 - changing heatmaps
g/G - enter/exit inspection mode (when the appropriate option is turned on)
t/T - changing Custom Highlight color (when Custom Highlight script is installed)

If any other keys should be also blocked, let me know.

Because some changes were made in many places, some functionality might not work correctly out-of-the-box. Please, let me know, if I broke anything.


thank you!


Oh thank god