EyeWire Stats - another TamperMonkey script


Expanding on that idea, maybe all admin messages could just be “The Grim Reaper has reaped a cube” or something, and maybe you can also prevent /me messages to display those too (if possible)

You could even show scythes and scouts messages like “Nseraf has scythe a cube!” and display the no. of points!
… wait


nah, i want to know/which admin reaped lol, not just a generic Grim dod it lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

as to hiding stuff i dont mind if it’s an option.


Sorry to dissapoint you all, but there are no messages passed through the chat channel about admins’ reaps or being available. The only other messages (not currently displayed in chat) are: tasks-locked, updateRealTimeStats, mesh-updated, cubeAdd and cubeDel.
updateRealTimeStats shows only number of players currently online (and it not so real-time, because it refreshes once in a few mins) and the others are self explanatory.
So, unless, I’ll find another way to gather the data, there will be no admins’ reaps.

As for admins availability, all I can think of, is using !online on all known admins’ names, but it would be a little bit spammy. Same for other groups (even more spammy).


Just to chip in my two cents here, KK is right. As you can observe, any admin reaps show up as “GrimReaper” in the “Players” list in the scythe toolbox. Due to the nature of the admin reap, the system doesn’t support recording individual admin reaps under each admin’s names (we have inquired about this ourselves). Zfish Princeton tracers do happen to fall under an additional category which is why they show up in scythe/mystic blue on in the “Players” list at times.

If you’re looking for finding who is online as far as an admin, I like annkri’s suggestion about having a group list of who may be online/last action. I can propose it as a command for the nkem_test bot.


I know it’s not your script, but I was wondering if you could make the ‘promotions’ and ‘mystic’ tabs in SL hidable in the same area the rest of the SL options are?


ooohhh i just got an idea! can you stuff the /debug info in a tab in cubes script? like that we no longer have to type it in chat lol



ok funny request (if feasible) lol.

Can you create or add to a script that all who have the script and/or option enabled can -in addition to HQ’s official flag options/list- see a custom one where either in pre-added list or you adding it like with custom colours, custom countries can be added. like historical flags of countries/empires/nations no longer in existence, or countries/flags from fantasy/science fiction novels/movies/tv series etc?

There’ll be the official flag like Greece (for example) which HQ and everyone (else) can see, and the custom ones which ppl who have the script/option enabled can see. Like the custom colours in chat.

similarly i dont mind if custom flag replaces official one or if they sit side by side, i prefer the 1st but I don’t mind the 2nd if it’s easier/faster.


I’ll try do make that options hidable.
I’ll also try to squeeze the /debug option somwhere in the Cubes.
That should be doable, but I’d need someone to prepare the list of those countries, empires, etc. with flags in appriopriate format. The original flags are in 16 x 11 px PNGs.


tyvm!! There’s no rush on the flags ty! :slight_smile:


Sure, np. Yeah, I have to make some other tweaks and fixes first, but I will try do do something with the flags, when the more serious stuff will be done.
btw. I really like the idea :smiley:


Neat!! :smiley: ya rock!


Man, you did so many new feature… just awesome ! I just reaaaallly like the new Cube script, it’s a to notch !
I’m just starting to explore new things… :hugs:


Custom Highlight 1.3.2
CHANGED default colors to match them more closely to the EW style (suggested by @amy)
FIXED (hopefully) the problem, that sometimes the V and B buttons weren’t visible after opening/refreshing the page

Cubes v. 1.3
REMOVED borders from all the cubes. Clicking on a cube in the Main tab now darkens the clicked cube instead of changing its border’s color (suggested by @amy)
ADDED Debug tab to display the same info, which is available after typing /debug in the chat (request by @Nseraf)
FIXED the problem, that the Cubes panel wasn’t hiding when Settings, Help, Main Menu or Notifications panel was opened. Now it’s hidden the same way as the Leaderboard is (reported by @Nseraf)
FIXED the problem, that sometimes the Main tab wasn’t working in ZFish
FIXED the problem, where sometimes quick click on the Main tab, then on low-wt tab was showing in that tab both cubes from the main tab and from the low-wt tab
ADDED compacting of the panel. Double click on any of the tabs to minimize it (only tabs and one row of cubes should be visible). Another double click on any of the tabs expands the panel again. The state is kept between refreshes. (request by @randompersonjci)
CHANGED borders of the panel and the tabs to rounded corners (suggested by @randompersonjci)
CHANGED corners of the cubes themselves to rounded (suggested by @amy)
CHANGED names of the tabs (e.g. from low-wt to lowWt) to save a little bit of space to squeeze in the Debug tab


Jaw drops amazing thanks! :smiley:


The debug info in cubes script, can you please make it selectable? thanks! (as in i can select what’s in there and copy+paste it, say in a log entry for example).


It constantly refreshes with mouse movement - that was the easiest way to implement it. Maybe I’ll find another way. For now, the easiest way is to just double click (without moving the mouse) on cell id or task id and Ctrl+C or right click and select “Copy” (moving over the context menu won’t deselect the selection). For the center coords, triple click it and Ctrl+C or rclick.


oooooh ok, that’s cool thanks!


Cubes v. 1.3.2

FIXED positioning of “no-cubes” messages in the compacted mode
ADDED expanding the panel, when the Leaderboard is hidden


i updated (the scripts) and refreshed several times, but when I hide (arrow in UI) the leaderboard, the cubes ui doesnt expand (if expand is what I think it is).

shouldn’t the cubes UI have covered leaderboard’s place, becoming larger, or is expand not that and I have it wrong? lol


It is expanded, lol. It expands from its collapsed state. So, if you double click on any of the tabs, it’ll collapse to state, where only tabs and one row of the cubes is visible (minimal useful version). If you double click again, it’ll expand. But also, if it’s collapsed and you hide the Leaderboard, it’ll expand to the original state.
I should’ve wrote in the previous post, that it expands from the collapsed state.
I didn’t make it expand more, because it was primarily targeted for smaller resolutions (@randompersonjci asked for it) and the Leaderboard is visible again after refreshing the page, so you’d have to hide it again. But I can try to make it expand to whole available space, if you think, that might be useful.