EyeWire Holiday Gift Exchange!


Yay!! Thanks to my Secret Santa from New Zealand! Everything arrived safe and sound :) 


Thank you @BenSilverman!! Book looks very interesting!!

Awesome gift thank you!!! :D

p.s. who said books are lame gifts???????? 


ooo nice! 


Thank you to my Eyewire Secret Santa, Blackblues for the beautiful travel wallet.  It meant a lot that you read my blurb and gave me a gift I could use, and it's a beautiful color. See you on Eyewire!


So good to see that everything arrived safe and sound and you liked it! I'm glad ^^ 

Enjoy your next journeys! wink


It's alllllmost time for Secret Santa 2015!


I was hoping y'all would do it again.


I'll change the tittle and remove "2014" so that it is not year bound and we can use it every year lol