[visual] "screensaver mode" - Auto-switch to most played cell / stay centered / follow player

Hi all,
im a small twitch streamer who sometimes plays eyewire but mostly i use it as a live background while i play other games, in the hopes that people might get interested.

i often let it run (overview/start screen) while i sleep with some music… and i notice that especially for smaller cells it tends to rotate itself out of its own center.
Also after a while (some hours) the cell loses its “volume”, the cell looks like it starved itself/pixelated.

I wish for a feature maybe called “screensaver mode” where it autoswitches to the most played cell.
Maybe with a option to follow an active player with the “camera”/viewport in that given cell.
Maybe with the option to exclude certain colors for the cell.
Maybe with the option to refresh itself after a given time (as a quick workaround)

Best Regards

Hi imm_radio,

Thank you for sharing your suggestions! We also appreciate the bug report about the drifting rotational axis over time in the overview. However, please be advised that currently our main development effort is being focused on FlyWire, Seung Lab’s new neural reconstruction platform.

In the meantime, maybe some of the following tips will help :slight_smile: :

  • Currently when you login to Eyewire or hard refresh, you are switched to the cell with the most available, low-weight cubes and these cells usually tend to be the most active as well.
  • I’m assuming that you have the “Show Player Activity Icons” option turned on in the Settings menu (located under the Live Overview section)
  • You can try toggling on/off the “Plasticize Neuron” option in the Settings menu for a different neuron texture if you’d like
  • You can refresh the page to get the cell overview color to change to a color that you may prefer