Wrong part?



I made some Cubes … and I think the yellow Part does not fit …?

And that’s not the first Time … when the “Review makes Mistakes”…?

Who decides whether a Review is “good” ?

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review is not always 100% accurate as it’s based on what previous people submitted, but it can be :slight_smile:

I will redirect you to replies in here:

for more information.

Hope this helps.

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In the Thread I think i understand … there is a Problem OK
It is sensible to report such errors ?

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I’d say no. 99% they won’t be in the consensus so it should be ok :slight_smile:

But if you believe you added something that others did not and it belongs you can give us a cube ID in chat with a comment of it missing (substantial) stuff. :slight_smile:

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The red doesnt fit … ? but the Yellow does ??

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From pic yes and yes.

You can see in the pic how the yellow continues from green, while red is outside the borders.


Sometimes it is a bit frustating … :wink:

I’m right only 3 times a cube will be traced ? i think better 5 or 7 People … more accuracy


4 ppl trace each cube, and from what i remember HQ placed weight cap at 4 ppl b/c statistically 5+ didn’t have much to add to accuracy/scientifically/to cube that 4 hadnt already.

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