EyeWire Holiday Gift Exchange!


Love these gifts! @jsbinc awesome mug smiley


wow!!! great gifts!!! smiley Can't wait to receive mine and see here pics of what I sent to my secret santa recipient...tracking info tells me it has been delivered!!! smiley


@Nseraf I heard that your secret santa received your gift and is waiting until Christmas to open it smile


woooo!!!! smiley I hope whoever it is (as if I don't know :P) that he likes it smiley


@b_hailey  Since real programmers never read the manual, or even boxes that stuff comes in, I resorted to the binary ascii code chart.  When the cup gets HOT it spells out "HOT"  Who would have ever guessed?  I thought it would've spelled "GEEK" LOL!

My wife read the box and confirmed my translation.....


That's awesome, jb! 


This is so much fun!!


lol let me help you there @jbinsc "GEEK!"!!! stuck_out_tongue stuck_out_tongue hahhaha

yes, this is fun :D


@Nseraf  Surely you've heard the old saying:  "Beware of Geeks bearing gifts!"   :P


Geeks no, Greeks yes :P

Imagine Greek geek bearing gifts??? smiley :P


Heavens and saints preserve us!






Danny!  I love the Cosmos book!  And the clock goes up in my classroom on Jan. 5!

So much fun, thank you so much!!!


My secret santa gift has been delivered, but still have not got it yet. I was not home when they came, and now have to wait till tomorrow :( 




Santa brought me an eyewire-coloring book, wonderful, love it, thanks a lot Vesua!

Should go into eyewire-shop


Susi, I am glad you like the present, and I see I need to work on my handwriting - the u in my name is an n. smile Happy holidays!


Wow, secret santa came to my house and brought a super awesome poster (smeksica is still laughing her head off: "the ten-hundred words"). I'm a huge XKCD fan, so this went straight on our wall... euhm, door. Thanks a lot pkeoughan for the nice personal note. Your travels are really inspiring and I hope some day I will have the opportunity to make similar journeys.


smiley YAY!


Awww Amy you're amazing!! smiley  Brain-shaped ice cubes and a Salvador Dali inspired clock! THANK YOU smiley smiley :D 

(pardon my crazy hairdo xD)


very nice!! smiley