EyeWire Stats - another TamperMonkey script


great, tyvm! :smiley:


i think i already know the answer, but i dont lose anything to ask lol,

is there a way to know if when i see something like:

person1 has joined!
person1 has joined!

it's the same person from the same computer opening 2 tabs or if it's 2 dif. ppl in 2 dif. pcs using the same account? (which afik is considered cheating by hq)?


im not sure if this is on my end prob or ew prob or something you need to do with it but:

(index):1 Failed to load https://ewstats.feedia.co/update_local_counters.php?uid=95714&previous=1&best=1&charts=1: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Origin 'https://eyewire.org' is therefore not allowed access. The response had HTTP status code 503. If an opaque response serves your needs, set the request's mode to 'no-cors' to fetch the resource with CORS disabled.


@Nseraf It was a problem with the server, I'm using. It should be ok now (Ctrl+F5 refresh might be needed).

Cubes v. 1.2.1

ADDED low-wt tab
FIXED the problem, that after entering and exiting a cube the current tab was always changed to Main.

Thanks @randompersonjci for the bug report and the idea for the new tab.


thank you!


Oh, forgot to answer that one - there's no possibility to know this, unless everyone would allow to use their webcams by a script. Then there would have to be some sort of AI recognizing faces (and recognizing, if it's a person or a photo) :smiley:


"is there a way to know if when i see something like:

person1 has joined!
person1 has joined!

it's the same person from the same computer opening 2 tabs or if it's 2 dif. ppl in 2 dif. pcs using the same account? (which afik is considered cheating by hq)?"

I did think that was because of unstable network connection so a person was loosing the chat and joining again all the time?


no, sometimes i will see this

(for example)

annkri has joined!
annkri has joined!

but without an in between annkri has left!

so, i wonder if that's (not you lol that was only an example) same person in 2 tabs, a bug in the code or two ppl in two pcs.


also another weird thing, in my desktop pc (your) activity tracker shows reaps to the colour i have in my scythe vision (orange), in my laptop after i had to format it shows them default blue, even tho ive installed all scripts, yours, mine etc.

is it something im doing wrong/forgotten to install? or can you add an option to the script of being able to choose between default reap colour and custom? (if it doesn't exist already)



Hmm, if you have installed EWDLC (no matter, which version) and have changed the colors in there, everything should be ok.

The code for the color selection looks like this:

SCYTHE_COLOR = ewdlcSettings ? ewdlcSettings['prvw-colors'].scythed : Cell.ScytheVisionColors.scythed;

which could be translated like this: if settings for EWDLC are available, then use the color set in there. Otherwise, use the built in color.


ah, i have colours from my own personal script, could be it but it's the same in main pc deskitop lol, lemme investigate lol. ty!


You can set the colors through EWDLC then even uninstall the script and the settings should remain in the localStorage.


yeah, but i installed windows from scratch on laptop (removed old HDD replacing it with a new SSD lol so much faster lol) so there was no local storage to draw from lol. it's weird bc i installed teh scripts, updated them then copy pasted my personal script from pc to laptop, so it should be the same with activity tracker reap colour but it's not pouts lol...


But you still have to change the colors in the EWDLC script (or, at least, open the preview panel and click "Save") to put the colors in the localStorage.

Alternatively, you can copy all your EWDLC settings from PC to laptop.
To do it, open console on PC and type:


then press Enter and copy the result. It should looks like this:


Replace in this string the very first and the last quote mark (") with an apostrophe ('), so it should look like this:


Then, on laptop open the console and type:

localStorage.setItem('ewdlc-prefs', [string])

but replace [string] (including the square brackets) with the long string copied earlier (with those 2 quotes replaced with apostrophes).

Then refresh the page. That should copy all your EWDLC settings (but not for the other scripts).


lol that's a lot of code xP

yeah i did do the save on ewdlc and refreshed, lemme attempt what you suggest above lol, wish me luck xP...

EDIT: woooooo!!! that worked tyvm!!! :smiley:


Something I’ve always wanted but ew hasn’t given, can you give an option to show in chat when an admin/hq account reaps a cube? like for example:

amy has grimmered a cube!

replace “amy” with any hq account lol including the ones princeton ppl use to “scythe” zfish cubes.



That could be nice to show when admins are online. But not so sure hq/princeton is all for that idea, also i am concerned we would get a lot of chat spam. It could perhaps be negative for recruiting if the score from normal players are even more lost in between reaping?

Perhaps a better option to show when admins are online could be a !online admin command that list all admin online and how long since last action? And if that is possible you could do the same for the other classes, mystic, scythe, mod, mentor (scout)


it’d be an option like “person has joined/left!” anyone who wants it enables it, disalbed by default, so new ppl wouldn’t have it on, also unless they update built-in addons in ew they wouldnt have it anyway, lol. and no i can already see who is online lol, by the <person has joined/left!" it includes everyone and admins, i just want if i want (option) to see if admin(s) are reaping, but ik not everyone wants and it could be spammy, so it’s an option disabled by default :slight_smile:


Expanding on that idea, maybe all admin messages could just be “The Grim Reaper has reaped a cube” or something, and maybe you can also prevent /me messages to display those too (if possible)

You could even show scythes and scouts messages like “Nseraf has scythe a cube!” and display the no. of points!
… wait


nah, i want to know/which admin reaped lol, not just a generic Grim dod it lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

as to hiding stuff i dont mind if it’s an option.