SC button (log) and Show Me Me auto refresh

That’s just a suggestion, but i work a lot on big industry software (Photoshop, 3D Studio Max, Autocad etc) and i’m used to shortcuts and speed up tips workflows.

As i see from my starting days as scout and scythe, one of the most thing i do is adding “Scythe Completed” entries when good reaping a cube, and it’s quite often.
An automated button in the “scout log bar” (and of course it’s Shortcut !) should really speed up the work for not having to add new entry and clic on the menu and click SC and clic submit. it’s really a lot of time spent for a thing which didn’t worth it i think.

The second on, just for a better view of the actual scything in cell would be to auto-refresh the “Show Me Me” function.
It is not that either difficult, but needing to clic again and again on this button is really from dinosaur’s workflow…

Hi Kfay,

Thanks for suggestions! I’ll pass them along. We’re working on hopefully integrating the Scouts Log into Eyewire (so Chrome users can access it) perhaps with this integration we can look into a better recording system. We’re slowly improving the workflow… (at least we aren’t using a Google spreadsheet anymore ;-))



lol you should have logged some in previous SL which was google sheet and imgur for pics xD, then this pipeline would be sooooo easier lol :stuck_out_tongue:

about the show me me function i really like it as it is and it helps me a lot. when sc a lot in a cell i have a feeling it is easy to miss the branch you are working on if you sc the whole branch when you start but when using the me me function all your previous branches get a nice pink colour and the branch you are working are purple so it is easier to find back to if you make a mistake and click on a wrong branch.

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Not sure I agree with the automatic logging of cubes. One of the big reasons to log them the way we do now is it lets us explain what’s wrong and why we needed to reap. If everything is just logged as scythe complete, then it take the person completing a lot longer to figure out if it really is ok or not.

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Thanks Sorek for the reply !
EW is a game, but before that it’s a scientific research tool, a great one, and i really think all new technology, new workflow, every tips and workflow boost should be considered because there’s a lot of work to do ! I think this is why you are working on NEO, eh ?
So thanks for your time reading my suggestions :wink:

@Nseraf, lol i used to work on papers too when i was young, then i grow up and took advantage of techs :stuck_out_tongue:

@Annkri yeah, i do not work this way, in my opinion, SC a whole branch first and then working on it is a bad thing. you can always be disturbed by anything and then forgot to finish your branch. I find often branch totally SC by one scythe (same scythe on the whole branch i mean) but not reaped through (nubs, branches missing). It really demerit imo, especially for being a minimum pointy.

@Atani, i talk about an additional auto button, not to remove the actual worklow of course :slight_smile:

haha funny, yet paper is what all geniuses work in :stuck_out_tongue:

and tech still uses paper lol, search for smart paper or

hehe, and the google docs scouts’ log would still be in operation if it wasn’t for Eldendaf, glorious be his name! xD That’d be funny lol, log in different tab, using imgur for pics yickes that was cumbersome lol

Still, it’ll be nice if/when devs can integrate SL to EW (not just neo). -1 extension for chrome lol

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I disagree, it is the most efficient way, and the way used by admins (regardless of if they complete kids/parents). completing a single cube and inspecting and then into the next one is very inenfficient imo, and very slow and if we were doing it like that we would be finishing 1 cell per month not 60 lol, but in any case whichever method suits anyone best. :slight_smile:

That doesn’t address my concern about players not explaining why they needed to reap a cube in the first place. If you have automatic logging I think it will be unlikely that players will take the additional steps to go back and reason out their reaping. Which will create more work on the person coming behind to mark as good. As it stands now, I dont think three clicks to create a detailed entry is a problem if the other option is one or no clicks to create an entry that makes life harder for the next person.

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Actually not all admins use this method. This was rprentki’s preferred method which is okay as long as you’re paying attention.

Personally, I tend to go cube by cube rather than complete and uncomplete a branch system. I prefer this as I often get pulled away in the middle of completing branches.


fair enough, although I think C/dj use the complete whole branch method?

How do you complete all the corner cubes with “your” method? won’t it/doesn’t it take ages to complete them 1 by 1?

We all use a variety of methods depending on the cell and what is needed at the time.

