EyeWire Holiday Gift Exchange!


Love seeing all these gifts! :) 


Too cool!


Thank you so much, Santa M!  My lovely scarf is kitty approved.  


Ohh lookie what I got! Thank you for the geeky swag secret santa! (Looks like you have to click the file to view the gif stuck_out_tongue )


From lynnschlos - 

"Many thanks to Secret Santa M for my lovely vintage scarf, which is kitty approved, as you can see."


I got an awesome book of Eastern poetry bound and laminated by Mohamed!  Thanks, this is wonderful!  Looks like a great selection!

Also, @jbinsc I don't think I wrote it in my gift, but I'm your Secret Santa ho ho ho!


@celiad I hope you like it celia smile specially the first poem ,,Its has been written  for you ,

 but by Ben johnson



@mohamed314 Yes it's great!  I saw that one, very cool find, thanks! smile


@lynnschlos You're welcome! Happy New Year too!


A BIG thank you and warm Holiday wishes to @LynneC.

Eyewire HQ now has a very nice snack drawer in our new office:

And I have an awesome neuron magnet and "magic reappearing" neurons mug so I can keep tracing while drinking my hot chocolate! :)

Thank you once again!


@sorek.m  You're welcome!  Glad it finally got there.


Oh Lynn thank you so much!! best prezzy ever @lynnschlos

I will get pics as soon as

  1. Why does the parcel man (the regular post person only delivers letters) always ring when I'm in the bathroom (at least he waits outside for like a minute);

    2. So that's how you ship mugs without breaking them!

    3. Cool, Eyewire pens!

    4. 50 identical Secret Santa postcards (you can't really see it in the picture but there are literally 50 of them; I counted)??!! Was there some mistake? I may have to wallpaper the place with them :P

    Thanks, @michellewooten !


I wonder who's my secret santa now!? smiley Those gifts all look great everyone!! :D

@saphiresun enjoy the cup, a little bird told me you lost the previous one! :D


@tiikerikani  YAY!!!!  I am so glad they arrived, safe and sound.  There is a story behind the cup and the cards ... one day we shall have to visit!  Happy New Year, and many, many blessings!


But why are there 50 of them..... :o


lol, I could only get them in groups of 50!  :D  They can make great place mats under coffee and tea mugs!


Thanks Sapphiresun for the book!  It's on my list for this year!


Whoas @sorek.m and @LynneC omnomnomnom! And love all the other gifts! smile


and that eyewire mug, wow! @michellewooten