Secret Santa 2016


I received an out of order Secret Santa gift today which was very unexpected and a follow up to a discussion we had looooong time ago in the mods channel. Thank you Nikitas for an amazing mug, I always wanted to have Grim on my mug to sip my coffee!!

...and the back side....


lol you're most welcome but I am not your secret santa, I sent you a gift because you're my friend, you have someone else sending you a gift as secret santa :stuck_out_tongue:


I know, still it was secret and not expected and Grim on it xD


true and indeedy xD and even funnier since I know the real word there instead of angel xD :stuck_out_tongue:


YAY Kinryuu!!!

Thank you so much for the pen and the journal! It will be the perfect way to start off the new year!


Woah!! That looks soooo cool and beautiful!! :smiley:


It is!! Gold leaf ... cannot wait for Jan. 1 to start writing ... Pity it will be English or Spanish and not Greek ... yet!


My so cool Eyewire Santa Gift !

From my Secret Santa Nseraf ! :stuck_out_tongue: My firsts books... I promise to read them ! :smiley:

Thanks for the connectome, i really wanted to learn more about Sebastian's vision of connectome :sunny:

PS : The Dorian Gray one is a so good choice !! And in french, easier to read xD


Dorian Gray, one of my all time favs! I didnt know you are a hedonist :wink:


Glad you like 'em. :slight_smile: I tried finding connectome in French but it either cost 70 euros or had a delivery date 2-3 weeks lol. And yes I know Dorian is a good choice, it was deliberate :stuck_out_tongue:


THANK YOU!!! @susi :smiley: amazing as always :smiley:


Love seeing all the cool Christmas gifts!!! Eyewire-ers ROCK!


Awesome! :smiley: Love seeing these gifts, too!


Yes I am señorita ! I never read Dorian Gray so i'm really happy to have it in french for night sleeping purpose, of course :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeahh Nik ! Your little baby dragoony, so fun gift :slight_smile:


Hi Michelle, glad you liked it, I enjoyed shopping for it :slight_smile: Hope 2017 is a wonderful year for journal entries!


BTW, just to let my Secret Santa know, I'm out of town so won't get any mail/packages until I get back Jan 4. So until then will just enjoy everyone else's gifts :slight_smile:


Thank you rprentki! Exclusive T-shirt, cutest card ever, and the kitties are absolutely entranced (and a bit confused, especially Tiholose, who is easily confused).
And when I see the post-woman, I will thank her too for making the super-human effort to squeeeeeeze the parcel through my letter-box so I didn't have to go to the post office to collect :slight_smile:


Love the Laser for the Cats XD so cool to see them don't get to catch it !
How do you all had those terrible super awesome EW things ???


lol my secret santa was an super awesome EW admin :smile: