SWAG pics! (기념품 사진)


Add here the pics of your SWAG, if you won any in a competiton and/or marathon! :D

이 곳에 아이와이어 이벤트에서 받은 기념품 사진을 올려주세요! 미국 본사에서 한국까지 기념품이 잘 배송되고 있는지, 여러분이 어떤 기념품을 받으셨는지 포럼에서 사진을 통해 공유해주시면 감사하겠습니다!

Show Off Your Eyewire Swag!

Poster is here! smiley


Mug is here and coffee never tasted so good!!


I'm so happy, TShirt and mug arrived today!

Thanks so much!


My t-shirt just arrived!
Thanks EyeWire!


Awesome! So happy to see you guys received your swag!


T-shirt arrived!! smiley


Boston Marathon swag arrived!


stickers arrived! smiley


Stickers have appeared! (I haven't decided where to stick the other one yet).


The stickers are now here!


I chose the shirt for functionality, large and light colored to do yardwork. Also shown, the dent in the privet jungle that I made today while wearing the shirt.


hahaha so you are reaping thornbush MCs in real life as well I see? stuck_out_tongue xD


Mug is here!!!! smiley


Love my mug!  Thanks!  http://imgur.com/H2nMpS3


Black coffee mug is great!! I mean black coffee mug with black coffee, way cooler than the white one! smiley


Book and tote arrived!!! :D

Thank you Prof. Seung for the awesome sig. and dedication (to my dedication to your awesome game!!!) :D


Awards of
Neuropia, shirt and mug,  arrived – Thanks a lot eyewire and KT!  
The mug is
a must have for me as GrimReaper minion, and it fits perfectly to the shirt won
last time!


wooo!!! smiley


my stickers now are on my freshly repaired bike :D
(the second picture is way more creepier than I intended :P)