Scythe Vision Heatmap


Could you add (as option) a cube status priority ? I always have in dark blue cubes which are reaped, but also in dark blue cubes which are 1 voted or 2 votes, and i would prefer the dark blue to be replaced by the light purple (1 vote) and dark purple (2 votes).
Because when you have a ton of dark blue (reaped) were 1/3 are 1 voted, 1/3 only reaped, 1/3 2's really annoying to find what to do (especially when several scythe reap a cube and 1 vote it directly logging it to Good status).

here is a good exemple :


if i understand correctly you want the complete colour to be "above" reap colour like in forts?

Also to pre-emptive the -probable- admin reply: "log feature requests in the sheet, not the forum." :stuck_out_tongue: lol


yep, it is it. But by the way i probably found how to do this myself with tampermonkey (thanks to @Kruk's scripts), so finally no need any admin answer :slight_smile:


ah ok, dunno i always found that fort colouring hierarchy had a fundamental problem. I didn't know if a cube was reaped, played or anything else as complete colour covers everything else (except for frozen and admin colours), so that way also imo leaves voids of information, but whatever suits anyone lol.


That's why i said "as option". Like in any game, such option can be available for each player to customize as it suits :wink:


yep ik, thus the "whatever suits anyone" lol


Thanks for posting. We'll discuss this at next team meeting.


Thaaaaank you


Just as a point of clarification, @Kfay it looks you already suggested this on the feature request sheet some time ago. In general we do appreciate using that sheet because it keeps all the suggestions in one place. :+1:


sorry, didn't remember :sweat: