Review Button Highlights on 100% acc (intermittant)


Sorry, I didn’t catch a picture. If it happens again I’ll get a picture and cube number, and post as a reply under this topic. Twice I’ve had the review button highlight, but then when I click review everything is green. I also saw someone in chat earlier say they had this happen. I’m a former programmer, so sorry for so little to go on on an intermittent problem, but thought it best to go ahead an report it, and then report back if/when the problem occurs again.

Wrong part?

not quite sure, what you mean with highlight. I get black or blue, blue for less correct. (what is threshold? 80%).
Just tested, in normal play, when you are 3d player and trace everything correct, you get the blue (which means error as i understood). Review shows all green, history shows low% even when you were 100% correct. (Examples are 2394345 and 2313855) (snapper-problem?)


lv1= 70% (as of now when typing this reply).
lv2= 80%


Yes, it works most of the time, but three times now, I’ve had the button highlight as blue, but when I click review there are no errors (nothing in yellow and nothing in red). Just had it happen again. For me, it has happened on pretty simple small cubes, so I really notice the review button being highlighted because I’m surprised. But it does not happen every time, so may be a hard bug to find. It’s not a huge deal, just gives some false alarms occasionally.

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Had this bug occur again, so here is the screen shot and cube number. Cube #2318174. This is the third instance. Didn’t get a screen shot of the review button, but it was definitely blue. I was surprised because it was such a simple cube with clear borders, so couldn’t imagine what I’d missed. I did rotate the cube and no incorrect/missing bits behind either.

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Susi, sorry, I responded to your first paragraph before reading your second. That’s an interesting bug. So third player to trace correct gets low % even if it’s correct? Just looked up “snapper” in the lexicon. Seems like a likely cause.

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get “wrong” temporarily, it is correct in profile but it may be misleading the review.

think of it like this:

Player A (TB) traces branch
Player B: misses it
Player C adds it he/she gets 0% and no points but 2v1 adds the branch so profile accuracy is good and it’s in consensus so it grows.

could be that if you are that 3rd player review thinks you wrong when you’re correct b/c it sees consensus as was during submit and not as is after submit?


Thanks Nseraf. That makes it clear. So probably not a “bug,” but just because of the way consensus grows with the first several players.

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you’re wwelcome :slight_smile:


no bug, just system-“problem” as Nik explained. I am not a programmer, but imo it could be solved. Just taking trace of player C into calculation, before points are awarded

just remarked another issue:
traced as second a missing branch (left in pic), by inspecting branch was not in (middle)(what is usual, TBer comes before second,reaped branch in later),
but review showed correct (right) :slight_smile:

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Hi susi,

If I think you checked things in the order you posted (1,2,3), then it is that spawner is slow and takes a bit to update the general consensus. As you know, this also happens with reaping a cube.


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Hi sorek!

I checked both (2 and 3) at same time, and both stayed some minutes as in pic. Can spawner be slow and show pic 2, but review is faster ? And from my experience, pic 2 is the usual situation when you play different than TBer ?


ooooh, if the spawner could be slowed down, could it have a slight delay in awarding points for the 3rd tracer? Just trying to think of how to help the “snappers”

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yeah, it means 3rd person is awarded based on wt 2 consensus and not wt 3 consensus, so if 3rd person was to be awarded based on -new- wt 3 consensus they’d get points based on what’s there then, meaning everything they added. lol

I think.


scythe-completed in R8.92. Cube #2325856 w5 had correct trace in (green correct in pic). I earlier had traced that cube as 4th player. and review tells me i had missing segs (the yellow). But these are definitely wrong.
How comes?


were they in consensus? IF not it’s a good chance even if completed the cube had some bad segs added from previous ppl and your trace removed them, review saw cube as wt 3 but when you inspected as wt 4 with them gone.

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