EyeWire Holiday Gift Exchange!


IT’S TIME! EyeWire’s 2014 Holiday Gift Exchange is here! 

Sign up here by Dec 9 at noon: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1GYfmIMI6VTfAXiyv5pfggra_1d7FloDG4SdLpvKLoz8/viewform

Full details and last year’s gallery on the blog: http://wp.me/p2SLuy-1SJ

When your gift arrives, post a pic here :slight_smile:


So excited!!!


Wooo!!! :smiley: I wonder who I’ll get and who will get meh!!! :D 


Another week of waiting to know???  Oh, the suspense!


Secret Santa matches are going out now! :smiley:


Got mine!! Thanks!! 

From Ireland…  :slight_smile:


Pics!!! :smiley:


Yay, I got mine! Thank you susi!! I love it! (especially the card!!)

Merry Christmas, everyone!


Woooo!!! This looks great!! :smiley:


@b_hailey :smiley: @susi love the card!!


Nice, @mkwak! Love the mugs!


Mine got home before I did! My mom had to hold them for me for a couple of days. Thanks for the music @tiikerikani so far Maj Karma rocks! I think Iankaikkinen’s package may have received some damage on it’s journey, but the CD looks great!

UPDATE: The disk is in perfect condition! No problems playing it


Truly, a geek’s cup!




Nice, jb! Do you know what it says, in binary?


Wow!!!  Such great gifts!  It feels great just seeing them all!

Merry Christmas to all!


@DannyS – Well, at least it’s just a regular plastic case, easy to replace if there’s any other old CDs lying around the house :wink:


That is my plan. I don’t have to worry about keeping the little booklet with the song lyrics in it with the CD, since I don’t know all of the letters haha.


Got mine just now! What a great surprise when I got home from work. Love it!

Thanks Secret Santa!

Now … which one should I start with … 


@DannyS But if you keep them, you can … eventually gasp learn them (which is kind of how I learned to sing in Finnish ;))


@tiikerikani I would love to be able to speak many other languages, but currently due to my career oriented mentality, i’m more likely to learn a language that is not spoken, rather it is typed :P. I will be keeping them, but they may get separated from the CDs, which happens with a lot of things I own (namely socks). 

@smeksica you should read connectome, it’s an amazing read, i loved every part, and I’m willing to answer any questions you may have! :D