EyeWire Stats - another TamperMonkey script


I guess it would slow EW down (but it would be faster due to less info collection). Is there a way to just use the API and avoid using the main site for this? Like it goes to each individual website of each cell, puts it into a spreadsheet, and makes a sum? That would be a lot of work.


The amount of info is neglible, the main “cost” are requests and responses. And, actually, there’s no way to get just the status of the cell. There’s an API call, which returns all the info about the cell and the status is amongst other bits. Also, API isn’t something separate from the website. It’s the same server that serves the website, so any API call will add load to the site. The site uses API calls to get everything.
The summing part you can do in the Registry spreadsheet itself. Also, you don’t have to dig through each and every cell everytime you want to update the Registry. Just do it for the last 100 or so cells. That shouldn’t be very expensive for the server.


Ok, this makes sense, so it’s a load no matter what. That would work if I did that in the past. But since I didn’t, I would have to go back and update a lot of it. I’ll just work with what is in the database then, as it’s good enough.


Hi, what are the number under show me me and inspect button and M and R buttons in your inspector panel and where do you turn this on and of?


The number is connected with the feature described in this post: EyeWire Stats - another TamperMonkey script
It shows number of currently x-highlighted cubes.
The M and R buttons are from the admin’s interface. M is for remeshing a cube and R is for regrowing whole cells. I’m using this version of the interface so, whenever I’m developing something, I can see, if I’m not messing with the things admins can see. The R button doesn’t work for me, but M works and is sometimes useful for cubes in zfish. I hope, it’ll be available for everyone soon.



A small script to fix the problem with the 2D cursor described here: Change cursor color


@KrzysztofKruk the cursor, it’s too bright!!! Any way we can get an option to change it’s color? :slight_smile:

Also, @sorek_m you think it would make sense to have a new forum section for KK and his updates? We’re past 700 comments in this thread and it may be time to start fresh :stuck_out_tongue:


Do you want a separate category for KK? I know this thread is currently nested under the “Development” category. This way we could have multiple threads for different aspects of KK’s scripts?


It might be difficult to make an option to change the cursor color, because I had to repaint the cursor (all 4 cursors) in GIMP and replace the original with it. I’ll think, if it’s possible to do the same in CSS, but can’t promise anything.
As for the brightness, I wanted it be distinct from the slides, because the original one was too similar to them (especially on those bright, almost white patches).
If you want them in a different color, here are links to the original ones:


Repaint them the way you want (you can even change the shapes of them or make them multicolored or insert any images there, lol) and I’ll make a custom version of the script with them.


Awesome thanks KK I’ll do that and let you know!


Unless I’m missing something, this thread only shows up in the “Uncategorized” category. If it’s relisted under Development I think that should be fine, however.


Utilities v.

When logging a merger using one of the quick reap buttons, there wasn’t added a “merger” flag for an entry. Now it should be fixed (thanks @susi for reporting).

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Cubes v.

ADDED a button to unSC all cubes SCed at low weight (suggested by @annkri).
The button is in the “lowWtSc” tab. However, if you have the option “Show lowWtSc in Main Tab” turned on in the Settings, the button will be visible in the main tab along with the low weight SCed cubes.
After pressing the button, the cubes will start to disappear one by one (there’s no way to unSC all the cubes at once) and when the last cube disappears, also the button will disappear.


Thank you, this should be useful.


New script (thanks @annkri and @susi for suggestion)

Presets v. 1.0


Adds two buttons to the Settings menu:

The names of the buttons are pretty clear.
Press the first button to save all the Settings (built-in, my addons and ewdlc) to a .txt file. The file will be named “eyewire_settings.txt” by default, but you can change the name easily.

The second button will allow you to choose the file with the settings from your disk. After choosing the file and pressing Open, the settings will be automatically applied.

You will have to refresh the EW to let all the settings change.

As usually, this is the first version, so there might be some problems and bugs. Hopefully none breaking anything :wink:


great! Thanks for realizing!
lol, i do not find in the settings ???


There should be a new section in the settings called Presets. Ofc, after installing the script, you should first refresh EW to show it.


Did all that, still do not find


looks like it works for me so far

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all good Kruk, annkri helped me to install correctly :slight_smile:

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