EyeWire Stats - another TamperMonkey script


don't you worry if merkel wins the elections, she and makron are putting forth an EU constitution, a federal euoprean police force (eu fbi) and a eu army, 2018 will be an interesting year lol.


And the EU will split to 2 parts: west EU (old EU) and central-east EU (aka Intermarium), lol.

Seriously speaking, my idea for that is that I want to do another group of categories, which will contain grouping by: country (as it is now), continent, organization. In the last type of grouping I would use something like this:

Source: Wikipedia
Not sure however, how much up to date is that map xD

I didn't count EU as a country not for a political or an ideological reason, but simply because it's not a country and the map uses countries. I could, of course, highlight every country, which belongs to the EU on the map, but probably not all players would like it. However, if I will be doing the grouping by organization, then I will count both people who have set their country as EU and people from countries that belong to the EU. And even then there still be the Others category simply because not all countries belong to any internationally significant organization and some people didn't choose any country. Also, not sure, if all countries are covered in both EW flags set and on the map.
So, simply speaking, there are some technical limitations and I had to made some choices.

And even if I'd like to group people by IP, I can't do it, because I don't have direct access to people's IPs (only EW has; I could only (probably) check IPs of people, who have the script installed). But even then, there are proxies and anonimization networks (like Thor), so the stats will never be 100% accurate, just an approximation.


sounds great if you are able to make a dropdown for last 60 cubes with updating of the accuracy, but my consern is that it will but to much strain on the ew servers if everyone with the script will send 60 requests to the server every minute


lol, i wouldn't do organisations as in trade unions but continents i like (i don't like trade pacts lol or their political influence :stuck_out_tongue: ), and then europe is a continent like america (all of it) is etc.


@annkri There wouldn't be 60 requests per person per minute. Just 2 requests (one for each level in the test-page sheet), but thanks for your concern.

@Nseraf Europe is a continent, but EU is not Europe, it's just a part of it, so, if we want to have EU as a separate entity, it must be some other category, which lists such entities.
So, there are 3 options: leave it as is (an EU in Others), add the continents and the organisations distribution (and EU as a separate entity in the last category) or make the countries and the continents (and in "by countries" EU stil be in Others, but in "by continents" it will be in Europe. Still, there won't be EU as a separate thing, but, at least, it won't go to the last bucket xD ).


I did say (all of it) lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Haven't had much time lately, so not much was done with the script. I will (hopefully soon) add more things. For now just a couple of fixes/changes:

ver. 0.2.1
ADDED a popup with legend for the weights bar (@susi, @annkri)
CHANGED colors of the weights to match with the Low Weight heatmap (@nseraf)
FIXED the problem, when sometimes a bar was showing information for a different cube (@nseraf, @crazyman4865)

The last problem existed, because the part of the code associated with updating the bars was run when cube-submission-data event was triggered. After reading the normal (non-minified) code, I found out, that that event was triggered only after a cube was submitted and then the server responded. I was then getting "current" cube id, which sometimes was the id of a next cube. Because of this, during reaping there were sometimes problem with not adding a bar at all (and a "reading id from undefined" error in the Console), because during reaping, after successful action we are being transferred to the ov, and no cube id is available.
When showing leaderboard after submitting was disabled (through @crazyman4865's script) and one was reaping cubes, no bars were added at all.
Now I'm just "hijacking" the TaskManager.saveTask() method associated with the tomni instance and injecting a little code to it to get the id early enough. Hopefully, this will work for all cases. :slight_smile:


Nice!! Thank you!! :smiley:


oh you fixed the typo bug, nice! ty :smiley:


I like it!


@KrzysztofKruk @crazyman4865 I'm showing your scripts at Harvard today :slight_smile:


ver. 1.0.0
CHANGED number of cubes displayed (from 10 to 60)
ADDED dropdown to display 50 earlier cubes (with a more/less button)
CHANGED color for accuracy, if it was 100%
ADDED updating the bars every minute (only accuracy is updated, but it should be enought (@JousterL et al.)
ADDED a border to highlight, which cube was last played (usually it will be the last one, but not always, when reaping)
ADDED a feature, that when a cube, which was reaped, had been previously played and is still on the list, its data will be updated, instead of adding a new bar (@Nseraf)
ADDED a progress bar showing, when the data will be updated (its green when waiting and blue, when updating)
ADDED arrows between rows to indicate, how the cubes are pushed, when new ones are added


Niiiiice!! :smiley:


Cool! @KrzysztofKruk You are genius!


Thanks! :slight_smile:


Mannnn !!! I really thank you for the Top right corner script ! infos are sooo useful and welcome to improve workflow while playing/scything. Lot of :sunny: for you man :wink:


ver. 1.0.2

Only small changes (visually) this time. It's rather a cleaning up release with some minor fixes:

FIXED accuracy rounding, when the accu was updated from the test-pages accuracy link.
FIXED: when the last played cube was updated from the test-pages accuracy, the value to the right of the bars is also changed

If something doesn't work as it should, please let me know, because I've made many small changes in the whole code, so I might have missed something.

@Kfay you're welcome! :slight_smile:


ver. 1.1.1

ADDED list showing number of SCed cubes in cells, in which at least one cube was completed/uncompleted during last 7 days (counting starts from installing the script, e.g. if you had some cubes SCed in a cell, but didn't do anything after installing the script, it will not be shown on the list, but after completing/uncompleting at least one cube in that cell, number of all cubes SCed by you in that cell will be shown). To show the list, right-click on your profile name.
Cell names are clickable (clicking on a cell name in that list, will jump you to that cell).
If number of SCed cubes in equal or greater than 50, the number will be shown in yellow. If that number is equal or greater then 100, it will be shown in green.

I will have to do some more testing for this feature, but it should work ok. Enjoy! :slight_smile:

P.S. My English isn't perfect, so, if anyone sees any error or something could sound better if written in some other form, don't hesitate, and tell me about it, lol.


/me glomps KK xD


ver. 1.2

ADDED auto-refresh of the ShowMeMe cubes - if the SMM button is pressed, then after each completion/uncompletion, the heatmap is automatically refreshed.