Wrong part?



I made some Cubes ... and I think the yellow Part does not fit ...?

And that's not the first Time ... when the "Review makes Mistakes"...?

Who decides whether a Review is "good" ?



review is not always 100% accurate as it's based on what previous people submitted, but it can be :slight_smile:

I will redirect you to replies in here:

for more information.

Hope this helps.



In the Thread I think i understand ... there is a Problem OK
It is sensible to report such errors ?


I'd say no. 99% they won't be in the consensus so it should be ok :slight_smile:

But if you believe you added something that others did not and it belongs you can give us a cube ID in chat with a comment of it missing (substantial) stuff. :slight_smile:


The red doesnt fit ... ? but the Yellow does ??


From pic yes and yes.

You can see in the pic how the yellow continues from green, while red is outside the borders.


Sometimes it is a bit frustating ... :wink:

I'm right only 3 times a cube will be traced ? i think better 5 or 7 People .. more accuracy


4 ppl trace each cube, and from what i remember HQ placed weight cap at 4 ppl b/c statistically 5+ didn't have much to add to accuracy/scientifically/to cube that 4 hadnt already.