Completion via complete parents gets the majority of any cubes before a cube. So traveling about every few cubes along a branch, completing parents (or just the cube itself) works. Then when I reach the end of a branch, I go pop back to the beginning of the branch area and use the complete children to catch all the corner cubes. Using complete parent/cube prevents me from accidentally putting the “complete” stamp on a cube or branch that isn’t actually complete. Especially something that splits multiple times.

I do use rprentki’s method when a cell is near done and/or when waiting for the next cube to spawn on a branch. Especially the last branches on cells.

Essentially anyone has to be careful with using the complete children/parents. Completing children is great for finding all cubes along a branch. While completing parents will complete major cubes leading back to the cell seed.


Ah good to know, ty for the explanation. :slight_smile:

Also now, with the new “5.000 points for 100 complete” it won’t be fair to “complete all”. When i’m on a branch, completing as usual cube per cube like @sorek_m mentioned, i often see the whole branch being purple in one second… because someone start from the beginning like @Nseraf and @Atani do.
Now, if any scythe continue to complete this way… lol for the 5.000 points in certain cubes :confused:

I don’t care about the points anymore, but i think this kind of “full complete in one time” method won’t be good now.

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I asked dj in chat and he said that so long as completes are ok, there’s no prob with this method.

And may I ask, since you don’t do it for the points, why have you not already recused yourself from the new 5k bonus?

For example about a year ago more or less EW was giving swag after weekly comps and since I was not playing for the swag I would regularly email HQ and ask them to remove me from that comp’s swag and/or from a category etc so that others could have them, I am curious, care to put your money where your tongue is? :slight_smile:

Kfay has a fair point here. There’s no problem completing children or parents in principle, but please do so after checking the branch. If you just apply your complete vote as you begin to check, then you do shut out other people from checking as well. So either complete as you go, or if you would rather complete parents/children periodically, please communicate in chat about what cell you plan to SC on. That way nobody gets any surprises. In the meantime, admins may complete parents or children without warning, but we’re usually doing that to help finish locking down cubes once we know the branch is done. (And, speaking for myself but maybe also for other admins, we’ll be doing as little completion as possible while cells are still turquoise, to maximize SC potential.)


sigh…this 5k thing is starting to create probs where there were none. But in any case I’ll be completing the way i have done for the past 3 (almost) years and with the same good accuracy. If this 5k becomes a hustle I can easily see myself recusing myself from it, but we’ll see.

Everyone has comparable accuracy at this level of play, so that’s not really in question. The 5k bonus is to incentivize Scythes who don’t normally SC. We may have some growing pains temporarily, but in the end the science should be helped by a higher cell completion rate, and Scythes will be fairly reimbursed for their completing time.

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Agreed, but it’s not like there’s 50 of scythes and only 4 are completing, there’s currently more or less 10 active scythes and about 9 of them complete regularly , so I resent the implication that the previous comments seem to make. Some of us have been completing before the 5k, some of us have been completing before there were complete points in profile and some of us never asked for “an incentive” to complete in the first place (5k) and were happy to complete as much as we could without any reward (before there were even complete points in profile). So for anyone to imply that any one scythe are -now- (over) completing for the bonus is at the very least…unpleasant.

And science would be greatly helped if there were new admins hired to fill in the gaps that twist and R’s departure have left. lol :stuck_out_tongue:

While I am grateful for the thinking behind the thought and implementation of the 5k I do not want to have anyone, me included receiving any emails or pms because they completed a -whole- branch and admin(s) think they did it because of the 5k or any other similar hustles) that are going to have quite the opossite effect from the desire, I can’t think of many scythes who will receive such an -accusatory- email/pm and will continue to complete after, especially if they think that any other kscythe is in any way behind it.

In any case yeah we are all here to serve science and to have fun because at the end of the day we are not grad students and we are not obliged to do this.

!for science! :slight_smile:

Yeah i’m quite agree with nik on this point. Including rewards for completing will definitely push scythes to complete, but at the end, they will do it for more points, and this could become a “competition” before be “complete for science” (what we all do at the moment).
So yeah, i think, like nik said, that the solution COULD become a problem at long-term.