EyeWire Stats - another TamperMonkey script


lol here's some more interesting ew history, at first there were no completes, nothing nada nil lol. Then there started being completes but only admin, and they were all named "GrimReaper" not individual admins. AND players could still play the admin completed cubes even after they had been admin completed. Then they changed that. Then we started having scythe completes and ppl could no longer play admin completes. After that they changed it so that 2 scythe completed cube(s) could also no longer be played AND after that sometime....2015-6 they changed it so that admin completes went to individual admins rather than GrimReaper account AND they grandfathered scythe completes into the new scythe/complete badges, but admins' didnt get grandfathered in mostly bc most of them had been in Grim and they had no way -im guessing- to differentiate those between the actual admins from the GR acct.

After that, soon after in fact, Rachel left and twister went to princeton so from 5 admins they "fell" down to 3 and dj started being the one admin who was doing all the completes instead of all admins doing some complete work which had been the case until then.

I think before that dj was around...maybe 20-30k completes? lol so he's now the only admin who completes/declares cells done, I think Celia does zfish as well as other things, and M mainly finds us new cells (and preps them before release) so neither C or M do any completing lol so while even I don't do "all" the cubes in all active cells (ew not zfish) dj does them all and when he declares a cell complete his name goes on all the cell's cubes lol so he has no "loses" so to speak. But he is an admin lol and it is part of his job, so on players' side, for now at least, I'm #1 :stuck_out_tongue: lol and he (dj) will sooner or later surpass me in all categories in completes section and that's ok lol I just hope I can get to 500k completes badge before that happens so I'm the "1st" one to officially get that badge. lol


and this is what won gala, tek and jinbean those 500k points each lol http://blog.eyewire.org/eyewire-onfire-winners/


and darn...that ended only 4 days before I registered xD


A walk down memory lane!

Cool top stats @KrzysztofKruk!

If all goes according to plan, we will launch the integrated Addons feature on Monday.


Hey @KrzysztofKruk !

Do you think it could be possible to add a "convert highlighted to Complete" button ?
I ask because completing with "C" always need a bunch of time, because of toolbox refreshing, while highlight button is instant.
So highlighting and then converting to complete could be very timesaving (especially when toolbox response is verrrryyy long)


Well, it could be possible, but not sure, if worth it. I can see 3 problems:
1) When you only highlight a cube, it's still seen as not voted for other players, so some cubes, which you have already checked, might be unnecessary rechecked by other players and if they SC one of your highlighted cubes, the vote goes to them, not you.
2) The system doesn't allow to upvote/downvote a random bunch of cubes. The only possibilities are: a single cube, a cube and its ancestors, a cube and its descendants. So, trying to convert all highlighted cubes into voted would result in a series of requests (sometimes, quite long series, since each cube would have to be voted in a separate request) and could take quite a while.
3) If you'd check and then highlight a cube and its descendants, then the script would have to remember each and every cube in that branch and then send a request for each of them separately, which would take much longer then the current SC+children. The reason for that, is because between your highlighting and your converting to SC a branch might have been grown further down so we can't say, that you have checked the whole branch, but only from a cube to one of its descendants (which was, at that time, the last of the children, but doesn't have to be the last right now).

So, I think, the easier way would be to check a whole branch then SC+children it.


I've made a bunch of small updates for all scripts. Part of them will not be visible for users. The visible ones are:
- if a player clicked TOP 100 in the Statistics and closed the window then after reopening the window and changing to a category with map, the map was very small
- the People category is hidden, when player switches to the TOP 100 (since this category is not applicable here)
- if the People category was selected before switching to TOP 100, after the switch, the Points category is selected (since the People is hidden)
- added 'admin' to roles for Profile History, so the extended history might be now visible also for admins (I've previously assumed, that all admins are Scythes too, which seems to not be true)

The other changes are:
- some events are changed from custom made injected into the page for new ones built into the game by @Kelv
- got rid of hijacking XMLHttpRequest object
- EW paths are changed to relative for the sake of uniformity
- paths to my server are changed to https


Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:
You're totally right, i didn't think about those problems and thanks for reporting me. Just will need to wait for Fibre connection ^^


the switch for autorefresh show me me looks like it is not working but autorefresh in both positions


Indeed, thanks for the report. I'll take a look at it.

ok, update Utilities to 1.1.3 and it should be fixed.
The problem showed around 11 days ago, when I accidentally removed auto-refresh ShowMeMe from the EWStats and restored it, but without the setting.


I wonder if it's possible to have another category of stats in respective script.

A top 100 for most dailies/weeklies/monthlies/years lol like:

player1 : 10 dailes/ 3 weeklies/ 1 monthly
player2 30 d/ # weeklies/ # monthlies
much like the top 100 is now but for that kind of stats, if you can pull them from the db/ew.


Little update for Custom Highlight.
ver.1.1.4 fixes the problem, that when unhighlighting a cube all cubes in that color (or all cubes in the cell) were unhighlighted at the same time.

As for you proposition Nik, I think, that should be doable, but first, I'd like to optimize some server and db code, so the current TOP 100 stats will be displayed faster.


Niiiiice ty! :smiley:


Hey @KrzysztofKruk !

As you teached me the "!important;" CSS code for forcing, i tried a thing for my new tabbed chat CSS.
Because "!important;" don't want to work (perhaps because of external tabbedchat script) is use twice the class value (ex .chatTab.chatTab ) And it work !


Actually not sure where to put this, but I seem to be having some trouble with the sc list


Any idea what i should try to do for it?


Thanks for reporting. Nik has similar problem with duplicated entries. Unfortunately, I haven't found yet the reason, why this happens. I'll also check, what has happened with the Nurro's Passage.

EDIT: after a fresh look at my code, I think, the duplicated names happen, when after SCing a cube user quickly changes cell (or not so quickly, but there's a slow connection to EW and gathering data takes some time). If that's the reason, that should be easily fixable.


is it possible to make an option in gear cog, where it's vertical/horizontal for your accuracy bars +60? b/c i want to use yours but I want to have HQ's horisontal lol but I realise that ppl with smaller resolutions/monitors may desire vertical, lol.


I've pushed to GitHub a new version of SC History (1.0.3) which is an attempt to both fix the problem with duplicated names and fix the already duplicated names on the list.

Unfortunately, EW addons aren't updating themselves yet, so only the GitHub version (installed through TamperMonkey) will receive the update - same is true for all updates since adding EW addons feature until now and for foreasable future.

@Nseraf yeah, that should be doable.

@Kfay good for you :smiley: That's a little weird, since an element shouldn't usually have the same class name twice, but it looks, that it could and it even increases the selector strength. Interesting :slight_smile:


Great, ty! :smiley:


I have just pushed to GitHub a new version of Accuracy History (1.1.1) which does exactly, what you've asked for :slight_smile:

Here, how it should look now (sans the Test button, lol):

There's an option in the Settings (Show accuracy as a single row) which switches between the old style and the new single-row style.
I had to narrow the bars down, when in single row, because otherwise it would take over 1000px horizontal to display all the bars.

I've also made a little fix for Utilities (ver. 1.1.4), because it was making conflicts with other scripts.